Border crisis? Law enforcement says yes; Biden administration says no

Some U.S. Southern Border towns are being notified that they’re about to become repositories for an expected overflow amid a crush of illegal immigration.

Mike Laws is mayor of Willcox, Arizona, a town about 65 miles north of the Mexico border. He says he doesn’t have the money or resources to take care of the foreigners who may be released there.

Willcox Mayor Mike Laws

“I don’t have soup kitchens. I don’t have a facility to even put someone in, to put beds in,” Laws told me.

Border Patrol says its plan is to escort illegal border crossers to towns like Willcox, point them in the direction of the local Greyhound bus stop, and let them go while they await asylum court dates that are sometimes years down the road.

Along the border wall between Arizona and Mexico

By one count, 90% of the illegal immigrants never show up in court.

Mayor Laws say his biggest immediate concern is what he just learned at the meeting he called with Border Patrol to confirm the rumors. Unlike US citizens returning from foreign travel… the illegal immigrants will be brought in and released with no Covid testing. 

Willcox City Councilwoman Rachel Garza questioned the lead Border Patrol agent at the Willcox Station at the February 18 meeting.

“You guys are not doing [covid] testing, and just putting them out the next day to let them deal with it?” Garza asked.

“So it’s a good question. And the answer, the short answer is no, we are not testing,” replied Border Patrol Agent Alexander Blais.

Border rancher Tyler Klump says they cannot count on border enforcement anymore

I asked Mayor Laws if he knew why the illegal immigrants were not going to be tested for the disease, while Americans are required to provide negative test if they’ve left the country and want to return.

“They did not [say why],” Laws told me. “They just said they had orders not to, but yet, we check ourselves for COVID, if we get sick. And then he said, ‘Well, take them to the hospital.’ I asked Moe, the head of the hospital, I said, ‘So what do you think about that?’ She goes, ‘I have 24 beds, and they’re full. I can’t take any’.”(

In just the last four months, border officials say they have intercepted and expelled more than 296,000 illegal border crossers.

CBP and Border Patrol showed us the lay of the land by air

“So right now we’re about a hundred percent over where we were this time, this last fiscal year. We’ve already surpassed in the first four months of this fiscal year. We’ve already surpassed all of 2018. If the flow continues at the rate it is here, by the end of this fiscal year, we will have surpassed 18, 19 and 20, all combined,” says Border Patrol’s John Modlin.

This past week, President Biden’s Homeland Security chief told reporters there is no crisis at the border, and said they are simply fixing President Trump’s mess.

“I think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing, and we have our resources dedicated to managing it,” said Alejandro Mayorkas. “We are operating under a broken immigration system, and we need to fix it.”

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7 thoughts on “Border crisis? Law enforcement says yes; Biden administration says no”

  1. Sharyl:
    Thank you for the reporting you are doing! I am following you on Parler, watching “Full Measure “, listening to your Podcasts and recently finished “Slanted “. I’m hoping the next “Tea Party “ grass roots movement is targeted towards the media and big tech.. god help us! Thank you again for honest reporting.

  2. Mayor Laws, deputize any and all citizens who wish to protect your town and countryside from this illegal invasion. This country belongs to the citizens, not the government.

  3. I am against these new border rules where illegal immigrants are concerned. But data gets misleading. If it takes years to get a court date for asylum seekers how can we say 90% don’t show up? For FY2012-FY2016 (very old) data from Justice showed 75% of undocumented immigrants actually show up at court! During Obama years we had lots more deported, so you would think they would not show! So, the 90% no-show stat on asylum seekers is unique to them?? Please direct us to the data sources and keep up the reporting. Biden has a dumb idea where this is concerned.

  4. This is more a general comment on reporting, like Phil mentioned, the reporting of “facts” would be much more compelling if they were footnoted with sources identified.
    As many on the conservative side like to say, “don’t trust me check the facts yourself” it would add validity to your argument if sources were sited.

    Keep up the good reporting!

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