CENSORED: Mallard Fillmore comic strip by Bruce Tinsley

Gannett and USA Today cancelled the long-running and popular “Mallard Fillmore” comic strip, written and illustrated by Bruce Tinsley, in March 2021.

Tinsley responded by saying: “It was a big shock – from what I’m hearing, it was unprecedented. My syndicate had never seen anything like it.”

Tinsley created the duck character and comic strip back in 1994. The name is “a humorous nod to the 13th US president, Millard Fillmore.”

Controversy was always a part of the strip, as with many politically-tinged cartoons, such as the legendary Doonesbury. Doonesbury also suffered eventual cancellation amid controversy.

“Doonesbury” was liberal-leaning and “Mallard Fillmore” was conservative-leaning.

The “Mallard Fillmore” comic strip and archives can be viewed here.

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13 thoughts on “CENSORED: Mallard Fillmore comic strip by Bruce Tinsley”

  1. So fed up with this PC commie leftist democrap censorship bullshit.

    Anybody or organization censoring American Free Speech needs to be boycotted. Give them a taste of their own medicine. See how long they like loss of revenue.

    1. The charming chemistry worrying because Donald Trump conclusively suffers a harsh cicada in the eggplant hole. Two, faithful Ashli Babbitt sobbing, her plastic eggplant friend is lonely. Eating organic eggplant now in safe room with bars for faithful shaman buffalo Jake.

    2. Free speech and the 2nd amendment are the 2 most important parts of freedom. You can clearly see how the Leftists in the Government are trying to take them away. When the real battle comes and I suspect it will. The Government will see what the 2nd Amendment is for. We will not let our freedoms drift into oblivion.

      1. The second amendment only protects a person from the government not the social or personal economic consequences of the words that someone has chosen to speak.

      2. The Sackler family are hero’s. Hydrocodone has kept me and millions of others from suicide from the inevitable pain of old age. The pain came from a totally bitched back surgery from a “affirmative action” doctor. Why can’t we get rid of all the democrats who supported this stupidity. The other doctor that wa supposed to fight the infection was one of Obummers raghead friends. 6 months in the hospital and 2 years recovery thanks to white and Oriental doctors. Now I am sick again my doctor says its from that stupid injection for the communist Chine virus but he can’t say publicly. The affirmative action doctor isn’t around anymore, probably works in a baby murder clinic as do most affirmative action doctors.

  2. Reading the daily funnies was a pleasure from my childhood well in to adult life. Once the comics stripes began getting woke there was no appeal any more. Now I only read Dilbert.

    It is remarkable and dismaying how seemingly casual American media companies betray our legacy of free speech.

    1. Have to agree, give “Pearls before Swine” and “Non Sequiter” a chance. They’re not always leftist and can be counted on for bad puns, especially Stephan over at Pearls.

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