Christian cake baker in court again for refusing to bake gender transition cake

Jack Phillips, baker

A Colorado baker who won a victory in the United States Supreme Court after refusing to create a wedding cake for a two gay men in 2012 is back in court.

This time, it’s after he refused to create a “birthday” cake to celebrate a man transitioning to the identity of a woman.

In the earlier case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had targeted Phillips, a devout Christian, with an anti-religious bias.

While that case was still being decided, Phillips’ cake shop reportedly received a call from Denver attorney Autumn Scardina requesting a cake to celebrate his gender transition to female. According to reports, Scardina had previously requested Phillips make a cake celebrating Satan.

Click here: Masterpiece cake baker sued again (for refusing to bake gender transition birthday cake)

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25 thoughts on “Christian cake baker in court again for refusing to bake gender transition cake”

  1. Is he the only baker in town? I know he is standing on principles but, just quote them $10K for the cake and bite your tongue, bake the cake, take the money, stay out of court. Or they would go someplace else. If he has a history of this, going back to him is just poking the bear.

    1. If you have no spine and refuse to stand for something you fiercely believe in and capitulate for the sake of money then you’re just another judas selling your sole for a handful of coins…..

    2. Problem is, plenty of attorneys have 10k to throw around. He shouldn’t have to place a value on his religious beliefs. Those are non-negotiable. To accept any dollar amount voids all religious exemptions.

      1. Exactly. This is deliberate behavior to pursue a lawsuit against this man, plain and simple. Back in the old days, you used voluntary boycotts to remove someone from business because you didn’t like what they did. Now you try to leverage the government to make others conform to your sick ideals. I’m glad they threw in that extra bit about satan in there, its clear they are trying to target him.

    3. Dughlas Ailean Mackay

      There are OVER 30+ Cake Shops in the Lakewood, CO area according to a web search and these are obviously purposeful attacks on his business!

    1. At this point, it’s just continued harassment. People are aware of his beliefs, but they are outraged they don’t coincide with their own. It looks like this is their way of making him pay for that. .

    1. Dughlas Ailean Mackay

      …luv the idea, its similar to the movie ‘The Help’ and the maid made a pie full of sh*t for rich folks. However, then they’d get him for poisoning the people. ??? I luv it but then again I’m a white, baby-boomer, disabled Vet, and I probably have mental issues!

  2. This story is dated today, 3/25/2021, but it is woefully stale. Yes, Phillips countersued the State, but that happened in 2018 and the parties settled in 2019.

    The trial of Scardina v Masterpiece Cake Shop is happening as we speak in Denver District Court.

  3. Scardina is the very definition of a bottom feeding ambulance chaser. This was not some innocent attempt to commission Mr Phillips. She damned well knew his religious positions. He/she probably has a floundering practice and is making hay to garner publicity. This makes Scardina’s behavior particularly reprehensible.

  4. He should countersue the plaintiff’s lawyer(s) for judicial harassment. The courts have already determined in previous cases that he has every right to do what he did. However, the plaintiff and her lawyers still decided to sue on the same issue again. That clearly is an attempt to punish him for his beliefs, by litigating him into bankruptcy. Pure harassment.

  5. Could it be as simple as putting a sign on the counter that “Certain cake styles are not offered at this location, but we will be happy to refer you to another location to fulfill your request.”

    1. Dughlas Ailean Mackay

      …but WHY? I understand your point, but why SHOULD he have to do anything just to satisfy or accommodate these people. This Cake Shop and its Owner Jack Phillips have been all over MSM, Cable news, and Social Media for years due to the 1st case that went to the US Supreme Court where he WON! Maybe the antagonists a/o lawyers SHOULD be sanctioned for their actions? Maybe the CO Civil Rights Commission should be sanctioned or slapped with a Cease/Desist order? The Baker isn’t doing anything WRONG!

      1. I agree with you totally, but consider you are sitting at a stop light that has just turned green and you see a dump truck flying towards the intersection with no intention stopping. Do you pull out into the intersection because you are in the right, or do you wait for the danger to pass and live for another day.? Will this baker spend the rest of his career defending himself against the next offending class, or will he take steps to end this madness?

  6. Jack is a true hero with great courage. He’s somebody with whom I wanted a picture. So I went to his cake shop, talked to him about his experience, solidified he is true to his christen principals and values, bought his delicious cookies and got my picture. It’s an experience I’ll always treasure…..God Bless you Jack! We are behind you all the way (even if that’s back to the Supreme Court. DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!!!!

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