Court: Some Ghislaine Maxwell documents can be kept hidden from public

A Manhattan federal judge has ruled that portions of court documents in the criminal prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell can be kept hidden from the public due to privacy concerns.

Maxwell is the long-time associate and former lover of the infamous sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, who died while in prison awaiting prosecution on new charges.

The government alleges that Maxwell helped Epstein recruit young girls and run a sex ring for rich and famous customers.

Maxwell is being held in jail without bond on criminal charges for her alleged role in the sex ring.

There has been much speculation about what information Maxwell may have about whom, and whether she will trade the information for favorable treatment in her case.

Prosecutors and Maxwell both requested certain portions of filed court documents be “redacted” or stricken from public view.

Despite a strong presumption of public access to judicial documents, a court may redact portions of court documents to protect the privacy of third parties or the integrity of a criminal investigation.

In this case, the primary justification for agreeing to keep some information hidden was to protect the privacy interests of third parties (names of third parties, “private family affairs”, etc.).

In one portion of the ruling, the court acknowledged that details Maxwell sought to be kept private would have, if released, catered to a “craving for that which is sensational and impure.”

However, the court declined a request by prosecutors to keep 128 pages hidden from public view.

The court said prosecutors could ask for more tailored redactions of the documents if it could be more specific in justifying the reasons it wants to restrict public access to the material.

Click the link below to read the court’s order:

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13 thoughts on “Court: Some Ghislaine Maxwell documents can be kept hidden from public”

  1. David Watts Field

    Yes, the powers that be cannot allow the peccadillos of our famous politicians being made known. That would possibly ignite the anger simmering over their systematic destruction of America.

    1. I think that, too.
      But, I also think that they might be protecting some innocent “trafficked” individual who doesn’t want to be known for being raped by powerful elitists.?

  2. FOIA is not free when you have to sue for Gods truth.
    Redaction action is normal in the Dominion National Cult dnc zone.
    Slanted gives great insight of how far journalist have slipped down the slopes.

  3. This is concerning, as well as the whereabouts of the all those CDs and computers taken out of Jeffrey’s home in NYC. Reports also stated there were cameras all over his island retreat, if so, where are those pictures? It would be ok to publicly know if all that material is part of criminal investigations but the silence implies it has been destroyed. If so, who was being protected for their behavior?

    Ms. Attkisson, can you find out where all that material went?

    1. Ms Maxwell is clearly seen in the wedding pictures of a member of very powerful and prominent family.
      No need to ask whose “privacy” is being protected.

  4. Why are we still protecting criminals by suggesting that incriminating documents should not be released because they would implicate other ‘criminals who are still unchallenged and active in our political system.

    Seriously .. who is still being protected by not releasing all of the details from 1963 and the Kennedy assassination? And every false flag since!

    This will never end as long as the judicial system protects to guilty and hides their deeds from the public.

    Simply shameful!


  5. After the courts’ and Justice Dept. actions regarding protections for Congressional criminals, this should be a surprise to no one.

    1. There should be No Protections for Presidential Criminals.
      By Presidential, I mean those that held the office and those that ran for the office. We the People spent plenty of our money on them considering Secret Service Protections and funding for their campaigns.

  6. Sorry for my low quality comment. But…

    I hope justice will be done in some of the cases “conservatives” care about.

  7. Privacy concerns! Really what a joke! The government wants everyone to have a vaccine passport (New World Order) so everyone will know if you are safe to be around or go in a public place. We should be concerned about privacy for the pedos in this world. I wouldn’t want there to be a stigma attached to any politician or judge. Give me a break!

    1. Agree, where were the privacy concerns when they tracked down every single hotel record and cell phone locators to find Trump “insurrectionists”, if you just happened to be in Wash DC on Jan 6.

      Privacy seems to be a very flexible term these days. Yet the “right to privacy” allows you to kill your own baby with no penalty. Odd.

  8. The People v. Ghislaine {The US Government being the agent of the People}
    I believe the indictment would read something like this.

    Party One: Ghislaine
    Party Two: The Clients, the Perps, the Predators
    All names in this list should be revealed, unless it would jeopardize their prosecution] Essentially Ghislaine is their Agent; read: PIMP. They deserve their day in court to defend themselves against the allegations, accusations. etc.
    None of the treasonous actions that went into protecting those responsible for the Coup against Candidate the President Trump. Not only did it happen, millions of dollars were spent trying to investigate, then evidence was destroyed. I say destroyed because it has not seen the light of day, let alone any indictments.
    I used the word Treasonous because the United States is a Constitutional Republic and a Nation of Laws. Can we still be called a Nation of Laws?

    Party 3: the victims, the humans being trafficked, Protections belong here,.

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