Dr. Joseph Mercola: “The Truth about Covid-19” (PODCAST)

Natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about his new book “The Truth About Covid-19,” Big Tech Censorship, what he think is wrong the medical establishment, what it’s like to be smeared, and what it all has to do with pharmaceutical interests.

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Joseph Mercola: “The Truth about Covid-19” (PODCAST)”

  1. I loved your interview with Dr. Mercola! I’m a compounding pharmacist and my area of focus is in functional medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. My goal is to help women (and men) find a more natural way to balance their hormones through lifestyle changes and diet. Dr. Mercola is exactly on the same page with my belief that healthcare should focus more on the “WHY” is there disease, rather than treating the disease. Thank you for sharing truth!!
    Also loved your book, Slanted!

    1. Hi
      I have stage 0 breast cancer grade 3 with er positive. I really do not want to take drugs like they perscribe . Also I got the first two doses of Covid vax could that have caused it?

  2. Great interview Sharyl! I’ve listened to hours and hours of his videos as my wife researched natural treatments for our family.

    Thank you for airing this information.

  3. Thank you for bringing straight No Chaser News & Unapologetic Journalism back to the People.

    Dasein P. Coleman

  4. Event 201 October 2019.
    2015 lab made coronavirus created in UNC Chapel Hill NIH 2015 subsequently moved to Wuhan Lab after the U.S. halted gain of function research. Fauci funded this research as well as Bill Gates Fauci said in 2015 the upcoming administration would experience a pandemic event 201 took place Oct 2019 in New York. Worst affected area in U.S. New York. First known infection Nov 2019 Wuhan. ID2020 is the vaccine passport

  5. W Craig Blankenship

    Hi ! I dont understand why you havent attacked these mammoth lies about the covid -19. They are calling every virus in existence covid-19 and are saying it effects people differently. Two horriffic lies. They spread that bs with a broad spectrum test that goes off on any virus to blow the numbers sky high to create the most panic possible. There wasnt a C-19 specific test until first of Dec and the news just mentioned it in passing. Doctors putting c-19 as cause of death when lots of it was ederly pnemonia in greedy plots to grab more fed money to pad their bonuses. My son and I had this bioweapon Last week of Jan 2020. Dry cough, EXTREME fatiuge, and shuts off your involuntary breathing apperatis. I fought for my life by hitting myself to forcibly breath for hours. My son the same. Ask Tom Hanks. Took me all of Feb to recover.My son recovered Quickly.5 days of horror. Its a spiritual pit as well with suicidal thoughts. THATS C-19 ! The BIOWEAPON. Get the truth out oh ” Lady who tells the truth”.. Dont even get me started on our embarressing response and bumbling. Duh, aint nothin to the sky is falling !!! Two months to even realize what was happening ! Stooges movie. So embarressing !!!!! Like the monkey with the plug. Rant over. Your producers will prob delete anyway. Youre the only one not afraid and not controlled. Big fan. Oh, how can a vampire bat kill a 1000 lb rino ? COVID-19!!! They tweaked it to kill humans and spilled it . Then turned it loose on us anyway. Like a bad Bond movie gone horribly wrong. Bet you wont touch that ! Blessings !!! I didnt hear glass break so I hopefully assume you already knew all of this. You do not have my permisson to publish this or my email address. W.C. Blankenship.

  6. can you list where you or Dr. Mercola is getting the death statistics. In the podcast Dr. Mercola says there is no difference in deaths from 2019 to 2020. I find no data that supports that.

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