(FORUM) Did March 2020 Covid lockdown help?

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“Fourteen days to slow the spread” has turned into a long year in some parts of America.

However, other parts of America never shut down after the initial closing last March.

With the benefit of hindsight, do you think the March shutdown was necessary? Did it do the job? Would we do it again, knowing what we know now?

What do you think?

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24 thoughts on “(FORUM) Did March 2020 Covid lockdown help?”

  1. My Mom, died of lung cancer, in April 2020. I live in Canada. She died alone, with no visitors allowed, in her last month of life. We are still waiting to have her funeral. Mental health of many is declining drastically. How can this be OK?

  2. The shutdown was not necessary to slow the spread of COVID 19. The shutdown only benefitted the destruction of the economy which allowed the Democrats to gain more tyrannical power.

  3. No, the corollary damage has been devastating. A quote in an article I read recently (paraphrased) — public health policy is about balancing ALL diseases and effects, not just ONE disease. The lockdowns were about one disease / virus, and all other issues be damned.

  4. It was all an effort to restrict freedom and individual liberty. People were willing to do the 2 weeks to slow the curve, when we thought we were dealing with ‘World War Z,’ but nobody I know volunteered for this. Hindsight looking back, I wish everyone kept going to work. Now in NY we’re looking at COVID Passports, which are essentially the same as making Jews wear Stars!

      1. For more information and discussion on vaccine passports or COVID passports go to The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, ronpaulinstitute.org, for two articles about the passports being rolled out in NY in an article authored by Jordan Schachtel, March 28, 2021, and the Ron Paul Liberty Report video dated March 29, 2021. Also, the Children’s Health Defense, The Defender article posted today “Coming Soon – Vaccine Passports Will Determine Where You Can Go and What You Can Do”, by Megan Redshaw, March 29, 2021, at childrenshealthdefense.org. These are straight out of Nazi Germany: Ihre Papiere Bitte! Your papers please!

  5. Our President, Trump, was correct to ask the Governors to release the quarantine by April. The consequences of maintaining the quarantine to present have not effected the rate of infection at all. Any viral event, in any population, of any biological entity, will progress mathematically until the population reaches herd immunity; not herd mentality.

  6. It did not help it contributed to increased suicide and suicidal attempts among students. I don’t see at all how that is helpful.

  7. Lockdowns don’t work. In 1957, the British Antarctic Expedition had the ultimate lockdown; they had no contact with the world for months. 4.5 months after leaving the Falklands, half of the team came down with influenza, thousands of miles from the rest of humanity. Viruses will be viruses.

  8. The lockdown caused one son and wife to lose their jobs. Now he has a horrible job picking up dead bodies for mortuaries, but that’s all he could find. My daughter-in-law still can’t find one.
    The other son’s employer moved to Texas while leaving his small office open in SoCal….for now
    Newsom and his horrible overreach deserve to be recalled!

  9. It helped the New World Order agenda of the Great Reset- destruction of the middle class, small businesses- and the biggest transfer of wealth from the the not-so-rich to the uber-rich. It helped impose a culture of compliance among the people and a granular form of control by the powers-that-be, with the help of politicians, law enforcement, and fellow citizens.

    POTUS said, “Make America Great Again”. So, look around- are we “great again”- with the coercive imposition of a dangerous experimental biological genetic agent funded by our taxes? With the imposition of the aptly named “lockdowns” across the nation? (“Lockdown” is a prison term, and we are all effectively prisoners now.)

  10. Absolutely not. We have destroyed our country for something that for most of the population has no effect greater than a normal cold or flu (I have had it and know others that have had it as well, some with underlying health conditions that had no complications). Numbers of deaths have been manipulated to make it look far more dangerous than it truly is (I have heard from real healthcare workers that this was being done due to the increase of funding to their hospitals…up to 20%). Yes, it is highly contagious but with a 99.4%+ recovery rate. By shutting down we have made a situation far worse by ruining lives for the long-term: suicide rates, abuse, businesses destroyed, children losing a year+ of education, socialization, and even allowing their immune systems to build. Rates are similar between states that shut down and those that didn’t. This isn’t about the virus and keeping people safe…this is about power. Pure and simple.

  11. The shutdowns were the worst kind of Kibuki theatre. They were unnecessary, haphazardly conceived and used to punish people and harm President Trump with leftist propaganda. Proof is out today, Sweden has a lower mortality rate than locked down countries due to Covid.

  12. No. The lockdown concept is straight out of the CCP, which lifted restrictions on its own people in short order. Lockdowns were effectively, if not explicitly, an attack on small businesses.

  13. At the time it probably was the only thing that could be done to stop the spread. Officials were panicking that hospitals would be over flowing, the pandemic spinning out of control. However, as the months moved on we learned more about COVID-19. There were drugs that were successful in hospitals in reducing the severity. We saw the elderly were the most vulnerable. Now, with more vaccinations, more education, lockdowns would not be the way to go.

  14. Before the nation went into lockdown, there was no science to support the action. A year later, one can not look at the results of any country and tell what measures if any were implemented.

    To the extent that data matters the lockdowns did not other than cause pain because of forced separations and great economic harm.

  15. No. Once we knew the danger COVID presented against a small percentage of the population (e.g. elderly (75+), comorbidities, etc.), we should have focused on protecting that 3-5% instead of shutting everything down. Out of fear, we tossed the Constitution, sacrificed a generation of children, and allowed the technocrats and wealthiest corporations to censor, cancel, and control the country.

    1. The lockdowns have not helped one whit. The slogans were “15 Days to Slow the Spread” and “30 Days to Flatten the Curve”. However, by the end of those 30 days, California (where I live) was mostly locked down. As i write this a year later, the lockdowns are beginning to be lifted, not because of sound policy, but really only because the governor is rattled by the recall movement.

  16. 14 / 15 days to slow the spread / flatten the curve… the message was confused almost from the start. But it bought us time to learn more about the virus when we needed it. But what happened? I’d like to be loyal to Pres Trump, but while the initial goal of reducing a potential surge in the demand for medical services seemed coherent, Pres Trump himself seemed to get caught up in the fantasy that the virus could be stopped and eradicated in that time (“by Easter”). Governors can use whatever powers they have in their states to shut things down and start them up again. Perhaps if the administration had held to the original 15 days (which seemed to be successful in the narrow definition of its scope), some governors would have opened back up at the end of it. But the extension gave them license to reinterpret the goal, as Trump himself did, to be the eradication of the virus and not merely the temporary “flattening of the curve” while ppe and ventilator supplies were enhanced… that’s what we were told, then. I lived in Oregon at the time, and my observation was that adherence was at its peak during those first 15 days, and fell off steadily after that. The goal of locking down ONLY while ventilators and PPE supply issues were resolved? That whole message went down the memory hole.

    So… 15 days to slow the spread worked. But subsequent misstatement to “15 days to stop the virus” was a disaster. Making cowardly governors responsible for taking the risk of opening their states under the misguided “STOP the spread” remessaging blew up the whole initiative.

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