(FORUM) Does Biden’s relative invisibility bother you?

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I haven’t taken a scientific look, but I believe that, so far, Joe Biden is the most relatively invisible president we’ve had. Seven weeks into his term he has yet to hold a news conference or give a national address. (He’s scheduled to give his first on Thursday).

When we catch a glimpse of him, he sometimes seems willing to take questions, but seems to get cut off by handlers.

Does this worry you?

I’ve heard some people say they are fine with it and just appreciate the lack of drama after a tumultuous four years with President Trump.

I wonder what the international headlines would look like if, as President, it were Trump who was “avoiding the press,” making few public appearances, and reading occasional proof-of-life statements from a teleprompter. I wonder what stories, rumors and speculation would have been leaked to the press. Surely there would have been demands for Trump to complete mental and physical evaluations, and release the findings to the public; and invoke the 25th amendment to remove him.

Are you worried?

Or happy to have presidential drama not hitting the daily news?

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87 thoughts on “(FORUM) Does Biden’s relative invisibility bother you?”

  1. The fact that he seems to be being silenced by his own team is extremely concerning. If it is this obvious to the public, what is going on behind closed doors? Does he have ANY voice? Who is pulling his strings? Sadly, he often says things like “I’m not allowed to…”, or “I will get in trouble if I…” when addressing the public. Allowed by whom? This is VERY scary.

  2. I do find it troubling he’s literally hiding out. This same man, I think suffering cognitively, has the codes to nuclear weapons.
    I’d prefer not to continue to hear his lies, “On behalf of Psaki”, either way, I don’t trust this administration. The Dems are keeping him in a different basement and it’s a huge concern.

  3. The political class and Administrative state at the behest of global companies and every country bleeding USA dry attack a POTUS for 4 years, corporate media happily goes along. POTUS fights back, media days look ? uncouth, orange man bad. Same people above stage a coup install a compromised blithering idiot, take over entire federal government and are now providing cover while Obama team slowly takes out Clintonistas to clear the way for Obama’s 3rd term ( Kamala the clown) ??‍♂️

  4. His mental decline is the elephant in the room. The lack of concern by members of Congress is bad. Foreign Countries are laughing at us.

  5. I am very concerned! I am concerned that the American people did not care enough to notice Biden was not qualified mentally or physically. His campaign was one of smoke and mirrors and cover by the main stream media. I believe Biden is a puppet and is not in charge. There are people we did not elect behind the scenes running the country but many Americans don’t want or care to notice. Obama and Biden both lied and lie more eloquently but still lied just as much or more than Trump. Now we have a president who is visibly mentally declining and we are on the verge of an immigration crisis, debt crisis, and constitutional crisis. We will find out soon.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better! But we knew it was coming and only 1/2 the country cared so…we’ll get what we deserve.

    2. I completely agree! The democrats are out of control and our country is in deep trouble. Pray because only God can help us. ??????

    3. 20 million government employees (and their family and friends) simply wanted Democrats back in charge.

      Never over look the concentrated – one party – government employee voting block. They could care less if Biden was drooling or that Kamala Harris was one heart beat away from the top slot.

      They just wanted Democrat party loyalty to the public sector union writing their pay checks. They would be calling the shots just like SEIU delivered the office to Obama in 2008.

  6. Yes, I am worried. His absence is a prodrome of a larger problem. Who is running things behind the scenes? Does anyone think that those 40 congressmen who wrote the letter asking Biden to share his nuclear use authorities with congress were acting on their own? It is inconceivable that their letter was not first approved by speaker Pelosi. While the founders intended that the Congress be the strongest branch, this current naked grab for power (cf., HR-1) is quite disturbing, and there is no effective counterbalance with the executive branch. Rough times ahead.

    1. You are unfortunately correct. What’s happening currently with Biden does indeed forecast even more serious trouble ahead.

  7. To be honest I pay attention only occasionally. It’s hard to watch an harder to listen. I check in because I do want to be informed. I think within 30 seconds I can tell if it’s worth my time. It’s very sad, the country not biden.

  8. I blame Republicans. They are like dogs who give up their bellies. As strong and driven as the new republican women are, I say we vote more in.

  9. I agree with Jane. He’s not operating at full capacity. I saw this on my own early on. Being on the older side myself, I recognized some of the symptoms before it was even discussed by the pundits. Someone else is pulling the strings. He won’t last a year.

  10. Worried no. I felt that if Biden would become president (after the campaign trail performances) somewhere down the road there will be a reason that will come up (I don’t want to speculate) that he will have to step down from office. So he will push his critical agenda early, so when he steps down he has set the road for Kamala to take over. Think that was always a back-up plan that if needed but close to the surface. Second part that then Kamala’s presidency will have full chance to get her agenda done. Then she gets to run twice for a total of ten years. Let millions of immigrants come in over the next few years, change rules so they can vote to prolong her and Dem’s time in power. Too Far Fetched?

  11. It is scary and it makes me so angry that there were so many fools who voted for him in the first place! You could see from speeches during the campaign that he was not up to being President or making decisions. Damn the Democrat party for pushing him forward. Their candidate should have been Tulsi Gabard, but they knew she was strong and would not be pushed around – unlike Incompetent Joe. May God help us if another country decides to attack the US – we have no competent leadership.

  12. Yes, it bothers me. It seems he’s doing what he’s told to do by non-transparent handlers. It bothers me that it doesn’t bother everyone.

  13. Are you serious? Some of us have been worried while he was absent from his so-called presidential campaign and had a lid on his comments and interactions with the press.. Of course the occasional resurface and babbling in response to questions and in the middle of a speech didn’t help a bit.

    Actually, the absurdity of this question in March of 2021 is the most disturbing to me. Just where have you been?

  14. Christopher L. Kane

    “Does Biden’s relative invisibility bother you?” Tremendously! But it has been his MO since April 2019 when he announced his run. I fuels to the theory of his being a facade for the extreamists who could never have been elected at a national level. So does his record of Executive Orders.

  15. I took care of my mother full time the last 4 years of her life. She had advanced Alzheimer’s disease. “The 36 Hour Day” was written by a group at Johns Hopkins Hospital It was recommended to me by a caregiver support group. Everyone who has read that book or has been a part of a caregiver support group for people with dementia knows what is going on with Joe Biden.. When Joe Biden was campaigning in Iowa a year ago, instantly I recognized what I saw every day caring for my mother.. Unlike the people around Joe Biden, I protected my mother’s dignity. My mother had a loving family.. If I had taken advantage of her, used her for a self centered purpose, I rightfully could have and should have been referred to the state elder protective services department.
    The United States of America have been deceived. This is a puppet regime. The citizens of the country do not know who the people are making decisions in the White House. We deserve to have a functioning person in the executive office. We now know that in the Harding and Wilson administrations, the executive officers, the Presidents, were incapacitated. Concerns came up during the Reagan administration. The current situation with Joe Biden undermines the security of the Republic and is dangerous. We deserve a chief executive who is capable, a leader who is intellectually competent.
    It was refreshing these last 4 years to have a capable, transparent president who worked for the people of the United States of America. The open communication was great. I was respected. The United States was respected. The people who live in this land (losing US sovereignty every day) are now pawns.

  16. Biden is working, getting things done. So what if he doesn’t make a whole lot of personal appearances. He not sucking up all the oxygen in the room. He’s not begging for adulations. He’s not out having rallies and insulting everyone who doesn’t agree with him. And he’s not trying to start another Celebrity Apprentice Show. I’m fine with it. He’ll make an appearance when he feels like there’s something really important to announce.

  17. Not my President. President Trump won. If we don’t fix the last election problem we will never have another election again. Biden is not the president he was not voted into office.

  18. As someone who has worked in a dementia unit, these patients don’t do well with a lot of stimulation or hard questions. And God forbid that he became obviously incontinent on camera. It doesn’t bother me that they hide him away, it bothers me that Conservatives allowed him to be “elected” leader of the free world.

  19. Michael C Fragnito

    His decline is evident, and it is alarming that Dr. Jill and all of the people who claim to love him and our country clearly love power even more and believe they can conceal his condition because they can rely on the media to play along. My suspicion is that at some point a crisis will occur and they will run for cover like NY Democrats are now abandoning Cuomo. However, the members of the White House press corp are truly betraying their employers, the public, and whatever remaining sliver of integrity they possess. Is it possible for you to sit down with some of them on camera and have a heart-to-heart discussion, and put it into a historical context? Events could quickly overtake Biden, and this needs to be openly discussed before it is too late.

  20. It would be nice to know who’s actually in charge. Deferring to the Speaker isn’t a good (international) look.

  21. Does Biden’s relative invisibility bother you? Yes and no. On one hand the President should communicate with the American citizenry honestly and regularly but on on the other hand I’m glad I don’t have to hear him.

  22. I’m exceedingly worried. I have lived in the D.C. area since 1974, and I’ve known Biden since then. He is not well and I can see that — and so can the other world leaders. Everyone here in the D.C. area wants to know who is really running things. It’s not Pres. Biden. And rumor has it that VP Harris is doing what she’s told. WHO is running our country? I feel we don’t see him or hear from him much because he’s just not up to it. I think he’s ill, and it pains me to say that. It’s just an awful situation.

  23. It bothers me that this charade is still going on. He’s invisible because he is just a puppet for who is really pulling the strings. It looks like this is Obama’s 3rd term.

  24. It is a bit troubling, to me, but not near as troubling as when he does make an appearance only to sound and appear “dazed and confused.” And this doddering, ill spoken old man got over 80 million votes? I ain’t buyin’ it.

  25. Concerned is not a strong enough adjective. Hopeless is more apt because the course of things cannot be reversed. biden was the tool needed to convince moderate and conservative voters to support Democrats. These voters were foolish, unquestioning biden’s failure to emerge from seclusion. Now that biden has “won,” all attempts to expose the madness are being successfully suppressed. So, I have no hope.

  26. Concerned would be an understatement. It is obvious to anyone who has bothered to listen to any of Biden’s attempts at communicating with the American people he is not competent to hold office! This man can’t even get through a short written statement without at some point mumbling incoherently, pausing and appearing lost in his own thoughts. It’s frightening to say the least!

    What is far worse in my estimation are those individuals who are part of this administration don’t seem to care. It’s as if this was the plan all along! This administration is an absolute farce.

    The American people need to seriously ask how much longer can our country continue under such such leadership?

  27. I’m worried about the whole series of events starting last year. His absence from public view does give credence to the image of him as a doddering old puppet. That the puppet master(s) is a revolutionary Marxist isn’t surprising, but I’m still concerned about it in context of all that’s gone on in the last 9 months.

  28. What bothers me more is the unflinching acceptance by the masses at a POTUS who is so obviously in control of nothing, including his own ratiocination.

  29. I don’t even like to look at him or his comatose state. I can’t stand to look or listen to any leftist ruining our country. What is the absolute worst though is the complete pass given by the press. We had 4 years of Russia, Russia, Russia. Now we have Hunter’s hard drive and porn tape, so much evidence of a stolen election, and an incompetent boob being walked around by a wife who just wants the glamour, yet the press just ignores it. Rather they have to keep pushing the staged “armed” with no guns confiscated insurrection of the Capitol and try to make everyone think us law abiding Trumpians are a threat. So disgusted! I wish Trump never fell for the fake plandemic which is what they used to change election rules. Dems never miss a trick!

  30. I don’t believe for one second he is out of the public eye by choice. He’s being kept out of it as much as possible, effectively being an invalid. My 2 shillings on that.

  31. It does concern me both his MIA during the campaign and now as president. I believe he is really not in charge, based on what I have seen so far. Who is really running the executive branch?

  32. I’m worried that Sleepy Joe is a puppet of the ccp and couldn’t care less about America. He lies every time he opens his .mouth doesn’t have the mental capacity to realize that anyone with any common sense can see right though his evil plan to line his own pockets. If you voted for that piece of trash you deserve to live in a communist country and it’s already happening between MSM and big tech and the swamp. On the other hand if you voted for that garbage you probably did it to get your $1400.00 check and couldn’t care less about your country just like the rest of the satanic Democrats. The fact is you’re all going to burn in hell.

  33. I have no idea who the real President is, but it’s pretty obvious that Biden is just a figurehead. My best guess is it’s Obama.

    Remember that prior to Super Tuesday (Super Thursday to Joe) Biden had around 2% of the vote. All at once he somehow won Super Tuesday and everyone else happily withdrew from the primaries. He was the nominee. Someone very powerful pulled some strings.

    Obama supported Harris prior to the primaries. Obama liked her a lot and said so back then. Remember he would not endorse Biden back then. Then, Harris unfairly and savagely attacked Biden at the debates. Why would Biden pick a running mate who attacked him so viciously? My guess is someone very powerful told Biden to pick her. Someone who knew Warren, Sanders or Buttigieg had no chance in a National Election of any type. The way I see it, Biden was offered a deal: “you get the nomination but you have to pick Harris”.

    Who is the one person in the Democratic Party with enough influence to pull both of the above strings? If you connect the dots I think it was Obama. Sort of like when George Wallace’s wife was elected governor of Alabama.

    1. Maryann F millard

      Joe didn’t pick his vp.people that are controlling joe did.same people that won’t let him speak.everyone seen nancy cut him off asap when he wanted to take questions.its sad …the poor man don’t know what the hell day it is .then knowing he’s even president. Its sad they tot him around in his condition. I blame his family for allowing it.

  34. Joe Biden should not be in White House! He is unfit for the office. I’ve been saying this from the very beginning. I don’t believe he won. That’s my personal opinion. A side from that, I believe something is very wrong with Joe Biden but the corrupt dems and media are hiding him because they know he’s not well. This is a disgrace! We had President Trump who was working non stop for this country and now we have a complete incompetent fool!

  35. I cared for an elderly parent suffering fro dementia for almost 3 years. This is elder abuse and it’s disgusting.

  36. He wasn’t actually elected. Stealing something doesn’t make it yours even though you may possess it.

    I’ve always considered the Democrats to be too childish to actually hold leadership positions. Joe, even if he had full cognitive function, is unqualified for the highest office. Kamala is even less qualified. So, the concern is who is actually running our Country. The lack of public appearances is a blessing; a reprieve from the visible reminder of the treachery that was perpetrated on America in the 2020 election.

  37. Hiden’ Biden bothers me less than the two main alternatives: (1) Biden reading a canned speech cynically intended to go for the political jugular; and/or (2) Biden being officially replaced by Kamala Harris.

    Those are two terrible options to Biden in debasement.

    Keep him there, but don’t let Pelosi and Obama operate in stealth. Stay focused on what they are doing, in Biden’s name. And nail them.

  38. I am very scared for our country. Biden is not in charge why do you think his wife has to prop him up everywhere he goes? Who wrote all the executive orders Joe signed on the first day not Joe that is for sure. He was napping in his basement when they were written. All the swamp creatures are back and are doing everything they can to consolidate power and money. I am worried for my children.

  39. 1. First the WHO (not the band) orchestrates a global pandemic long in the planning with fraudulent test kits ordered in 2018 and a planning meeting held in 2019.and fraudulent counting and much dramatics. We are locked down with useless masks per the package warning on masks.
    2. The democrats nominate the person with the least primary votes as their candidate.
    3. He runs a non-campaign kindly described as a bizarro-land campaign.
    4. The entire election ‘result’ was fraudulent. Aided and abetted by supposed allies of our country.
    5. A person who can’t complete a coherent sentence is presented to the world as president of the US.

    The only conclusion I can draw is that the same hidden powers that perpetrated step 1 are solidly in control. Is it a domestic group hell-bent on destroying the USA or is the “One World Government” already in control?

  40. No it doesn’t bother me at all. Joe Biden is a wonderful man and only wants what’s best for his country. Joe Biden works so hard for his American people and deserves to rest when he gets a chance. Joe Biden got 81 million votes because everybody knows he is the best president this nation has ever had the honor to love and cherish and will no doubt go down in history as the most important man to ever walk the face of the earth. We may not see Joe Biden as often as we like but that’s only because we would all love to see and hear Joe Biden 24/7.

  41. Joe Biden is invisible because he is a super hero fighting for all Americans. No it doesn’t bother me because when he is invisible I know he is fighting for me. He not only fights for the gays and lesbians and transgendered but also has time to fight for illegal aliens and racial justice. He may raise our taxes and cost us millions of jobs but that’s for our own good and what’s best for America. Joe Biden is a true American super hero.

  42. Maryann millard

    I’m just waiting for an attack on the usa.with basement joe not showing hes a strong leader is an open door for destruction

  43. Robin M. Snyder

    I am very concerned that we are surrounded by people who don’t see what’s going on? The first time I felt like I was “slapped” in the face with this awakening, was when Clinton was re-elected! The remarks coming out of my co-workers mouths after the first four years of his term were pure idiocy and blindness! The frog in the cold water.

  44. Not at all because Biden is just a figurehead. You don’t think the Left would actually allow a full-blown dementia patient to make significant decisions, do you? Those are made by Harris/Clinton/Obama/Soros and that’s how it was planned from the start. What Biden says or does is largely irrelevant.

  45. Brian Fitzgerald

    It not only bothers me but scares me. He is weak, confused, and befuddled. How a loving wife could allow her husband be put in such a position is beyond me. The American people deserve to know where our President stands on policy and who is calling the shots. This is going to end badly.

  46. Some of us were talking about this long before the election. We saw it coming. Now here it is. Because the voting morons of America had all the feelz because TRUMP, they elected a senile septuagenarian who isn’t going to make it through this term and will be succeeded by a woman so unpopular that her presidential campaign didn’t even survive to see a single primary election. We’re all going to be much worse off thanks to this administration. I only hope they don’t manage to inflict too much damage before the midterm elections, which should be a huge Republican gain, assuming Republicans don’t nominate a bunch of Roy Moores and Todd Akins.

  47. I am very concerned. The person that some Americans voted for is NOT the person leading the country. This has me worried and I am sure foreign leaders are concerned ad well.

    Fortunately, President Trump set them Middle East up for success. It looks like the peace agreements are standing strong and whoever the powers are behind the man with dementia, they aren’t able to disrupted them.

    I wish they same could be said about America. Thank God for States Rights. At least we can control things locally.

  48. Yes. However, his Presidency by CCTV and Zoom should not be surprising to anyone. His best day of physical and mental health will always yesterday. His handlers and financiers won’t let the country see the true fragility and lack of physical and cognitive capacity of Joe Biden. It saddens me. Kayleigh McEnany said Psaki has to loop back often because she doesn’t have access to the President. I believe McEnany is right, but not in the way most believe. I believe Psaki has access to Biden, but Psaki has to loop back because Biden isn’t making the final decisions. I don’t know who is running Biden, but the evidence is there, in my opinion, that Biden’s cognitive faculties are substandard for an owning and running of a fast food restaurant let alone the responsibilities of President of the United States. The more Biden has to interact in an unscripted situation, the more apparent his cognitive degradation is.

  49. I’m worried about the country, not about Biden. He is in decline, so they hide him so he can stay figure head as long as possible. The things that are beong pushed through without legislative overview are what worries me.

  50. Question should be, who is really running the country and the White House? It is very obvious that Biden does not have the capabilities to function as a leader which brings us back to who is running the show???

  51. Nothing hate filled from me. He is busy signing all those EOs (some I wish he would not) and setting us on the path to re-open and get folks working again. There is much to fix given how their agenda was slowed by the last administration.

    1. Opposition is not hate. This is a false equivalency modeled and pushed by people who either lack a substantive argument, or the eloquence to defend their point of view. My opinion of Joe Biden is based on my own observation of his dwindling power of cognition, visible for many months before his election (when he was actually allowed to appear briefly in public, always propped up by teleprompters or in many cases, as well as currently, by intensive video editing. If you want to see this in full display, look closely at his “weekly Conversation” videos on Youtube.” They are most emphatically NOT conversations. He speaks only in short phrases, and the camera cutaways and edits are glaringly obvious. He cannot string a couple sentences together, even while reading. His mental decline is glaringly obvious, and the conspiracy by the media and Democrat party to attempt to camouflage his failing mental health is fooling no one, least of all the rest of the nations of the world, including America’s foes.

  52. It has been evident that Biden has diminished capacity since early in the campaign. The fact that media and democratic party has attempted to hide the fact is scary.. The number of people deceived by the Narrative does not bode well for our future..

  53. What scares me is who is really running the show? When he recently asked Speaker Pelosi at the end of a meeting if it was alright if he took questions, that’s telling. From inauguration day, when he listened to but didn’t obey the voices in his head by saying “Salute the Marines,” until now he has proven that he can only think in 15-second sound bites. If Pelosi and Harris are really in charge, we’re doomed.

  54. I’m very concerned. As some have said, who is calling the shots? It is frightening that the man with the power is just a puppet and those pulling the strings surely don’t feel the accountability or compassion that a visible leader would. People will do bad things when there is no accountability.

  55. Honestly do not care about Biden. I want his mental deficiencies to be on display for ALL of the world, but other than that, we know he’s not calling the shots. He can’t call his own Presser.

  56. I have often fantasized about Biden’s call to Kamala to ask her to be his running mate.
    Ring, ring.
    Kamala: “Hello.”
    Biden, “Hey, Kamala. How would you like to be president?”
    No one would be worried if Biden seemed cogent. It does leave us with the feeling he is being sequestered and is not in control. I do fear where the nation is headed. My children and grandchildren are not living in the country I grew up in.

  57. Barbara J Faulk

    I don’t care about Biden, he was given “something” to play pretend president. It’s Obama behind the operation and he’s the one we should be talking about and impeaching!

  58. I am relatively new to reading your work and really appreciate a lot of your reporting Sharyl, and yet some of it does not align with your tagline, and often feels quite partisan. Your feelings definitely showing through in many cases. I just finished Slanted and it was great but I had to keep reminding myself that your intent was to focus on media behavior and not on defending Trump, which is what it often felt like.

    As far as this issue, it is concerning to me and I’m very curious about it for sure.

  59. My Bigger concern is that BIDEN is nothing but a SHINY object-
    Definitely MSM, dnc , uniparty conglomerate are doing everything to keep entire Focus on someone who is completely irrelevant and doesn’t have a clue to what’s really happening .

  60. Get out your wallets people. We now have 1.9 Trillion dollars to pay for with prices and taxes skyrocketing! Invisible presidents don’t have to be held accountable answering any questions. I never was into politics but even I can see that Socialism is here.

  61. No. Because it is more transparent this way–we know their agenda, and he’s just a strawman. It would be more concerning if he was coherent, running all over the world, and glibly appealing to our YOUTH. Harris is concerning. Pelosi is concerning. But no, the puppet can stay this way where we can keep an eye on him, buying us time to work 24/7 behind the scenes to rescue our election system, and our country.

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