(FORUM) Is there something strange about Covid-19?

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To be clear I’m not advising anything. I’m not saying any particular person should or should not get any particular Covid-19 vaccination. As CDC says, it’s a very individual calculus depending upon things like your age, risk factors of each, availability of vaccine, allergies, and more.

And I don’t have the scientific answer to the questions I”m posing here, I’m just trying to generate some discussion. But…

Does it seem like there’s something strange about Covid-19?

As deadly as it proved to be in places like New York City, I have travelled the country in the past year, hitting many of the “hottest spots.” And I’ve also visited many places that never shut down after March that had so little impact from coronavirus, it amounts to almost nothing. It’s not that coronavirus didn’t come to their towns; it just didn’t have the devastating impact as it spread through the community.

One mid-sized community I visited for an unrelated story explained to me that they opened their schools as normal last fall and had no discernible negative impact. No Covid spikes.

Another small community I visited that didn’t shut down anything after Covid struck also reports minimal impact. Their schools even played a full fall season of sports with no apparent impact.

Yet another community I visited decided to host a major fair that was not being allowed in the normal community due to Covid, and never had a mask mandate, but reports no remarkable spike.

Then I look at other places that have been sealed pretty tightly for a year– and did have spikes.

I look at what N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo first flagged a little less than a year ago: most of the hospitalized patients toward the end of their initial spike reported having isolated at home. He said it was not the homeless population or those who were going out who were getting seriously ill and ending up in New York hospitals.

And, of course, Florida and California have been widely compared as it as noticed the state that didn’t stay locked down (Florida) seemed to fare no worse, or maybe had better results, than California, which did stay tightly closed. That’s even though Florida has a heavy population of most at-risk elderly residents.

It seems there is much to be learned from these anecdotes. Scientists surely could study the experiences of the communities that had good fortune, despite not practicing strict, recommended procedures. Is there some knowledge that other communities could benefit from– maybe even the mere fact that their communities fared pretty well without destroying their schools and economies?

Is there something to be learned for next time?

One final point of discussion.

According to metrics provided by scientists that I read, regarding how fast Covid spreads and how many people get it without suffering symptoms, I believe it has largely worked its way through the US population by now (if their projections are correct).

So, as the infection rate declines (with less testing), vaccines may be credited with saving the day. But is it also due in large part to the fact that Covid has already worked its way through most people?

Again, this is not to say there isn’t great potential value in the vaccines! And it’s certainly not to advise one way or another on whether people should get one (or the boosters soon to be offered). There are too many unknowns within the science to be able to say too much with certainty at this point.

What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “(FORUM) Is there something strange about Covid-19?”

  1. My uncle who lives in Haiti has said that there is no COVID. I think he’s illustrating that there are few cases. A few things to note: Haiti is considered third world, I doubt there’s wide scale testing being done since the infrastructure doesn’t really exist for that and most people when they get the sniffles or any illness treat it with home remedies. No one sees a doctor or goes to the hospital for run of the mill respiratory illnesses. Interesting to me how the so-called poorest country in the Western Hemisphere remains relatively unscathed by a pandemic allegedly ravaging the entire developed world. Yes, I agree. There are things that don’t add up.

  2. What this country needs are more skeptics like yourself. I’ve been skeptical ever since that black nurse in Michigan said they’re 4% of the population but had 60% of the positive cases. The actual truth is that Detroit is over 78% black, and almost all the positive cases were in Detroit. Or they don’t have the same quality of healthcare or the same access to the vaccine as I do, yet they go to the same doctors I go to and have access to the same vaccination sites. So when they tried to make the virus a racist entity, I looked at the numbers they’re feeding us and investigated a little deeper to come to the conclusion that it was just a political ploy of the Democrats. The mortality rates include criteria that’s laughable, and the claim that there are spikes and surges don’t jive with the test positivity numbers. I just wish teachers and parents would teach their kids healthy skepticism and basic math.

  3. Cynthia Jeanne lee M D

    I came across info from 2001 proving a Pilgrims Society plan in a leaked document to push vaccines on the public and Bill Gates is mentioned. I am putting the details together. It made me ill reading … Maloney, Stefan Gleason, Doug Casey, Ed Steer, Peter Spina, Sarah

    Americansforinnovation. Michael McKibben. And aim4truth the Gabriels have teams of volunteers finding documents priving these wealthy people have been running the national policies, financial, war and health etc. for generations

  4. Yes, it is peculiar. Although it’s not scientific, I don’t know of a single person within my fb friend circle (1,700) that has died from Covid. This group includes many people stretched across the spectrum of age, health status, race, and geographic locations. ?

  5. Understand your observation. Next question for you observation, is the high concentrated cities more ‘at risk’ than more agrarian areas? It seem proximity plays a roll. Homeless seemingly do not live in close proximity as you would in a nursing home setting.

    It may be get outside and live your lives may be helpful in the long run.

    We are still learning more about this every day. We have a vaccine we don’t have an answer.

  6. Hundreds of thousands have died in the US because the known preventive measure of Vitamin D3 supplementation and known treatments of Ivermectin and HCQ, both used all over the world, have been suppressed and smeared by the mainstream media, CDC, NIH, Dr. Fauci, and others in the medical=political-pharmacological complex in order to panic everyone to get vaccinated.

  7. this thing is mostly a fraud, designed to take down DJT. yes, people dies WITH COVID, very few FROM it. Just ask the CDC, they themselves said 6% died from it. and look at just who did die…elderly already near the end of life…folks with other serious morbidities. I think I saw a number that 80% of those that died had 2 or more co-morbidities. Sorry, they were dying already.

    And just look at polls that came out this week, a serious percentage of adult gained an average of 29 pounds during the lockdown! That alone will end up killing more people than this virus ever did. what a crying shame what we did to this country….and the world!

  8. Thank you open forum. Your surveys are a window into the mind-controlled at large…
    —at any given time 85% of the population can be under mind control. We’ve the seeEyeA planted media to thank for the deep programming. And, group think – schools for fools.

    Each vaccine is an experiment (and toxic – all of them) because no two are alike; concoctions of various bits of this and that, metals and toxins that do not belong in the body. That would make each individual injection an unwilling subject, because of uninformed consent… “Murder by Medicine is No Accident” – Dr. Jennifer Daniels… There are only a handful of medically trained doctors that understand the truth or at least willing to admit they’ve been killing people with drugs during their “practicing” – when prescribing correctly.

    20 yrs ago, I got my health on track – i don’t do colds, flus or winter blues – I keep my D3 levels high because I don’t reside in a sunny state. As a healthy person, (ingesting less toxic non food items) my body doesn’t have the need to regularly detox – which the public at large knows as a the flu/cold or even cancer. We make ourselves sick via stress of various kinds – people or too much sugar, or. Germ theory was made up (LOLOL), the basis for Rockefeller quackery we know as modern medicine. I’ll repeat – no one sneezes or coughs a germ upon another, however, monkey see monkey do – sympathy = symptom. Just try not yawning when another does or not laughing with a contagious giggle… get it yet? we mirror life = InFLUence –Words influence… food, emotion/mind etc., also influence well being. That’s terrain theory. The mind is so powerful, people die of cancer because they believed they had it, when autopsies proved they never did.

    Meanwhile no one “got” the flu this year, gone – only fake wuwu-19 —the plandemic is driven by the money controllers. The plague laws govern how the WHOLE world economic system works – Life and death commerce. The patterns are there for all to see. The Spanish flu was caused by vaccinations too or/and the new electronics at that time – now we’ve 5G – (everything is a frequency/energy). More people are dying now and it will continue as people get shot up with toxic injections – all foreign matter to the body. The creator of man didn’t screw up – by default we all have immune systems – been working for thousands of yrs, and why we’re here today because our ancestors didn’t get killed off with toxic injections.

    Residing in a masked mandated state (there is no mask law in any state) I never wore one. And, yet once again, another winter I didn’t get ill. I avoided most big box stores and spent money in the smart stores. By law anyone should have been able to shop anywhere, with the ADA protecting each shopper, but the world gone MK-ultra, the zombies came out of the woodwork punishing the wise.

    God gave us a nose and a mouth; oxygen is the number one component of life. I can’t imagine too much of the population is thinking straight, they’ve cut off their own oxygen. Ya can fool most of the people all of the time…just try telling people the truth, they won’t believe it because they’ve already accepted the lie. Take a look at “belief” – there’s the hidden lie in a sea of believers in the wuwu, while very few “know” what’s truly going on. So very sad…

    Thank you for the opportunity.

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