(FORUM) The relatively invisible President Biden

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Does it matter to you that President Biden has been so inaccessible to the public and the press?

Even if he were taking regular questions, with the press by-and-large not asking the critical questions that need to be asked– would we learn anything, anyway?

My main observation is that if President Trump had stiff-armed the press for an historic number of weeks, been relatively absent from public view, and failed to give the traditional February speech to Congress, what would the press have been saying?

Top that off with: what if a relatively invisible President Trump had then stumbled and fallen up the stairs of Air Force One?

I don’t think an hour would have gone by without the media pushing an international drumbeat claiming Trump was avoiding the press, was somehow violating the law, was hiding his mental and physical incompetence, and should be impeached.

Why do you think Biden has been so inaccessible? Perhaps did he see that being very public didn’t serve Trump with the press? Or is it something else?

Is it too much to expect more? Maybe Presidents should do their business largely in private and they can be more effective that way.

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33 thoughts on “(FORUM) The relatively invisible President Biden”

  1. I am concerned that maybe Joe Biden makes no decisions about and has no input to anything relative to policy, executive orders, or military activities.

  2. It creates distrust, the feeling that something nefarious is underway. I liken it to the child who did something wrong and avoids their parents to avoid the questions and ultimate punishment

  3. It is readily apparent that his “adviser” are running this disaster of a presidency. Joe has little, if any, say about anything. Just look at his schedule over the last two weeks. It is scant at best. When he does make public appearances there is little doubt that he is incompetent at best. The “advisers” are trying to keep his incompetence invisible as best they can.

  4. He can’t say anything wrong if he doesn’t speak at all.

    There is no fairness in politics and media. This president will get cotton balls thrown at him the entire time he is in office. When Harris takes over it may get a little tougher. The hard hitting questions to the past administration was because he was an invader to the political status quo. There will never be another president like Trump unless America votes in another rule breaker going against the political standard rules of the road.

  5. Every sentient being in the US (not to mention the world) can see the game that was played in the 2020 election. Biden was never anything but a figurehead, and in the slide into full dementia. They needed his name and occasionally his face (although that is becoming increasingly the frozen face of senility) and were happy that he was non compos and his number two was an easily manipulable and highly ambitious woman. That put those others, whose names we do not know for a fact, to run our country. And they can’t be held accountable because they only “whisper” in Joe’s earpieces.

  6. The Press isn’t making a fuss because they are 100% Dem shills. Communication between the Press and the President is completely unnecessary because it is now the Press who sets policy and agenda. Any criticism of the President would be counter productive to their agenda. Imagine if Trump tried to hold a press conference with limited press and pre-approved questions. The rules change when a Democrat is in office.

  7. Whoever was behind the theft of the election in 2020 doesn’t want the nation to see that they installed a sack of potatoes as president. Biden will never have a news conference or give a state of the union address.

    1. True cynics claim SOS Blinken intentionally caused an “incident” with China just to prevent any future F2F meeting between Xi and Biden.

  8. The official excuse is “He’s busy”.

    The truth is, the people pulling his strings are the ones in control and they’re the “invisible” ones with which we should be concerned.

  9. I think you are mistaken. Biden was just on ABC news for a long interview ( https://abcnews.go.com/US/video/abc-news-live-update-bidens-exclusive-interview-george-76510757) and he was on CNN before that. Where he has given thoughtful, extensive, clear responses. He has also conveyed his thoughts through speeches, including his prime time speech dealing with COVID.

    The people that denigrate our President are just trying to tear the country apart. They are the opposite of patriots.

    1. ??? You’re kidding right. He took 10 prearranged questions. And that yelling wasn’t necessary. That so called speech was the worst I’ve ever heard in my life. Nothing positive. He has dementia and a shell of a man. The world is truly laughing at us for real now!

  10. Of course the Presidency needs to be accessable and as transparent as possible. If an action is taken we need to know why , even if due to national security it has to be after the fact. To not do this is as unAmerican as it gets.

  11. I just bought “Slanted”. I think she has the subject nailed. What can we do? Maybe her book has some suggestions. I feel we are living in a one-party state like in China.

  12. Biden is merely a foil for the far left (Obama, Klain and Rice) who are in control. He is going senile (likely already there) and has no idea what those controlling him are doing. They, on the other hand, know Biden will get the blame for their power hungry, economically destructive policies and will get rid of him once they have their socialist agenda so in-grained it cannot be easily removed. Then they will herald how woke they are ‘serving’ the first woman president (a congenital liar who couldn’t garner more than 0% in the democrat primaries). The fake news will assist them by blaming Trump for the country’s woes while heralding her as the second coming.

  13. I think everyone should be demanding to know who is in charge. Susan Rice.? Ron Klain? Some collective of cabinet officials? Who makes the call if military forces had to be deployed? This should be the the 1st and last question in every press briefing until Jen Psaki can circle back with an honest answer.

  14. Some claim Obama-Harris-Rice are the real powers behind the Biden throne. Others scoff and claim it is Bezos and Buffet. I say it is NEA, AFT and SEIU.

  15. It doesn’t really matter that Biden is inaccessible. Those who didn’t vote for him knew he would be a puppet President. Maybe some of those who did vote for him now have to admit he is not up to the task. Maybe not. The real question, as has been stated by others, is who or what group is running the show? Soros people, Obama and his associates, or some other cabal. I guess time will tell. Whoever it is it does not bode well for the country.

  16. Can you imagine the shrieks from Pelosi if Trump had done this? Can you imagine the uproar from the Democratic party propaganda organs in the legacy media if this was Trump? They have to hide this fool, he never was a intelligent man, but now with his obvious deteriorating mental capacity it is even worse. He is not in charge of the presidency, his behind the scenes handlers, all Obama loyalists, are running the White House. It is truly sickening to think of Harris finally replacing him.

  17. The normal pattern of elusive behaviour by an elected official, is due to that person trying to cover over an issue, or, there is some major factor that they do not want the electorate to know about them. Either way the Politico is depriving those who vote for them, of knowledge needed to make an informed voting decision

  18. His handlers, and the press, are keeping Biden hidden as much as possible because he’s unfit for the office. He was absent during the election so why would we expect anything different now? He’s showing many of the classic signs of dementia. If there were any responsible adults around him they wouldn’t let him near sharp objects, much less positions of power.

    The main goal of the Democrats right now is to keep Biden alive and somewhat coherent until after Jan 21, 2022. Two years and one day into his “Presidency”. Then they’ll mount a coup and 25th him and install Harris, giving her the opportunity to run twice more for office

    Right now I”m reading the book “Lucky” by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes about how the Democrats crammed Biden through the election process because he was the only “hope” for the Democrats to have a chance to possible beat both Sanders (for the nomination) and Trump. Unlike another “hope” he’s not going to save the universe but he could destroy this country. Once you get past/ignore the typical media lies/tripe about how there was no election fraud, it does give good insight into how the Democrats pushed Biden through.

    We know how the media treated Trump. If Trump had brought world peace and solved world hunger the liberal media would still have crucified him. Just as we know how they’ll treat any Democrat, who can do nothing wrong.

    Presidents can be effective whether they’re public about their office or not. It’s not the publicity that makes them effective, or not. It’s them. The publicity can create a perception, an image, of the person/office, right or wrong. The media will create the office holders image in their own image for their own narrative. Country and truth be damned

    The media (and to a lesser extent the political parties) has (have) turned this country into a continuous Jerry Springer show. Until and unless we the people hold the media accountable for their actions, until we start refusing to be manipulated by them, remove the financial rewards for their lies, this is going to continue and we’re (America) are going to be a declining country.

  19. Where is the “Red Line” or a Lincoln line??

    The line beyond which most any and every freedom-loving patriotic American would say, not just no, but “HELL NO!” beyond this line we must not go!?

    The line that would tell every patriot that we must NOT go beyond this line or else there is little hope of America remaining free.

    The Lincoln line.

    The line that would indicate ‘that government of the people, by the people and for the people’ will likely perish from the USA.

    Without that line we will be like the frog who did not know that he was being boiled alive.

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