FORUM: What accepted trends today will be considered offensive and to be banned tomorrow?

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I don’t know that the world has ever seen anything like it: a minority of people in a current time are reviewing nearly every aspect of the past, judging it by their own views, then seeking to controversialist and erase that which offends them, or that which they deem inappropriate under today’s standards.

It’s not only short-sighted; it’s dangerous. At its worst, it’s like saying all evidence of Hitler should be eliminated because he was an evil man.

The record of our past, and how it was viewed at the time and over the years, should be preserved. Certainly people are free to view it how they wish in today’s terms, and write about it anew, but they should not have the right to change and ban the past.

It makes me wonder: what perfectly innocent things are we doing today that will cause tomorrow’s small-minded activists to view us as evil?

I have one ideas:

No matter how much we love and care for our pets, there are people in the future who will say that breeding animals and keeping them captive was an affront to nature. Any of us who had a pet will be viewed as the worst sort of humans; our heirs will be ostracized and punished; any accomplishments we may have made during the course of our lives will be erased as worthless; and any wealth made by any of our family members who follow us will be confiscated to give to animals.


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14 thoughts on “FORUM: What accepted trends today will be considered offensive and to be banned tomorrow?”

  1. The cancellation of anything related to Northern European culture.

    Except for the progressive version of “Scandinavian socialism”: which curiously still includes monarchies in Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, UK and unofficially Norway. What is it about retaining a hereditary monarchy that formed their cultural value systems that are used to justify US progressive socialist goals?

  2. I don’t know if i can predict a trend that will later be canceled but I’d like to see a trend of canceling the cancelers. Make doxing, harassment, and trolling offenses for which you can be ostracized. The cancelers are experiencing more pushback than they expected right now (albeit not nearly enough), imagine what it would be like if everyone who truly despises this treatment spoke up instead of remaining silent? It could be a real game changer.

  3. Speaking of evil, the newest trick by the White House handlers is to remove the “live” press conference video after getting a few thousand downvotes and then putting it back up “new” so that it removes all of those downvotes. They get thousands more downvotes than upvotes, even with YouTube manipulating the vote tally. But you can see that there are many more negative comments for the occasionally brief time they may accidentally leave comments open, as compared to the downvotes they allow to be registered..
    Also they continue to violate the 1st Amendment by turning off comments.
    President Trump was sued over that, was he not.
    You might want to encourage folks to return to each day’s press conference after a while to again vote as you will. Be sure to have them go back to all the old videos and vote them as well.

  4. I am not surprised by the actions of small-minded individuals. What terrifies me is the silence with which those actions are met by the media and the common folk. Where is the indignation?
    And the hypocrisy .dripping from all of their actions! While eBay and Amazon cancel Dr. Seuss and the adorable Pepe le Pew, the ideas, hatred and incitement to violence by monsters like Guevara and Lenin remain awaiting to be purchased by the same useful idiots who are selectively canceling the past

    1. We have been conditioned to not offend anyone for any action…at all. We are no longer permitted to be discriminating….. to make judgements….even when evil is obvious.

  5. What astounds is not the “mountains out of molehills.” Rather it’s the trivializing of science, like the dramatic shortage of fresh water resources in the parched southwestern US. The only real plan that decades of Democratic leadership in western states have is bringing in more people to that area. How does that work?

  6. Christmas and other Christian holidays or traditions are being cancelled throughout Western Europe, like not decorating trees in some towns in Germany. We might see more of that soon. Funny that the tree originally wasn’t event a Christian tradition but an earlier one. Oh, how about native European religions? There are some modern Pagans who might “become white supremacists” soon just because they are following the faith of their ancestors who just happened to have light complexions?

  7. Naming your child with a gender typical name like Richard, Mary, Arthur, or Stephanie. Woke parents will name their children Chris, Pat, Lee, or River.

  8. Religion, particularly the Christian religion right now. The left are making Christians into caricatures of intolerant, ignorant people who believe in a fable, what they mockingly call a sky god. I hear it from my kids, about LGBT friends who grew up in really Christian families and had a difficult time because of it. They are being taught that religion is bad and that’s very sad. It is Christ’s example that will lead us out of this immoral culture we are in, but not as long as people are taught that Christians are stupid bigots.

  9. William Wainwright

    I have no doubt in that if there is a second enlightenment, our casual acceptance and practice of abortion will put us in the same category as slaveholders. Possibly worse. They were ignorant. We aren’t ignorant, we just chose to ignore the evidence.

  10. Back in 1971 I was taking a Political Science class and I had a professor who informed us that our country was being taken over by Communism and that this had been happening since sometime in the 1950’s. He then proceeded to tell us that in our lifetime we would see both the elderly and the unborn being killed and that we would accept those actions as a normal part of life, but that these actions were actually being dictated by the Communists who were taking over of our country.

    We were all young students at the time and thought that the professor was some morbid character that was less than ‘all there’ and that none of these things would ever happen in America. All of us were sickened by the thought of killing off people, both the elderly and the unborn. We had all heard of abortions, but it was something that rarely happened and then only to people who had no conscience and were reckless enough to risk such a procedure so as to avoid having to care for an unwanted child.

    The thought of euthanizing the elderly was something more commonly considered as a possibility at the time. Population control was a big issue during that time and everyone had ‘learned’ that it could spell the end to the world as we knew it. It was often viewed by some of the younger generation as something to be considered, given the ‘taught’ narrative that it was a compassionate way of allowing the elderly to avoid suffering illness and aging.

    The professor said that euthanizing the elderly would be first, but that we would live to see the day that the world also accept abortion.

    Who would have thought that the legalization of abortion was a mere 2 years into our future?

    The euthanization of the elderly so far has turned out to be a short-lived experiment started by Dr. Kevorkian. It remains to be seen when and if euthanization will become common place. However, in giving this fact some thought, one can only wonder if it will never be instituted because of the direct effect such a decision would put on the elderly political forces that are forcing their Communists ideas on us.

    Abortion on the other hand is now accepted by the vast majority of people as a perfectly acceptable solution to an unwanted pregnancy.

    The things I find most disturbing about the wide acceptance of abortion is the fact that the idea was so utterly horrendous to people at the time and many of those same people today not only accept it, but applaud it! I can’t honestly say that I wouldn’t be among them, had it not been presented to me both when and how it was presented as a factor in advancing Communism. However, I do recall that it was not a right that a majority of women of that era were trying to achieve. In fact when abortion was legalized, most women were stunned and horrified, because it had seemingly come out of nowhere.

    Yes, women were fighting for their rights, but the rights they were fighting for were equality in job opportunities and wages. It wasn’t women who made the decisions in the early 1970’s, it was men.

    Recently I’ve given some thought as to how people have been ‘taught’ to be able to accept abortion on such a wide scale. One thing I realized was that shortly after it was legalized we started using terminology that distanced us from the reality of killing an unborn child. We began using terms like embryo, fetus and more recently zygote to describe what we previously had called an unborn child. Those terms had previously been used by the medical community to merely describe life stages. Now these terms help us to disassociate the humanness from the act of abortion.

    So yes, it is a dangerous thing to let others dictate how we should think and feel about even the smallest events of our daily lives. For what we think and feel today could well become what Sharyl alluded to as ‘tomorrow’s small-minded…evil.’

  11. Interesting thought of cancelling history. I am watching it happen before my eyes. I just retired from a golf course. From building to operation after 24 years. Shortly after I left the owner sold the course. My replacement who worked with me for 1-1/2 years to learn what we did changed everything immediately after I left. The new owner is just getting started but proceeded to ‘clean house’ and get rid of all long term employees.. As I watch it happen, I will now walk into the golf course pro shop 10 months after 24 years and not one person will know me. Interesting concept and feeling a lifelong contribution was wiped out in less than a year. Saving grace is our local association gave me a lifetime achievement award shortly after retirement. Cancelling history is bad, years of notes and history to help improve the future will be repeated because they will not learn from my mistakes.

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