How much is your college getting in Covid “stimulus” funds?

Billions of dollars of Covid relief funds from the bill passed by Congress in December 2020 are going to public and nonprofit colleges and universities.

The U.S. Department of Education recently released estimates for how much money educational institutions will receive.

It is estimated that the University of California Davis campus will receive $51 million.

New York University will receive approximately $37 million.

The University of Central Florida is expected to receive upwards of $88 million.

The searchable database can be found in the story linked below:

Find out how much your college or university is getting in COVID “stimulus” funds: searchable database

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2 thoughts on “How much is your college getting in Covid “stimulus” funds?”

  1. Can you put up a link to tell us how much money in the form of endowments these schools have in the bank? I know some are sitting on tens of millions not to mention all the student loan money these colleges receive.

  2. Thanks for your integrity and relentless pursuit of truth in journalism. I saw a recent report about China’s naval force is being increased. From research I’ve done China is also pouring millions of dollars into island countries close to Florida building naval bases. I would love to see a story about this on one of your platforms. I believe Americans are blinded by the current administration’s lack of attention to the Chinese communist regime, and it being a threat to our borders.

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