(NEW) Donald Trump website: 45office.com

Donald Trump has announced the launch of his new website: 45Office.com.

Read the announcement below. Visit the website here.

– March 29, 2021 –
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
President Donald J. Trump and Mrs. Melania Trump are pleased to announce the launch of 45Office.com.  The official website of the 45th President of the United States will allow individuals to submit correspondence, scheduling requests, and press inquiries for President and Mrs. Trump. President and Mrs. Trump are continually strengthened by the enduring spirit of the American people, and they look forward to staying in touch.

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143 thoughts on “(NEW) Donald Trump website: 45office.com”

  1. So happy that he got it up and running so fast. Looking forward to hearing everything President Trump has to share with us !

    1. Me too I sure miss our Wonderful President Trump and beautiful First Lady. May God always be with our Trump family. ❤️❤️??????

  2. We miss you President Trump! Thank you and your family for all the hard work you put in those 4 years. Looking forward to your return!

  3. Never in my entire life have I felt such admiration and appreciation for an American President. I wish we were so lucky. Canada loves you! The smart Canadians do.

  4. We miss our President and First Lady, and thank you both for all the sacrifices you both made for our country. I have never seen such commitment in anyone. May God bless and guide you.

  5. We miss the power, strength, and stability you gave us during your presidency. Thank you for all your dedication. Good Luck to you and The First Lady.. Please come back and save our country.

  6. President and Mrs. Melania Trump, we miss you both so much. The world knows you won and are still our Commander in Chief and First Lady. We pray that God will lead you to get our Great Nation back before the current acting regime totally destroys the United States of America. The worse it gets each day; it seems that a civil war is eminent to get rid of the corruption.
    God Bless you both. God Bless America.

  7. Thanks for the info. Sharyl. We miss you, Melania and your whole family President Trump. Our country is being destroyed and it hurts to see the destruction this man has done in 69 days. We all know it should be you in that office for the last 69:days. The election was not only stolen from you but from 75 million of us. Also. We all are looking forward to 2022 and 2024.. It bothered me the other day when Biden made the statement in his news conference when they discussed his running against you in 2024 made the statement there may be no republican party by then. Does he know something we don’t know.?. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  8. Keep up the good fight president Trump you are missed everyday that you are not in the office that you should be Biden and Harris are not the President and vice President thank you

  9. Thank you President Trump for 4 great years.  It hurts to see how the Demo’s are destroying our country beyond recognition.  We need your knowledge and strength now more than ever to guide us back to freedom.  I believe you are God’s David.  May God be with you in everything you do to save our country.

  10. We miss President Trump and Melania so much. I pray every day a miracle will happen and he will be back protecting us from the scum that is in office now. Can’t wait to start hearing from our true President.

  11. I watched Pearson Sharp on OAN reviewing your accomplishments and the election. The list of good you’ve done took one hour and afterwards I became emotional I actually cried. It’s a crying shame what they did.

  12. I am so happy that you have established your website. I am 91 and praying so hard that I will live long enough to help put you back in office in 2024 and get us out of this tragedy. You were cheated out of this election and we are paying for it so dearly. I sincerely pray that somehow I am going to wake up one morning and it will be made right. I believe in miracles. Love to both of you.

  13. As far as I’m concerned you’re still my president and I’m looking forward to the day that you will be back in our Oval Office the things that are running our country now are totally ruining it all the wonderful things that you did are being taken away and the thing that scares me the most is all these illegal aliens getting in here that in the control that these Democrats are going to try and have over us I just pray every night that somehow you’re going to get back into that Oval Office missing you very much

  14. Praise God!! We love and miss you and your kind wife. Thank you for all you have done.
    Sincerely, Joann M.

  15. We miss you everyday President trump our real President! Please don’t forget about us we need you in 2024 more then ever! Make America great again it needs you now more then ever!!!!!

  16. Mr. President I have never missed one of your speeches. My family and friends have been hoping for your web site for a long time. You always made us feel hopeful. We are very worried about our country under Bidens people who control him.
    Best of luck to you and Melania

  17. I miss your family ,I miss a God lead country, we need help, I’m old and tired ,don’t want my last yrs to be controlled by the government,come back ASAP we love you ,and know you won,I know it was JESUS who helped you last as long as you did, I would have left the first wk,,may GOD bless and protect your house whole , I pray for you day and nite ,you have been a great President because GOD put you in, it is GOD a who guides the feet of the righteous,you will be here to help us as ,GOD wills, my love always ,

  18. My dear and most favorite President Trump and our most beautiful and gracious first lady Melania and all the Trump children we miss you terribly. I want to apology for this country and the way you were treated and I am embarrassed for America. They did not deserve you and you are missed I can assure you. What we have in the white house is a disgrace and we are the laughingstock of the world..I came here to America legally in 1960 and love this country with all my heart but what is going on now makes me sad I am here. I can see our future with this radical leadership will destroy all the good of our country. Please do what is best for your family and do not sacrifice any more for this ungrateful, hateful once great country.. I wish you and your family the very best and thank you for all you have done for us. Good bless you all . Helga

  19. Valerie J. McGill

    I want you back as our president as you should be. You and America was cheated in the election and I hope you and people with you will continue to fight to make things right….God go with you and guide you. Please seek Gods guidance every day.

  20. We’ve waited for this! Thank you for all you and your family have done for this country Mr. President. Looking forward to seeing you in action again!

  21. So happy that we can finally hear from you. This site will be so many peoples vocal outlet that will help us get real true news. on both sides. Couldn’t ask for anymore than that. Good luck, and go get em!

    1. Why do WE allow moron s such as this “Ranny” to speak on oue sites, while we are censured and blocked on theirs, I don’t want to read their rhetoric, no real name, no photos, same bull “anonymous”, Hate to be the first one to tell you ranny, G F Y, Sorry folks, but this safer than calling them out for a slap.

      1. You don’t have to read their comments, and you can TOTALLY IGNORE him, if you wish. OR you can nicely TELL HIM what you THINK of him!! And NOT be censored because of it!!

    2. So the bum you speak of reduced taxes, grew the economy, reduced unemployment rates across ALL races. Built much of the border. Worked out deals with Mexico, and other South American countries to REDUCE the illegal immigration. Got rid of that STUPID NAFTA. Even a deplorable like me can see the stupidity of that move! I don’t have enough space to state all the things he has DONE! I was a DINO all my life and when the famous escalator dessent happened, I recognized something that had been missing for YEARS! Americanism!!! Didn’t realize how hungry I had become to hear it once again! I went straight to the voters registration changed to Republican so I could vote in the primaries for this Bum! Have never regretted it!

    3. & we see what your cheating president has done to our country, in just over 2 months!! & you call us deplorable!?!

  22. May God bless you, your family, those working with you, for you and keep everyone safe from harm. May God’s Grace pour out upon America and the whole world!

  23. Iam wishing you and your family the best and expecting more from you as the former president of united states of America and the whole world. Good luck and God bless you.

  24. Now we have our voice back! God bless you Mr. President and your entire family! I feel you and your family is our only hope for this country!

  25. Welcome news.

    I already sent a message to President Trump. The website does require a phone number to send messages but that is no problem for me.

  26. we are over the top thrilled to see this – we need your leadership to save our country…..admire you and the lovely Mrs. Trump from the day you announced that you would run to become our 45th President – what a stellar job you did and its disgusting to see the current administration destroying it. Good luck and know that we along with may others are in your corner and have your back! We love President and Mrs. Trump – if ever in Horry County, SC we’d love to see you!

  27. I’m happy to see that you didn’t hide away. The MSM has done everything to display it’s hatred for you and our beloved country. I do believe you love our country and your intentions were always for positive results. I’m pleased to be able to follow your progress and hear of what is to come.

  28. You are greatly missed, Mr. President. Your leaderships was a incredible gift to this nation. Of course it is a tragedy to watch our country unravel day-by-day, but we pray that you will continue to fight for truth. There is no doubt that you should still be in office, though I continue to believe that all things happen for a reason. This is your time to gather your strength for your comeback as we’ll need someone strong and committed who is not a lifetime politician and beholden to the swamp. They did not know what to do with you and your refusal to bow before their for corruption, but your supporters do know! We will re-elect you if we can somehow return to free and fair elections! May God give you the strength to persevere!

  29. We are over joyed to see President Trumps new site!!
    We miss his leadership !!
    We know that you truly love this country and will all you can in leading us into the future!

  30. Donald Trump, was the best president in my life time and I’m 77 years old. It was refreshing to have a president that cared about the us the American people for a change. I’m looking forward to his website.

  31. It was great having a President that acted in the best interests of America instead of a political party. Miss you sir.

  32. The first (and only) non-peaceful transition of power in the United States began in November 2016 and continued for the next four years. No president in my lifetime could have survived his term let alone beat back the lying Liberals and the corrupt Leftist media. We definitely will need another four years of Trump-type Conservatism to undo the dishonest and divisive damage Biden is doing by continuing the politics of corruption and racial divide initiated by Obama. God bless President Trump!

  33. It’s hard to watch Biden systematically destroying this country and everything good that you President Trump did to put America first. We definitely miss you.

    1. Biden is too far gone to do all this damage. This is the action of Obama who is acting president and not Biden at all.. Obama is having his third term at our expense..Obama hates all of America and so loves Iran…He wants America totally destroyed.

  34. Larry Wayne Gillenwater

    Trump is the greatest president, hope to see you back in 2024. You loved the American people and the people loved you back, We both got cheated in 2021 we lost a great man and got one that is not for the people. It is a disgrace Thanks for your service, Don’t forget about 2024 we need you.

  35. Awesome news, thank the lord. We love You and your whole family President Trump.We need you back now. We know you won the election. The American people know you love us and our country.

  36. President Trump,
    Thank you for GREAT leadership, hard work and love of America ?? and her citizens.
    We need you as our Leader !
    Biden:Harris and the Far Left Democrats are destroying America, undoing all the good things you accomplished. We need to win back Congress in 2022 !!
    Miss you and Melanie every day!! You were never treated fairly by the Liberal Lunatics!!!

  37. [email protected]

    Mr President Trump and Mrs Trump ,Pls hurry come back soon ,before our country is totally destroyed
    by this leftist,We could hardly wait for the day ,Praying for your safety and good health for the whole
    family.. May God Bless you mightily and always be protected by ST Michael the Archangel 24 hours a day
    Can I make an appt to see you please ? 714 791 2700 around end of May 2021

  38. Thank you, President Trump and others for the monumentally intelligent resurrections of truth unfolding for people to see and experience… God indeed blesses America …. joe who?

  39. Thank you President Trump for continuing to lead our country and keep America Free and Strong!
    Miss you as our Commander in Chief !

  40. Mr. President you are missed beyond words. You are and will always be OUR PRESIDENT the best we have ever had. We need you back noone can fill your shoes. You are a remarkably strong man who perservered and stood up for us and our Country.. Try as they may they tried to take you down but you fought the fight and always won! God Bless You and keep you safe for us we all love you!

  41. My family loves the Trumps. My wife and I are both ret. US Army and retired from Lockheed Martin Aero Space. You’ve saved our lives staying in the GOP! We will not give up the fight and support. Any Place, Any Where, and Any Time!

  42. That other guy will NEVER be my president. We need you. This has been stolen from you and us. You were-are our best president ever. You are the only one that can clean up this mess. Prayers to you and your family. LOVE you are our president..

  43. GOD BLESS YOU MR.TRUMP .miss you and your beautiful MELANIA. YOU ARE THE BEST . This maniac is destroying our beautiful america. i am so tired of all these negative comments about you, it is disgusting.backstabbing you know whats. well glad to see you. god bless america we need you maga.

  44. We miss you President Trump.. best President.. I wish you could take them Democrat’s down . Mrs . Trump is a beautiful first lady.. love her. I worry about our country right now with Biden in.. they cheated to win the election also.. miss you Rose



  47. You are still my President along with President Reagan, can’t wait to have you office again. Stay the course and may God give you courage.

  48. probably the most effective president ever and by far hardest working miss him so much need to get the other one out before he destroys our country

  49. My wife and I love you and pray for you and yours, at least twice every day. What an amazingly strong and successful president us Americans have in you. We will continue to do all we can to support you and those you support!

  50. I MISS YOU DONALD AND MELANIA TRUMP. PRAYING FOR YOU. Someday I want to tell everyone about my late husband Robert B Morse who was a radio talk show host in the 1960s and 1970s in Salem Oregon.. He was much like Rush. He went after the energy companies in Oregon that were refusing access to utility poles, paid for by taxpayers, that telephone and cable companies wanted to use for their own lines. Without access to these poles, the phone and cable companies would have to install many, many more poles all over the cities and the entire state. It is a crazy story, just like this big tech garbage now. But back then, common sense won. Now, I think that we have bought and paid for our expensive phones and pay monthly for pure censorship.

  51. Thank You President Trump and family for enduring the 4 years that our government put you through while making my life and millions of others better. I am an Air Force veteran, a union person of 45 years and an ex democrat. You are the first republican I have ever voted for but I will never vote for another democrat. I hope You will run again in 2024 and I would like to see things changed so you could stay in office as long as You would like to. We do not need these America last idiot in our government. Thank You for what You have done and are going to do.

  52. Biden is using the wrong Immigration law and I have many more of interest to give you, the immigration law should be 414, president Carer used this law to return Muslim in 1979. Biden did not comply fully with law 414, if you read this law you will see Biden did not comply. there is a total of 39 pages, I scan thru it quickly and food many areas he did not comply. I will give you another one, Jerry Nadler committed a crime with president Clinton, when Jerry beg Clinton had 2 hours remaining in office office he beg Bill to pardon this American terrorist that went around blowing American building, the first time she got caught a mistake was made and she was released. the caught her a second time with app. 40 sticks of TNT, this time she was prosecuted and receive 40 year in jail and sentence to 40 years in prison, with 2 hour left of Clinton Jerry beg Clinton to pardon her which she was after only she only served 16 years. I have more.

  53. After all the trash has been dumped on us, Mr. President (You are still my President) I feel like there is hope again for us. We need you so desperately – please come back. We love you.


  55. We really miss both you & Mrs. Trump. Our Country is in a big mess after only 2 months of the Biden
    Administration. Everything you said would happen has happened. We wish we had extra money to
    donate but we are older & are taking care of our daughter’s family whose husband has cancer. If there is anyway you can still help our Country , please try. I just hope nothing happens to my husband’s VA benefits or our Medicare benefits.

    Bless you both.

  56. I respect the Office of President of the United States BUT not the current resident of the Oval Office. You are and will remain my President until you say different. The swamp creatures are exposing themselves for all to see. We need somebody back leading the country with a backbone, moral compass, strength to uphold the rule of law and our incredible Constitution. And we need Melania by your side as our most gracious, intelligent and beautiful First Lady. Good to see you back. God bless you both.

  57. Dwight Wentworth Miller

    Dear President Donald Trump,

    2 Chronicles 7:14 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    May I say, please keep your focus on God…You know prayer is very, very, powerful…I pray the Lord will continue to use you in a mighty way, in His timing and according to His purpose for you…

    You have fought to make America and Americans first…Your accomplishments have been amazing in the face of evil, corrupt resistance all around you….Sir, may God give you great wisdom as you move forward with your life…Thank-you for your excellent leadership as the 45th President of the United States…

    I would be remiss not to mention that our beautiful first lady conducted herself with personal dignity, kindness and class that is rare while representing this great country…

    –Dwight W. Miller


  59. President Trump we miss you Joe Biden and Kanila Harris are making a mess of everything. Mrs. Harris has just said she will fight for the immigrants over our Veterans. That Veterans will have to “get a job” and referred to them as “soldier Boys”. I find that to be unforgivable.

    1. Sydney, that’s no surprise that ‘Heels Up Harris’ would fight on behalf of the illegals since she is one herself and both her parents were illegals! She was never eligible to even run let alone win. But as we all know the election was rigged.

  60. geoffrey thomas

    Thankyou President Trump and First Lady Melania for every think you did for our country, Looking forward to following you on your web site and getting the Truth.

  61. Dear Mr President and 1st Lady,
    I am beyond pleased that you have elected to start up this service. I, and a lot of other Americans , are hoping to see you and Mrs Trump back in the White House soon. I read an opinion somewhere recently saying it would be certain justice if you were to be re installed as the rightful President , serve out the balance of this term of office and then run again in 2024! Think about that. YOU could be in charge for 10.5 years as President, and then a very carefully chosen/crafted Conservative could follow you for 8 more years and with a good VP that could then follow through and America would be safe from the swamp for about 30 back to back years of competent Conservative leadership. How does THAT sound to you and your much deserved legacy Mr President?

  62. Dear Mrs Trump,
    THANK YOU for being the all around best 1st Lady America has seen in MY 79 years. In spite of criticism, tasteless remarks and crass speculation you gave America 4+ years of th ebest America has to offer. You are a national treasure. Thank You again. Hurry back to the White House

  63. Hoping, praying and waiting. Our lives are not the same without you. Please don’t let us down. Our country needs you more than ever. May God be with you, your gracious wife and beautiful and dedicated family.

  64. charles feuquay sr

    Sure would like for you to hold a rally in Atlanta on the same day as the all star game. It probably would make the Atlanta area more money than the all star game would. I would love it and probably a few million conservatives would also. Thank you Mr. President.

  65. I too, & America miss your great leadership, wonderful & beautiful family! Praying every day for our country. Also, someone rids us and our country of the fake, fraudulent, thieves in the White House and bring you back to your rightful, duly elected spot as the President, of the United States.. I also am praying the HR1 bill not be passed. Hopefully the RINO’s in our government will stand up for us and our country, and vote it down..

  66. Go talk to all the people crossing the boarder, let them know that this administration is trying to make this country into a socialist counrty. . Maybe they will be your new base to grow into Americans First

    1. Wrong – DEPORT all those persons flooding into the border who come for freebies. America does not want zero immigration, we want NEGATIVE immigration! Our freeways are full, our Emergency Rooms are full (illegals receive free medical), our schoolrooms are full, and our ground water is being sucked dry by so many people so areas turn into wasteland. We’re full up! Let the illegals go back to their own third world shitholes and work, fight, live, sacrifice and die for their own countries – not SPONGE off us! Americans, including our disabled who live in pain 24/7, are being FORCED against our will via taxes to PAY FOR THE INVASION OF OUR OWN COUNTRY.

  67. Really pathetic that so many people still believe in this lying thief. Brainwashed, & still going. Good luck to all of you trying to live in the real world, while we educated humans move forward into the 21st C. It’s not socialism, it’s fairness to all Americans.

    1. No Sara, socialism ensures MISERY is distributed to all! And by the way, you DO know that the word Nazi stood for National Socialst Workers party in Germany?! It’s already been proven over and over that socialism does NOT work. And if you love it that much, I suggest you go live in Venezuela, a socialist country where there is no food on the grocery shelves, no t-tissue, electricity only 2 or 3 hours a day, and where the people have gone into zoos and brutally killed the animals to cook them for food. What a utopia.

  68. Well.it will be hard to keep outhers talking about this web/page,am sure there will be some that will not want the people that would have liked to seen Pres,Trump in anouther tearm,Well there all way,s next time,Nice to know the free speach is still here,

  69. Thank you very much for your “TRUE DESIRE TO HELP OUR COUNTRY AND WAY OF LIFE”..I’m outraged at what has happened to our country. I’m so thankful that you lifted the curtain…and I’m so frustrated noe at people who don’t see it…. So much garbage going on undetected scares me. Republicans and Democrats complying with it is even worse… No “rallying call” anywhere. How about just a published list of “woke” corporations, rino’s by state,etc.. A “WHAT YOU CAN DO!!! guide booklet ,flyer, pamphlet that gives steps to follow…IE: Start with local government…what you can do… state government, Federal ……. We need a “RALLYING CRY!!!” to unite for action…Problems with censorship, pandemics and viruses, world enemies, open borders, finances (gotta stop printing!!!) and face the music…The people in power whether Dem’s or Republicans are running us into the demise of our country….Let me just stop now and just say…. We the people need direction…TO FIGHT BACK TO LEGALLY!!! enmass!!! Thank you for listening to someone from NJ with almost no rights left and being bled out…

  70. Sorry you have to take the crap the idiots keep pushing on you ! You are the only leader that has ever had a real job.

    We need you back before it is too late but am so sorry you have to take the abuse .

    Thanx for your service !

  71. Thank you for all you have done President Trump and our First Lady Melania. We need you now more than ever! The BEST President other than George Washington. But George Washington didn’t have to deal with the commiecrats. And you are right when you state that no other president has had the love and support of the people as you do. The closest any of them ever came to it was with the phrase, “We Like Ike!”

  72. Miss you, I followed u at Parler. I was barred and made me quit buying Apple products. I’m not on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media. Nice to have a journalist who post the truth, with sense and conservative.

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