(PHOTOS) Shocking evidence of the growing U.S. Southern border crisis

It may not be garnering much national media coverage, but the evidence of the growing U.S. border crisis is easily found in public view.

While many illegal immigrants prove to be hardworking and deserving foreigners seeking a better life, many of them prove to be quite the opposite.

Below are just a sampling of photos posted by Customs and Border Protection.

Watch Part 1 of my border investigation here. Part 2 airs Sunday March 14.

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12 thoughts on “(PHOTOS) Shocking evidence of the growing U.S. Southern border crisis”

  1. When speaking of the apprehension of sex offenders at the border, it would be fair to say “known sex offenders” because these are the ones the border agents can pair with known records of sex of fences. Border agents do not know about records not entered into data bases. There are surely more unknown than known criminals crossing the border. Central American countries do not organize data efficiently and frankly, we don’ do a terrific job ourselves.

  2. Do you believe the country as a whole believe in the ‘open border’ plan that is in effect? Do you think they would change it back to 2020 rules if they could? How much damage will we endure over the next decades from this current policy?

    1. Hello No nobody wants open boarders and would change it back in a heartbeat if the right administration were in power

  3. Sharyl didn’t get the memo apparently. Obama (the behind-the-scenes President) says these are the best and the brightest. One of these who just arrived has the cure to cancer if we can just find him or her.

  4. The concept of Open Borders is all an ongoing plan that has been playing out in Europe for years now. It The Globalist “New World Order” (Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset”) destabilization of the world to rid us of our unique differences in racial heritage and the pride of, that creates order and some degree of power to preserve it. The Communistic impulse is to make us all hate each other and fight each other to dilute the strength of the “white races” because they are mostly of Christian heritage and the “Zionist” goal is the extermination of as they did when they took over Russia turning it into the Soviet Union … Communism is the antithesis of Christianity because it is controlled by the Pharisaical heritage fathered by Satanists as mentioned in The Bible when Jesus addressed those of His day calling them on it as being the Spawn of The Devil .. those peoples are led by their Rabbis who use their Talmud for direction and from that they claim to be a God favored “Superior Peoples” unto whom us “Goyim” are but “cattle” with no rights of equivalency. Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and see how the ideas and plans for us have turned out, that incriminating them all by itself. Ashekanazi/Khazarian “Jews” (Zionists) have been behind all dictatorial regimes that have killed and enslaved Christians throughout history, Hundreds of Millions killed and no end in sight should they get their way, as They have taken control oof the USA right now …the entire rest of the world to follow. We need to “Wake-Up” and fight back however we can before it is too late. God helps those who help themselves.

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