POLL: 99% opposed to censorship of information

The vast majority of the 2450+ people who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say they do not want their information censored.

Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the respondents say information that someone doesn’t like or claims is false should be allowed anyway, it’s America!

Fewer than 1% said unpopular or disputed information should be banned, censored, or criminalized.

Info that I don’t like or gov’t doesn’t like, or claims is false, should be:

99% Allowed, anyway. It’s America.

<1% Banned or censored for everyone’s good

<1% Criminalized and therefore not allowed

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3 thoughts on “POLL: 99% opposed to censorship of information”

  1. It’s freedom of speech and fear of the censure so leave it open. The real problem is that “millennials” were generally taught during the high school days to never accept what they read on the internet. When writing a paper or making an argument you had to quote the source/primary documents not state you read on the internet. Their parents sources of info was TV and the print media which was accepted as true information. So, when they eventually “discovered” the internet as an information source they accepted everything they read as true. Question what you read. The internet actually makes it easy to find source documents and see if there was a spin added.

  2. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    You meant to include exceptions?—for examples :

    Not censored . . . except for child pornography ?

    Not censored . . . except for snuff films ?

    Not censored . . . except for pictures of, say, a loved one’s grizzly death ?

    Not censored . . . except for teachers wishing to instruct 3rd-graders on “fisting” ?

    Not censored . . . except for researchers studying questions about the Holocaust ?

    Not censored . . . except for visual or descriptive, disease-spreading sex acts ?

    Not censored . . . except for one’s own bedroom sexcapades ?

    Not censored . . . except for professors advancing/teaching Marxism to your kids ?

    Not censored . . . except for TV showing vulgar content between 6:00pm and 9:00pm ?

    Not censored . . . except for those 3 comedic entertainers joking about raping babies ?

    Not censored . . . except for mentioning international terrorist Soros on MSM ?

    Well, it’s FAR MORE complicated
    than your polling seems to suggest.

    Here’s a rule, regarding what adults may consume : as programmers like to say, “GARBAGE in! GARBAGE out!”—LIBERTINE/LIBERAL/“Progressive” folks lack understanding about that, re human brain; i.e., what one consumes can CONSUME you and your children (( see addictions from violent/sexy combat videos, which today’s kids voraciously consume, such as Fortnite , grooming future VIOLENT adults / see addictions from gambling-consumption ads, grooming future Live-by Luck adults / see addictions from alcohol-consumption ads, grooming future AA adults / see addictions from porn-consumption venues, grooming future PROMISCUOUS, Unfaithful adults / see addictions from Marxian Hollywood glorifying drug use/abuse for decades, grooming future death-by-accident teens and adults )) .

    So, in a truly DEMOCRATIC republic, the MAJORITY has RIGHTS!—re CENSORSHIP, such as was the case before the Communists’ Sixties Sexual Revolution, before Hugh Hefner’s porn magazine was given a green light from a Supremely Stupid Supreme Court (( right of a MINORITY of ONE ruled – as was the case with school prayer – and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY negated Majority Will in this purported democratic republic!; read/study my essay, “Why Vote,” and learn about how Marxian libertines had turned the Bill of Rights on its head )) and the ‘Censorship Board’ had been abolished by the anti-Christian/pro-Hedonism-Humanism ACLU—Communist/Menshevik (( soon to become Bolshevik-minded! and caught burning/rioting in Wisconsin and Minnesota and Michigan and Oregon and . . . ? )) lawyers.

    Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Sues Twitter / DHS Censored Twitter


    1. P.S.

      And they – those evil elites in Hollywood – always say, in response to ANY criticism, “It’s only a movie!”—answering the REASON-Driven adults’ warning about violent ( and sexualized ) movies having VERY bad affects on kids’ mental health. :
      “The two forensic psychiatrists told the court the savage knife attack was prompted by an intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder that features an obsession on horror films; only one though attributed the loss of control to the mixture of these conditions.” :

      More evidence of VERY bad outcomes via Sixty Years of “Pushing the Envelope” toward more and more and more Marque-de-Sade-type L I B E R T I N I S M :

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