POLL: Bi-partisan support for probe into accuracy of Covid data

Photo by: Sgt. Amouris Coss

Most U.S. voters say they want Congress to investigate whether public officials are accurately reporting coronavirus data. That in the wake of accusations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that he covered up facts about nursing home deaths in his state.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of Republican voters support an investigation as do 60% of Democrats and 59% of unaffiliated voters, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll.

Voters are more divided along political lines when asked whether they trust information from government officials, says Rasmussen Reports.

Only 13% of Republican voters say they trust the government’s COVID-19 information, while 44% of Democrat voters say they trust the government data.

Click the link below to read more in Rasmussen Reports:

U.S. Voters want investigation into whether officials reported COVID-19 data accurately

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10 thoughts on “POLL: Bi-partisan support for probe into accuracy of Covid data”

  1. How many actually have any faith in any investigation done by the government ?
    I was never a conspiracy theory person but I just don’t have confidence in anything the media says
    or this administration says (case in point the border crisis they are ignoring). If we could get a lot more
    journalists like your team that will just get us real facts that we can understand and believe it would be helpful.

    We watched President Biden ramble on and take credit for all the work the last administration did with Operation Warp Speed last night. The media will double down and agree. 500 Million does of the vaccine ordered before they ever existed and this guy is saying he did it.

    1. Amen! And it’s not just Cuomo who sent Covid positive people to nursing homes. Governor Whitmer of Michigan is just as bad, refused to divulge ANY data, disregarded the results of lawsuits against her to force her to cooperate with Michigan’s Congress, and continues to lie to this day.

  2. A few months ago, the New York Times published an article about covid testing. Buried in that story were statements made by prominent epidemiologists who stated that up to 90 percent of covid tests, using the most popular test, produce what are, in effect, false positives. They did not use the term false positives, but the test amplifies covid material in the blood by 30 to 40 times so that it can be detected. But those tiny amounts produce no symptoms and are not contagious. So a significant amount of the covid statistics are bad. More over, I know of healthcare professionals who say that hospitals record ALL flu cases as covid, most likely because they have a financial incentive to do so—more funding.

  3. Even assuming the best intentions and conscientious, an independent audit is needed. The tracking and reporting methodology simply varied and has been modified too many times to rely on any of the data with reasonable confidence. Without reliability and validity, we are (at best) vulnerable and likely to make the same errors and mistakes moving forward.

  4. I hope this comment reaches Sharyl Atkisson. Because it is off topic. I cannot unsee all the evidence of widespread election fraud. I watched all the hearings, and the independent videos made by veteran poll watchers turned whistleblowers. Much of that has now been censored, on YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the MSM. The evidence is staggering.  Many statistical impossibilities. Various whistleblowers in key cities reported stacks of phony ballots, supposedly mail-in ballots stacked in numerical sequence, stacks of Biden ballots recounted repeatedly, a contract postal worker who reported a truck load of counterfeit ballots. Counting performed secretly after hours in the key Democrat controlled cities after poll watchers were sent home. Poll watcher systemically obstructed and forced out of the process. Video evidence from Atlanta. Votes flipped digitally. Statistical evidence from multiple angles. Trump won 18 of the 19 bellweather counties that predict the winner (reportedly), and got more total votes than any previous candidate. Impossible Biden vote spikes in the middle of the night. On and on. You cannot even find the evidence now using google. But a real Arizona forensic audit may soon happen. We are living under an information lock down, under censorship. So sad for our country. Sharyl Atkisson is one of the few real journalists left, But how to accomplish serious reporting on this crucial subject when Google, YouTube, etc black ball the reporting and the reporter? A summation of the evidence, and the issue, though, is vitally necessary. And the pending Arizona audit is one way to broach the topic.

  5. If we are going to take a liberal approach and say that anyone who dies with covid died from covid, we should take the same liberal approach with vaccine reactions. Anyone who dies within a certain timeframe of having the vaccine should be deemed a vaccine death rather than simply a “coincidence.”

  6. I don’t need an investigation. I believe it was biowarfare. Let out by the WHO, our corrupt leaders and corrupt leaders in every country in the world with the help of the United Nations to usher in the “Great Reset” or “New World Order”. Simple as that. Nothing but evil and corruption. Gain of function virus, means it was manipulated in a lab. I understand that “dr” Gates has a patent on the virus. (He plays a “dr” on tv for the media who believes his bs).

  7. “Covid” went off the rails immediately when Dr Birx, on live TV, demanded anything even remotely looking like “covid” symptoms (flu, common cold) get listed as Covid, whether confirmed by testing or not. This instantly inflated the “covid” numbers. The highly inaccurate testing inflated the numbers. The financial incentives to label and “treat” covid inflated the numbers.

    And suppressing the Johns Hopkins CDC morbidity data analysis for the past ten years that found no excess deaths in 2020/2021, but remarkable reductions in all other all causes of death on average for the “covid” year was even more irresponsible. Since this Johns Hopkins study came out before the election, JH pulled it immediately saying something about it undermining the current public narrative or something.

    “Covid” numbers became the Vietnam war body counts – meaningless numbers that proved nothing, other than a means to get rid of Trump, close down the economy, pass a two trillion dollar pork barrel to bail out Democract fiscal irresponsibility and put more people into life-long government dependency.

    The Great Tulip Mania of the 1500, the Great South Sea Bubble, The Salem Witch Trials, War of the Worlds radio broadcast, the 1950’s college panty raids, Hula Hoops, the Great Albanian Ponzi Scheme …. … and the Great 2020 Covid Hoax – these things come along from time to time. Mass hysteria – what are their common denominators?

    Not that people did not get sick and also coincidentally die from this upper respiratory infection, like they do every flu season, but other than Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats and their existential need to get rid of Trump, what else should we be learn about this really bad flu season,?

    What was wrong deep in our souls that let this mass hysteria overcome us? Backlash against digital alienation? The dark side of the Age of Information? The breakdown of the nuclear family and betrayal by previously honored authority figures? An increasingly secularized society thrown to their knee worshiping false gods because “religion — belief is something larger than one’s self — remains an essential feature of what it means to be a small human in this big world?

    Did wearing masks become the religious equivalent of “taking the veil” to show to the outside world one’s personal piety?

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