POLL: 92% say Trump actually won, or Biden won by fraud

Over four thousand people who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say they believe former President Donald Trump “actually won” or that President Biden “won due to fraud.”

Forty percent (40%) of those who answered our latest poll say that they believe Trump actually won.

Another 52% say they think Biden won the election only due to fraud.

Two percent (2%) of the respondents say Biden won “fair and square”.

Four percent (4%) say Biden won due to maneuvers, but not fraud.

Based on what I know now, I think:

2% Biden won fair and square

40% Trump actually won

4% Biden won due to maneuvers but not fraud

52% Biden won due to fraud

2% I don’t know

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105 thoughts on “POLL: 92% say Trump actually won, or Biden won by fraud”

    1. 92% of those polled actually have a brain. The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to stop a deep dive audit in Maricopa county in Nevada and we all know why. No court with the exception of of the one dealing with Antrum county Michigan has actually heard any of the evidence and again we know why. STOLEN ELECTION PERIOD!!!

      1. Audits are now proving what dems have known all along. They lost! I would have thought the number would have been higher, the fraud was so apparent! Illegitimate President, VP, and Administration.

      2. Proof! Where’s the proof that the election was stolen? There is NO proof. None. Zip. Nada…because Biden WON. Get over it!!! Move on…tomorrow the sun will rise again. Geesh!

        1. Biden didn’t win the popular vote. Trump did but the election was stolen by the Biden camp You tell me what the heck did we get as Biden for our president. Nothing but heartbreak here in America & around the world. It’s incredible that he hasn’t been dragged out & tarred & feathered. He is not only destroying America , he will destroy the world if he isn’t impeached. There is plenty proof if you chose to read it. I’m not so sure the sun will rise tomorrow . God only know what Biden’s next huge mistake will be. As long as he is president I am in fear for this country & you should be too. Perhaps you have heard what he did in Afganastan . The man should stay in his basement & stop playing president.

          1. Well whatever … he is obviously slowly losing his mind isn’t that just great? And thank goodness we can hope he will only last four years !!!!

          2. Biden is a fraud, he was installed as president, he and Kamala Harris are not legitimate, they are imposters, and should be dragged out by their hair, and tried for treason, and all those that helped with the presidential theft should be imprisoned with them, they should all be given life sentences. Too bad we no longer execute traitors.

        2. Proof coming this week then the demonrats will just say it’s not enough Arizona first to fall the others will follow just pay attention and you will see no president adds 11 million votes after the first time he got elected cause he did a bad job sorry if you can’t see that

        3. The proof was right in front of our eyes on election night. The Democrat in charge and foreign affairs were in on it. The glitch on the score board of election votes on the news where they turned the camera off for a second and when it went back to the score board they took votes off of Trump and then gave them to Biden. They called Virginia for Biden and Trump was ahead at the time. The audit proved that Trump won Arizona which will be coming out soon, but they had called it for Biden early in the night when it was still in the margin of error. As for Michigan and Wisconsin, they should have called it for Trump that night since Trump was so far ahead, but they didn’t call it so they could have the chance to stuff the ballot boxes overnight which they did. Pennsylvania should have been called for Trump on election night, but I guess they wanted to put a hold on calling that state until later that week so they could gather up enough fraudulent ballots so they could just call it for Biden. The same thing happened in Georgia which happened in Pennsylvania, it took about a week to get enough fraudulent votes so they could call it for Biden. It looks like Trump may have won Nevada as well as Minnesota just by what was discovered while investigating the dominion machines.. Proof is out in the open and if you don’t realize this, you must be really stupid.

        4. If Biden won legitimately, why are they fighting to NOT have audits or investigations??? Many odd things happened.
          Everyone should be willing to confirm the election results.

          1. No, that would be you!!! WTFU I can’t wait until all the trolls are dealt with for pushing all of the lies!!! We need real justice in our country which is coming very soon and all of these trolls will then be dealt with!!! Can you say TREASON???

        5. Hey Jeremy… You want proof? I don’t think you have the cognitive ability to comprehend what really happened during this blatantly obviously stolen election. To those of us who have common sense anyway which it appears you are lacking. Here you go. hereistheevidence.com

          You won’t look. You don’t want to know the truth. Soon you will have no choice but to accept the facts. Soon there will be absolutely no way you can deny the facts any more. Their power and control relies heavily on an uneducated population.
          A population that trusts without individual thought.
          A population that obeys without challenge.
          A population that remains outside of free thought, and instead, remains isolated living in fear inside of the closed-loop echo chamber of the controlled mainstream media.
          This is not about politics.
          This is about preserving our way of life and protecting the generations that follow.

          1. I totally agree . There is no way Biden won . Evidence is coming out in all states . They had to do every state but there was no way Biden could have won all battle ground states . I just can’t believe he would have gotten enough of votes to pull it off . They tried to Take Florida and Texas also but they couldn’t find enough of votes to grab up for Biden . They flipped one million votes to Biden fr those states but the Latinos came out for trump and they just couldn’t pull it off . It’s so terrible to believe ppl just want every thing handed to them on silver platters. So dominion did have all machines on line so that China could hack or election . U no I went to bed believing trump would still be our president !!! And lord behold they actually stole the election for Biden . An how can they say they work for America . Why aren’t all them in jail . Man I just get so upset over this . And look what kind of man we have that claims to be our president . . They lie about everything . And I promise all will come out and so will all the lies he told us about Afghanistan!!!! . His own administration is now Leaking evidence about afganastan where he new 6 weeks that it would fall and they were worried couldn’t hold them off . I bet when he told Afghan president to lie that there is some quick pro quo is definitely evolved . I’m sure Biden said lie and we help u out . Just wait till transcripts are released . Man I no ppl how did vote for the. Crazy’s are have voter remorse now . Ty

        6. Most was in the Tennessee building that just happen to get blown up with no information on how it happen or who did it. However, the main proof would be how over 300,000 voted in a county with less than 150,00o resister voters. That was just one spot found. This has happen in each state. I personally know Trump voters who received emails/letters that was from Biden thanking them for voting for him. Also know letters and emails from Biden that went to family members who can not vote. Their dead. Yet their family got a letter. Biden also even emitted that their was vote fraud. Vote fraud has happen both times in Bush’s term, both times in Obama’s term, Hillary did it, and so did Biden. It is very common to do, and this is just the first time we actually caught it. Covid was a cover up to get you to vote by mail, email and not show up. Is that why it had a big rise in pre elections and again in November? No evidence covid is real but I bet you would belief that because CNN tells you too, yet voter fraud has evidence but as a typically liberal democrats you would choose to denied that. Covid is a fancy flu the Government has used to control us. If you got the shot your even dumber than most people. We can see that is not working. 30% of the people who got the shot is spreading it now. That is people with both shots. But that’s not what they told you would happen. Oh they lied. I wonder what else we been lied to about? Hillary, Biden, These fake impeachments, everything…

        7. Lol Biden didn’t win. The most popular president in history wouldn’t be greeted every where he goes with boos and trump won flags. Imagine still believing Biden won for real. Why have the DemoKKKrats fought each step of the way? If I didn’t cheat I wouldn’t fight I’d welcome it. Plus y’all said not my president for four years. So you better get use to hearing Bidophile is NOT my president

        8. You obviously, did not watch the election night news results. It was plain to the eye. that after President Trump received his first 215 electoral votes. No fricking corrupt news media would give him anymore and all through the nite ballots of dogs and dead people and some voting more that once, kept stealing votes until they were sure that the Democrat Party would be in power again. Now we have double digit inflation and our country is once again weak and ineffective in world affairs with open borders and nuts in the white house.

        9. you are a bigger dope then biden if you really think he won.. I call biden mr. brown because everything he touches turns to shit

        10. Sore Winner ! Maybe he won— maybe– If you think there was no hanky pank going on, I guess you will have to live with those thoughts. Corruption existed for sure. Pennsylvania is a prime example of Democrats breaking the rules. That alone should disqualify the election, becvause they violated the constitution regarding election rules. Only state legislatures can fool around with the rules. On the other hand, if he won, the 83 million vote, then the dopes who voted for high taxes, open borders, ,, high gas prices, and a man who can not put a sentence. I will move on when he is gone and not a moment sooner. Get ready to get shellacked.

      3. Yes! The GA county already proven it was fraudulent in its voting results proves the election was stolen. This county and How many more?? If one county, proves fake results, the entire presidential vote should have been redone nationally! Now look where we are because the American peoples rights/votes were distorted, ignored and disregarded. Disasters on All US fronts. Incompetence, Ignorance, Intolerance, Chaos on all fronts…real and imagined.

    2. Unemployment enrollment and Mail in voting both required no ID verification.
      After it was discovered inmates in California had scammed $2 Billion from Cal EDD they used a 3rd party, ( IDme ) to verify ID’s and Phone # and Email and a Utility bill, 4 parameters .
      Many denied fraud existed in any significant degree until inmates in California were discovered the word got out about easy pickings and 20 Million fraudulent applicants across the nation collected $200 Billion !
      This is many times what anyone imagined, it was unprecedented, had they not used IDme the 20 Million fraudsters would have continued to collect the windfall of easy cash!
      The motivation for the EDD fraudsters and the Mail in voting fraudsters is great, there is no reason to imagine that any less fraud ocurred with Mail in voting as occurred with EDD enrollment since they shared the same vulnerability to fraudsters, even if 1/2 the fraudsters existed, which there is no reason to imagine it would be 1/2, will be 10 Million votes, Even 10% which is absurd is 2 Million votes, to say no fraud existed is absurd.


  1. President Trump and 75 million voters were cheated in this fraudulent election. If there is No investigation by congress and honest Media. Biden’s presidency will always be in question. His executive orders , outdoing any previous president, and by passing congress, add to the feelings of a Marxist Totalitarian State. Add to that ,the Militarization of our Capital. Voter Identification must become the law of the land . And Election Day is ONE day, not days,weeks or months,or the day after..

    1. Travis Pensenstadler

      I agree Trump should have won the lection was stolen by Biden. The congress and courts never investigated the 2020 election. So, How do we know who really won. I think Trump should run again, Biden, is the weakest president we ever had. He does not know what he is doing and is too old to be president. Trump was a better president he got things done despite what people said about him. If, it was not for the virus, early voting, mail in ballots, and certain states changing election laws, Trump would have won. Also, how we trust the next election will be rigged again!.

      1. Trump did win,Democrats,China and other foreign enemies hacked into the dominion machines and changed votes from Trump to Biden,Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof shows the data in real time,This is all going to backfire and the players involved will face treason charges on both sides of the political spectrum,This will be the biggest thing to happen in history,Worldwide arrest are coming as well for all of this disgusting child sex trafficking,Child sacrifices,Adrenochrome harvesting and those who are involved in the NWO plans will fall as well,History will be made and God’s hand will be shown.


    3. While the democrats run the white house we may never get a fair investigation. By now the facts have piled up and we can see their was vote fraud and we were cheated. The evidence is their. CNN is brain washing everyone in this anti Trump, anti Republican world. But we will stand strong and be more open eye in this next election. Trump wont let this happen again.

  2. It’s difficult to see the difference between “Trump actually won” and “Biden won due to fraud” unless a lot of people thin Jo Jorgenson was the legit winner.

  3. Charles Wilczynski

    Yes, I to believe that biden ,the DemonicRats and many other corrupted countries and people had planned this out years in advance.
    All I actually want is for all the evidence and statements to be heard in the Supreme Court, Openly and Honestly for the people. LET THE PEOPLE HAVE THERE DAY. We need to know that Our Election Process is not Compromised, Corrupted, or Fraudulent in anyway possible. And because of Everything we are seeing happening with the courts and what looks like destruction of Evidence, makes us, The People, very very skeptic. Something extremely wrong is going on here, and we need to expose it all.

  4. Trump won this election. I wasn’t polled. This number would be so much higher. A lot of people know full well that Beijing Biden did not win this election! The real results were 410 electoral for Trump and 150 electoral for the worst President in US history!!

  5. anyone with the IQ of a shrimp knows that PRESIDENT TRUMP won in a landslide…what I don’t understand is why Trump walked away as it’s not in his character….something is afoot & I hope it comes soon

  6. Not sure now “unscientific” this poll is. Your sample size is much larger than other polls that claim to be “scientific.”

  7. Absolutely trump Won.. he was robbed in it’s a disgusting shame that antifa has the courts & judge’s running scared including our weak kneed Supreme Court

  8. Biden got in on massive fraud. Trump is the legitimate President. Our great country has been taken in a coup d’tat, plan and simple.

  9. Seibold Karen Ella

    Now if only the MSM would also share this information Thank you Sheryl for continued truth in reporting

  10. Sharyl freed me from STATIN HELL by reporting the Statin Drug Baycol recall due to its “side effects. “Hey, those are my problems,” I said. Sure enough, my doctors had been lying to me for years to keep me taking ZOCOR from Merck. I lost 20 years of my life, thanks to them! (1992 to 2012)

    Yes, the doctors were LYING as they tortured me and ruined my life. Of course, it is possible that none of them ever read the physicians monograph that told them to discontinue the drug IMMEDIATELY if the patient reports pain or any other problem. You can read about it here.


    1. Morley, I too, was sent down the statin path by a cardiologist that insisted that I needed them if I wished to avoid having a heart attack. I later learned that statins should never be prescribed to anyone unless they have already had a major heart event, I had not. Statins do not prevent anything and they do more harm than good for people that have never had a cardiac emergency. Statins ruin their quality of life and the pharmaceutical companies and cardiologists that are complicit in this major money making scheme should be held accountable. Pushing medicine on people that are not already sick should be a criminal offense. Baycol may have been your own personal culprit but all statins cause more problems than they cure.

  11. Unless proven otherwise, it appears our election system has been criminally taken over by forces we don’t fully understand…. Was it Democrats? Progressives? Communists? Dominion? Soros? We know it has been planned for years. Remember the Soros effort to take over the Secretaries of State offices in all the states. to affect the elections. What is clear is that it will not be fully exposed by our courts, and we may never again see an honest election in this country. It looks that one-party rule is in our future unless some drastic action is taken. But who is able to take that action? Not the courts.

    1. “The “Secretary of State Project“ was an American non-profit, progressive 527 political action committee focused on electing reform-minded progressive Secretaries of State in battleground states, who typically oversee the election process. The Project was funded by George Soros and members of the Democracy Alliance.” Certainly, they did even more to affect elections…….

  12. I like your fair and honest journalism. Always enjoy watching your show. There are some so-called journalists that are not allowed on my TV – Chuck Todd and Norah O’Donnell for two. Add Margaret Brennan and any on CNN.

  13. Richard Pickett

    I feel Trump got over 100 million votes, the election was not even close. Biden was lucky to actually get 50 million. Trump is our true President. Our great country could never be foolish enough to elect a potato head like Biden. This is all a big sham on the American people.

    1. Just take a look at the counties of the United States (not including 100 county-sized districts in U.S. territories) admittedly of various populations, there are 3143 counties in the United States. The decrepit basement-dwelling biden won only 509 counties while President Trump won 2634, this is near smoking-gun proof of targeted election fraud. Legal votes cast for President Trump 82 million plus, legal votes cast for criminal weakling biden 43 million. The preliminary results of the forensic audit of Maricopa County, Arizona, even without counting the Dominion machines switching and throwing out votes for Trump, show that President Trump won Arizona by well over 80,000 votes. The certification of biden by 10,547 votes will be rescinded!

  14. and yet our so called top courts did nothing. bought or fear. don’t matter which. they did not do there job. once bought always owned and never trusted, (WE DONT NEED THEM MANY MORE)

    1. That’s because they are either paid off or they have been compromised and are being black mailed into doing what the radical left wants them to do!!! The court system has been a huge part of most of the problems in our country and now they are really showing people just how corrupted they are!!! Time to hold everyone accountable for not standing behind their oath of office!!! Treason is punishable by death!!! AMEN

  15. With all the hatred and false lies about what president Trump was suspposed to have done and said in his time in the white house I was 100 % sure that the democrats was going to do ANYTHING to take back the white house and I was 100 % right, I just knew that the democrats could NEVER win against president Trump the best president America has had since president Reagan and the democrats enlisted the help of the Chinese to pull it off. You can’t tell me that the China epidemic was purely an accident China wanted all those demonstrations to end in Hong Kong and sending in military to end it would be a disaster so they invented a pandemic to spread to Hong Kong but it backfired so they with help from the democrats caused this to spread into America helping to defeat president Trump and it worked it worked too well killing millions it didn’t bother the democrats THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED.

    1. Look real hard and you will find that the demon rats with help from Fauci, got bejing biden to get the chinese to release the corona virus to derail the trump train.

  16. The wording of the poll dilutes the results and is misleading. Many readers only look at headlines, and do not read entire articles. That permits leftists to put “40% Trump actually won” in the headline, which is a minority, and many readers will not read beyond that.

    But when the “40% Trump actually won” and “52% Biden won due to fraud” choices are combined, then 92% believe that Trump won and Biden cheated. That statistic more accurately represents the beliefs of those polled, and the situation in general. Making people choose between “Trump actually won” and “Biden won due to fraud” reduces the group from an overwhelming majority.

  17. I am not surprised at the high percentage as it seems obvious over many previous comments and polls your readership are Trump supporters. And at least on this poll they show they have bought in to the “stolen election” claims. This was a seed Trump “planted” well before the election. That does not make me hesitate however, in continuing to read your works and watch your TV show as I find your work fair and balanced.

    1. The Democrat party began their election fraud efforts after G.W. Bush was awarded Florida by the Supreme Court in 2004. Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg and others have been working on all possible angles of election fraud for a long while, through benign titled groups they fund. President Trump was just identifying the existing skullduggery, not “planting seeds” or “creating a big lie” or “conspiracy theory.” President Obama did not win re-election in 2012 but for overwhelming election fraud, GDP at the time was 1.87%, remember the Great Obama Recession? No U.S. president has ever been re-elected with a GDP under 2.00%. Election fraud in Arizona in 2018 put Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, and Senator Kirsten Senima in office and election fraud (now revealed by forensic audit) put Mark Kelly in the Senate and electoral votes for biden. Thank God decades of election fraud are now being revealed, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California have the longest history of election fraud, plus Democrat run cities; New York, Chicago, Portland, Baltimore, etc.

  18. i love Trumo and miss him in the white house terribly. He is ten times smarter than Biden. Biden is a crook and a liar. He was an average guy butthen he betrayed America and took money from china and other countries and now has millions used his vp status to get rich. He wanted segregation years ago and said he didn’t want his blond boy to sit in school with them.=?? So Biden is a phony to get more money and the presidency, he pretends to not be a racist. I will never vote again except for Trump. I will never trust our presidential electiION AGAIN. Until we get rid of the communists and the horrible America hating people in the so-called democrat party. I hope Trump runs again just to watch him and listen to him ut again at the rallies, etc. But the cowardly republicans and the courts will let there be another phony election, I[m sure.

  19. Violet Houseworth

    It Is our DUTY as AMERICAN CITIZENS to protect this COUNTRY from all enemies ,BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC…We need to start with REMOVING the TERRORISTS IN CONGRESS

  20. No way an American with a brain voted for an idiot.
    We witnessed the democrat scumbags fund Antifa and BLM right in front of us to burn down our own Cities.
    So the intellect voted for an Alzheimer’s patent for President whom is a racist along with a whore for VP whom got O votes, BS.

    1. I agree 100% You would have to be an idiot to vote for TRump!! Trump is 74 and hides his medical records Biden is 78 and discloses his medical records!! Who do you trust??

      1. As the audits will prove you don’t do a bad job and add 11 million more votes then the last election it’s just a fact the proof of election fraud is overwhelming and the audits will show it be patient and you will see just goes to show you how blind people can be never been done before added 11 million votes do you do that and lose no chance . The truth is Trump did many good things for the country but in 4 years did the main stream media ever say it no of course not the number a don’t lie he went up 11 million that don’t happen when you do a bad job

      2. Trump Musta did something right if he got 11 million votes more than the first time he ran sleepy Joe lost two times before and this time he in his basement his rallies had eight or 10 people but yet a small amount of people actually think he won The truth will come out and the start of it is in Arizona before the next week that’s why the Democrats are trying to block the audits because they know what happened I watched with my own two eyes batches of 100 were they switched all 100 went for Biden this is fact not my opinion so watch the State Farm arena video it’s fact and not debunked like the main stream media wants you to think and if you can’t see what’s happened to the country in the last eight months you’re just not watching the right news channel this administration is a disaster and will go down in history as being the worst ever enjoy your three dollar per gallon gasoline keep letting the illegals cross the border because they are your future voters and next you’ll be saying the airlines are racist because you have to show an ID to get on the plane but you don’t need an ID to vote Please wake up how could anybody want more government in their life 535 people telling 330 million what they need to do

        1. You keep harping about how 75 million (it’s actually 74 million) voted for Trump, and he got more votes than the first time, hence, he’s the president. Totally absent from your rant is the fact that 81 million of us voted for Biden. 81 million > 74 million. Right? Or are you arguing only the Trump votes count? LOL

  21. Two more in my household who did not vote, but we know absolutely that Biden was elected fraudulently. Just looking at the numbers show that Biden was more popular then Obama??? No way that is true… However, our freedoms have been eroding for many years now and we are all slaves to the federal government. If you think you have freedom – ask yourself – are you able to take a vacation in the next couple of weeks? I know that I cannot. I lost my job due to “Covid” manipulation and was out of work for over a year.

    1. Wrong?? Besides if you didn’t vote then you have no say!! 900 People died at Jonestown and 75 million would drink the Kool-Aid if Trump started serving it at campaign rallies!! Trump is a crook and that Tax Bill from 2018 was self indulgent!! He and his company will be indicted soon..Tick Tock..Any Time Now!!

      1. Keep watching CNN and they’ll keep telling you trumps going to jail just like the rest of their wrong predictions like there will be no vaccine by the end of 2021 or up to 20 Republican senators will vote to convict Trump,,,, wrong and wrong again just change the channel stoop watching CNN constantly negative news or communist news net work when they’re wrong on what they state they never retract that’s how you know they are BS Trump was president for four years how many times did they ever say he did anything good I bet you were enjoying those dollar 85 gas prices or your 401(k) Rockin he did 30 good things and they never mentioned that he did one

  22. You must be a Moron, if can not see the big time FRAUD, all the great American people know it was fixed. only the karl marx people cry about the truth…….Im a great american…D.B….

  23. After the audits are done the truth will be shown we all got to see the video of the state farm arena . Hard to find to many Biden supporters most people know what happened there is just no way Biden got 16 million more votes then Obama’s second term . When you win Florida and Ohio you win the election period always been that way and Trump won big went up a quarter million votes over last election in Florida alone not to mention Ohio always goes with Wisconsin and Michigan Fact Florida and Ohio Got all there mail in counted by Election Day only had to add the In Person votes on Election Day And no crazy spikes in the middle of the night 3:30 In the morning in Michigan a van pulls in with boxes of ballots we have seen enough just wait for the audits and the world will see

  24. When you go down in votes it’s because people think you did a bad job when you go up 11 million votes it’s because you did a good job

  25. Of course the Democrats don’t want the audits Da they know what it’s gonna show no voter ID required next the airlines are racist cause you have to show an ID to fly , come on demonrats just change the channel for a few days stop watching CNN the communist news network or constantly negative news would love to see them retract just once “ up to 20 Republican senators will vote to convict trump “oh it was 7 and Trump is dreaming and in lala land we won’t have a vaccine in 2020 we will be lucky to have it by the end of 2021 thanks CNN for your on the spot fake news now make it rite and admit your mistakes ..we know you won’t that’s why your losing your credibility

    1. There is absolute proof. Check out the info from Mike Lindells symposium where intelligent people prove the election was stolen from us- we the people. Federal reserve control has been given to black stone who is controlled by Larry Fink. This man controls most of the wealth that circulates in the world. That makes him the most powerful human on planet earth. Black stone and vanguard are his. The world system is his. Investigate that people

  26. Biden won by fraud stated by himself!Has left Americans behind killed 7 children committed Treason in every circumstance!Bought by China infects us all with open borders for more voters stolen elections crime and drug’s.

  27. As yet,none of you has mentioned how far EVERYONE involved has gone, and is STILL going to prove what we all know.. Fn youtube had the balls to DELETE over 8000 CHANNELS with THOUSANDS and thousands of videos proving the sloppiest and biggest MASS FELONY VOTER/ELECTION FRAUD in history.. on Dec. 20th they did this,PROVING beyond doubt that there’s much more to hide for the first time in history about a mere conspiracy theory.. I have never been so disgusted or ashamed to live in the US. or rather the unguided gates of plandemica.. a scum nation under fraud ~MAGA! ~TRUMPWON ~Ry

  28. I had issues voting, and I never had problems before. 1.) I was told I couldn’t vote due to a felony record; I don’t have a record at all. This was fixed. 2.) I was called by my county and was told I voted in another county where I lived as a kid. My maiden self voted.lol 3.) I received a call from a lady who claimed she could adjust my vote if I changed my mind. Will I vote again in this corrupted situation? I’m worried.

  29. Everybody knows that the demorats, stole the election, they had four years to work on it, trump won, buy alot. an the war will a long one with the MARXISTS, sick f-ck, people,,,time for the Never gas..drones.

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