POLL: Over 95% say they would vote for Trump again

Over 95% of those who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com said if they could do it again, they would vote for Trump.

One percent (1%) of the people polled (total 3, 374) said they would switch and vote for Trump.

Less than 1% said they would vote for Biden again.

If I could do it again I’d:

96% Vote for Trump again

< 1% Vote for Biden again

1% Switch and vote for Trump

<1% Switch and vote for Biden

2% None of the above

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9 thoughts on “POLL: Over 95% say they would vote for Trump again”

  1. I voted that President Trump won, not that obiden won due to fraud. Biden didn’t win shit, and will never be my president!

  2. The corrupt left and media will never change reality!
    President Trump filled stadiums, arenas, airport tarmac and hangers with thousands of people.
    Biden met more people at Wendy’s than at his rally’s.
    Mass mail in ballots proved to be the Democrats tool of choice to defraud America of their vote for President Trump!

  3. Sheryl,
    I watched your talk on your book “Slanted”. I thought it was brilliant… Thank you for being you and your talk ramg so true… it almost made me cry.

    Sharyl, you are a Patriot!

  4. I believe there was widespread fraud even in states that President Trump won and the democrats underestimated how popular Trump is! Without mail-in ballots and voting machines reprograms, Trump would have won by 38 states to 12!!

  5. I do not believe I’m in necessarily unique position, although I do seek out as much information as I’m able, coupled with having access to a number of former intelligence officials and Presidential security advisers, in concluding that there was and continues to be more and more evidentiary material, to include circumstantial, that allowed me to conclude two months ago, that a federal investigation was proper, to provide a full picture of what I’d refer to as nefarious and illegal actions prior to and after the 2020 election.
    I’ve taken the view that what is more important than one candidate is our republic and maintaining America’s individual liberty, and faith that we do all reasonably possible to provide for voting integrity.
    As Trump ultimately understood the grave threat that the anti-American crowd posed, added to his long comprehended CCP threat, plus his many other accomplishments in office, with all the attacks, prompts me to know he was the right leader of America.

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