POLL: Significant concern about President Biden’s abilities

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports shows fewer than half of those polled are confident in Joe Biden’s ability to do the job as President.

A full 50% said they are not confident in his ability.

And 52% of those who responded are concerned that Biden hasn’t held a press conference during his first seven weeks in office.

President Biden skipped the normal presidential February address to Congress. He is scheduled to make his first national address Thursday and there have been indications that he will take questions from reporters afterwards– something he’s largely avoided both during his campaign and as President.

Read more at RasmussenReports.com.

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4 thoughts on “POLL: Significant concern about President Biden’s abilities”

  1. The concern should be the total illegitimacy of this Presidency.The Capitol is now Washington’s Tianamin Square.The rush of these Presidential decrees leads one to believe that they fully expect to be exposed and to inflict as much damage as possible.America is fast becoming a laughing stock,it’s like the playbook is Zimbabwe..Surely Confederation must be a possibility?

  2. I’m crazy concerned the people will take down the county as we know it. The complacency of Congress is astounding. We all, on both sides of the aisle need to vote all of them out and start over with a clean slate!

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