(READ) Arizona State Senate: There will be “broad…detailed” Maricopa County 2020 election audit

Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, says a preferred forensic auditor has been picked for a broad and detailed audit of all the ballots in Maricopa County in the 2020 election.

Read the announcement below.


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20 thoughts on “(READ) Arizona State Senate: There will be “broad…detailed” Maricopa County 2020 election audit”

  1. Posturing. Should have been done Nov 4th when fraud was evident. Trying to make us think they give a damn, they don’t. Are they going to find judge with integrity to call bs on election and nullify it? It’s never too late to right a wrong

  2. Elizabeth Stokes

    Thanks for this voting info. I live in GA, & our state legislature is also working on voting improvements for next election. Thanks for your research and keeping us up to date about the swing states voting problem. Love the sunlight

  3. The description of what the Audit will review does not include signature verification. Seems like they will just recount the same potentially fraudulent ballots.

    1. They are also going to scan all ballots for artifacts, and do a forensic audit on the machines they used to count them during the election. Behizy, and ePrrscott News on you tube are keeping up with it as much as possible.

    2. Is this true.? We are wasting time and money to get the same results in Maricopa? Big Tech should be investigated. How much power do they have to change any and every thing by the internet? They have the money, the power, and the desire ( as evil as it is) to sway the uneducated or vulnerable in America. Most of them just take in what plays on TV and react accordingly. Who is making the decisions and who can change what is happening to America. while the the people are locked down, The Left is locked in by steel fences for their own safety in the people’s house, So how do we change it? Waiting to vote in 2024 gives the Left too much time to do extreme damage to our country. What is a quicker way to rid our government of the Leftist treason? Seems nothing is being done about the crisis on the southern border, which should be enough evidence to oust the current fake president, Biden and family.

  4. Thank you Arizona for steadfastly pursuing TRUTH. The Nation deserves and DEMANDS the TRUTH. You folks have overcome much in seeking it out. We all acknowledge and applaud your efforts. Patriot in Texas.

    1. Yes, agreed. Please stay with it and make sure there is NO cheating. The Left seems to live by it. Lying and cheating seem to be accepted, Is that what they call “post truth.?” Using propaganda to educate people with lies?

  5. OK, so what happens if there are significant errors with all of the recounting going on and President Trump actually won the election. Then what happens, just another big mess.

    1. Well for starters, at least the venerability of electronic voting will be reviled, and hopefully replaced by paper ballots with blockchain QR codes.

  6. Failure of the “1st domino” was the Supreme Court. Claimed “States have no standing” when Texas led effort to debunk unlawful results from presidential election irregularities. AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, WI were identified with “votes” that were illegal.
    See Navarro Report Volume III.

    1. What can be done about the mistakes of the Supreme Court? Should they not backtrack , apoligze, explain, and fix the awful thing they have done. We pay them to help protect us ,which is the first order of the government of the United States, Protection of the people!!!! The Supreme Court of all agencies should obey the LAW for God’s sake. Is that NOT what they are for?

    1. …and so extremely needed, But the Left is still persecuting him for being smarter, more moral, more loved by the people and a doer of justice FOR the people! The Left just can’t stand that!!!!

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