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9 thoughts on “READ: Donald Trump’s statement after Washington Post errors and correction”

  1. Democrats and rinos know finding out truths so much later after lies have been released have no effect on current situations…our government and the media is beyond repair..

  2. William C Sandberg

    This is a perfect example of Nancy Pelosi’s infamous “wrap up smear” type of attack which is always supported by the media who may ultimately say oh wow we got it wrong! But they never bother to investigate and insist on the “anonymous source” who I am pretty sure often times does not even exist!

  3. President Trump, the legitimate President of the United States, conveys the obvious. He and Conservatives are treated negatively while the Press continues to keep the lies of Bide, Pelosi and the Left coming. Its hard to be old enough to have listened to the greatness of a President and media during the horror of the Cuban Missile Crisis and be subjected to the outright deception coming from Biden and his Pelosi run government.
    President Trump is continuously calling out the evil called the Democrat party and their high speed rush to turn this country into just another Socialist Globalist State.

  4. this survellace crap is all over, states, city’s ,and even county’s . and one dont have to be a bad person for this crap to rain down on you. if you know who the low life crap and people in our so called justice system. that will get you a long life hell storm. of survellace . such thing as knowing all the authorizes in Okaloosa co FL. covered up for one of there own for( rape and pragnated his 14 little girl. and a attempted mass murder put to gather by him to cover the rape . and then in the spring of 1996 when Eglin Air Force base dumped a lot of mercury in bay side land fill . in Santa Rosa co FL. .and yes i told the E.P.A . they told me not to responded to it any more. 9THAT WOULD BE BECAUSE THE FED GOV DID IT ) YES I KNOW ALL ABOUT ( SURVELLANCE) YOU SEE THEY HAVE HAD THERE HEAD UP MY ASS FOR THE LAST 30 YERAS . AND IT STARTED IN 1991 . AFTER A SUGARY I WAS FORCED INTO. BY A D.R. I DID NOT WONT. THAT LEFT ME 100% DISABLED. YES THE SO CALLED SYSTEM COVERED UP FOR THE D.R. CLINCE, AND HOSPITAL AND A V.R. CASE WORKER . WHO WAS GETTING KICK BACKS FROM THE D.R. .THIS YEAR (20/20 ) YOU THE AMERICAN PUBLIC HAS SEEN JEST HOW CORRUPT THIS NATION IS .I HAVE KNOWN THIS FOR THE LAST 30 YR . SO WHY YOU ALL CATCH UP. AND HERE IS A GOOD PLACE TO START. https://www.facebook.com/eadygeorgem . and yes throw them YEARS I DID TRY TO GET HELP FROM THIS SITE AS WELL

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