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37 thoughts on “(READ) New short statement about Durham issued by Donald Trump”

  1. Intelligence guided by experience tells us the establishment and deep state will never change on its own. If the first nine eggs have proved to be rotten, don’t be thinking you’re going to be making an omelet out of the tenth.

    1. Wooo, so true! It will take years to clean house. Many are well entrenched and they are the most challenging to beat.

  2. Richard William Jimenez

    Barr/Durham was one of the top saddest things that happened to President Trump in the 4 years of his presidency. Disgusting!

  3. Durham is hanging out with Hunter and that Pencil Neck guy at an undisclosed location..undisclosed because it can’t be revealed while there’s an ongoing investigation..not to worry though..He’s still getting Paid..you know, like Barr!

  4. How many chargeable lawyer hrs so far is the tax payers having to cover?
    We have the absolute right to see the cost of his tab before we any pay more?
    Enough of this game of kick the can.

  5. How many chargeable lawyer hrs so far is the tax payers having to cover?
    We have the absolute right to see the cost of his tab before we pay more?
    Enough of this game of kick the can.

  6. The brazen, thumb in your eye posture of the deep state is at hand. They brag of the cabal of powerful elites guiding the election, they propose appallingly self-serving legislation without a hint of shame and there is no way Durham will see the light of day; DOJ will decline to prosecute.
    They are emboldened because they have the guaranteed support of media and social media to applaud and apply the spin, such that even if 8o% of the nation is appalled the amplified support of the busy and well placed 20% will drape it all with approval giving the impression of being in majority.
    We have a marionette president and they don’t care if we notice. Next election they will push an actual dead guy to victory and the media will convince the herd it is just fine.

    1. Its all about the corrupt media driven by an apathetic population base. If it weren’t for our Creator God who started everything we would already be down the drain

      1. You have a point. An engaged and aggressive media could do more to shake the swamp up than even an outsider president could. But, the media and the swamp are in bed with one another.

    1. Check. Jammed up… log jam $upply zone. Oops… is this a 2 way street? Who’s running what, and why? Arrests?. Dark 2 Day.

  7. When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of the PEOPLE…

  8. We have strong leaders in this country. Where are they? Are they all strapped with debilitating fear of the evil, sociopathic left’s retribution? We have NUMBERS!! Please….send strong, clear messages to your representatives that you expect them to not just legislate, but to scream out and bang tables in congress. We HAVE to do something!!!!!! No??!!! That’s not professional? It’s not how COMMITTED conservatives behave?? Well then, let’s just sit back and be sweet and sophisticated ……while the LEFT bullies rearrange our whole way if life to our detriment and their evil control. We all have to operate together to reach critical mass in an effort to LITERALLY SAVE OUR

  9. I think this just the beginning of USA unraveling, the worst is yet to come.
    A fare and equal justice system be damned.
    Honest elections be damned.
    Elected politicians representing the people who elected them be damned.
    Freedom of speech be damned.
    You can continue the list……..

    1. The unraveling may be near complete, if not Complete and irreversible.

      The election in 2008 of what I consider to be an Illegal Alien was the Final Step. No One Cared. I was on social media with my claim before 0bama was elected. Since No One Cared, the Farce/Travesty that occurred in November 2020 occurred. Very Few Cared, People & Politicians combined, not enough to make a difference.

      The unraveling began no later than the 1960s, which I have highlighted frequently for about 20 years.

  10. Durham was nothing more than a janitor.
    Go in and clean up any mess left behind by the Deep State, aka Swamp so the People remain in a Complacent Ignorance.
    Mueller also performed the same function.

  11. With a corrupt House, Senate, President, Supreme Court, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, mainstream media, tech media giants, social media, academia, unions, entertainment industry, Defence Dept, State Dept, Homelamd Security, the only question remains…..will there be a civil war,. and if so, when?

  12. I have no idea if and when Durham will release his report nor do I have any idea what it will say. But I am pretty sure that regardless of what is in the actual report, the response from Trump supporters will be one of two things:
    1) If the report finds serious governmental malfeasance, Trump supporters will (perhaps justifiably depending on the actual malfeasance) claim vindication
    2) If the report doesn’t find serous governmental malfeasance, Trump supporters will claim that the Deep State got to Durham either through threats or through buying him off and that that is the only reason that the report didn’t find what they wanted it to find.
    Either way, it’s a win.

  13. Kind of a side issue, but, did anyone else notice what seemed to me to be an immediate change in Barr’s demeanor following the publicity RE his father’s connection to Epstein? He seemed to me to be much more subdued from that point on.

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