Sharyl Attkisson statement on Government Computer Intrusion court decision

The following is released through my attorney, Tab Turner on my behalf:

“We are not surprised by the Court’s ruling in light of the Fourth Circuit’s earlier opinion, but we are disappointed. It would have been nice if the government had told the truth before the case was decided in Virginia and the Fourth Circuit, but at least we now know that our own government was directly responsible for conducting illegal surveillance of a journalist and that Mr. Rosenstein was involved, and that Rosenstein is hiding behind alleged legal ‘immunity’ and legal estoppel arguments to avoid responsibility. Although as despicable as this conduct is and was, the goal was to find the truth. As everyone knows, I attempted to avoid litigation, but the government lied to me, lied to Congress, and concealed the truth of what transpired. The truth is all we as a family ever wanted. I hope and pray this never happens to another family.”

We haven’t yet decided on next legal steps.

Read more on the case and the court’s decision below.

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22 thoughts on “Sharyl Attkisson statement on Government Computer Intrusion court decision”

  1. Perhaps one day in the not so distend future you will be made whole. Pray without ceasing. May God bless you and your family. Richard from Texas.

  2. Thank you for introducing the legal word “estoppel” to me. I knew it happens but didn’t know what it is called. More sunlight on the process of how government prevents truth from coming out, even if it means persecuting and destroying its citizens.

    Everything seems designed to protect them, especially when they are involved in obvious wrongdoing. The worst thing is they justify it because they believe they are literally above the law and individual and group rights are secondary to their perceived mission.

  3. A Bivens action? – the case that determined there is no governmental immunity when a governmental action violates clear constitutional rights.

    I suspect in modern times much is swept under the rug and called “governmental immunity”. Definition of governmental activity today is probably stretched well beyond statutory intent that originally granted this privilege.

  4. I am curious. There are other names including Ryan White and Sean Bridges in the law suit. If the case was dismissed against Rosenstein and Henry for immunity, can you move forward against the other defendants? Could be a stupid question. I am not a lawyer.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      Yes we can; but each court has blocked the case before we can even get discovery and this one seems no different. Therefore we can never present the forensic proof and other evidence, which is airtight. There’s nothing an ordinary citizen can do when the government opposes. We will be deciding next week what to do next. It’s been an extremely expensive endeavor (for me; not for the government– they spend endless tax money defending the guilty agents.)

  5. I think the exchange of information has become so corrupted by misuse of technology that we need to revert to local newspapers and in person gatherings ! Wait! No gatherings allowed by government….

  6. As the Leftist media and politicians whistles past the graveyard of Government spying under so called “Democratic” leaders….

  7. If you have the evidence on what Rosenstein did, and I believe that you do, why not bring him to court in a civil matter? Have him disbarred, take away his livelihood and let him sit in the corner and contemplate his transgressions. These people who abuse their positions to espouse their ideologies and suffer no consequences have to be held accountable.

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