The Sturgis “Super Spreader” Myth; Fleeing New York; and the Border Crisis

Speaking to a town legend in Sturgis, South Dakota

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll be reporting from Sturgis, South Dakota, site of the famous annual Sturgis motorcycle rally.

Was it really the “Super Spreader” event that some in the media made it out to be?


In fact, according to public health statistics, those at Sturgis were far less likely to come down with Covid than average.

We were surprised by the final numbers and you will be, too.

Also, Sunday: businesses and residents are fleeing New York in droves.

It may be because of crime, lengthy Covid shutdowns, high taxes or regulation.

The same thing is happening in other big cities.

In New York, it could have important political consequences: reducing the number of seats New York State has in Congress, because that number is based on population.

Lisa Fletcher reports from the Big Apple to get at the numbers, the reasons, and the consequences.

And finally, I’ll continue my reporting on the Border Crisis. This time, I’m at the port of entry in Nogales, Arizona to find out how drug trafficking patterns have shifted, as traffic from Mexico has bene limited under Covid restrictions.

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11 thoughts on “The Sturgis “Super Spreader” Myth; Fleeing New York; and the Border Crisis”

  1. Christopher Solis

    Thanks for covering this story, Sharyl. I really appreciate your reporting. While media were labeling the Sturgis rally a “superspreader” event, NYC Health Dept. contact tracers weren’t even collecting data on the Black Trans Lives Matter gathering, which attracted thousands of people.

  2. In almost finishing your book, Stonewalled, it becomes an issue of my heart to thank you for this work. You have become one of my heroes! As I try to navigate relationships with my two youngest daughters (of 5 adult children) that have become abusive, volatile and manipulative, your reasoning and clear-headed thinking and courage has truly inspired me. Not anxious to label my children left-leaning at all but I can see their behavior mirroring this movement and its accompanying behaviors. So many times I have felt like I have lost my mind-desperate, despairing, not sleeping, not eating-then I would read on your challenges as an investigative reporter and was re-inspired to keep going and be brave so thank you!

  3. Sharyl, thank you for your reporting. Are you able to find out how many US deaths there were in 2020? A local radio station in my area reported that there were 57,641 more deaths in 2020 than in 2019 but can you verify this? It is hard to get any information that doesn’t fit a narrative from Google. That would be big news if true. Thank you. I have read both Smeared and Slanted and am now reading your first book, Stonewalled. So informative and eye-opening!

  4. According to public health statistics? What the source and actual data? Unsourced reporting is highly suspect, especially as you must have read these supposed reports. Why not source them?

  5. Susan brings up a good point of which I wonder about myself. The narrative that 550,000 citizens died because of covid19 I just do not believe.
    The true number can more accurately be the “average” total number of deaths from all causes minus the actual number for 2020. That figure would more closely report the real number of covid19 deaths.
    Somewhere I remember reading or seeing a comparison list published by the CDC, if I remember correctly, showing average USA deaths from all causes. From that one can see the difference between yearly average verse actual. The difference for 2020, one can assume, would be the actual increase over average to determine covid19 deaths only. Many hospitals, as stated by actual doctors, who had to sign off cause of death being covid19 when in fact that was not the underlying cause..

  6. The only super spreader I see, is the bs coming from the CDC, FDA and other government agencies. The masking,, censorship and election fraud and numbers of deaths from Rona. There maybe a virus, but there is no cure for the insanity of the citizens that believe this clown show.

  7. I really appreciated your story on the Sturgis Rally in 2020 as I am a resident of South Dakota and usually attend that rally and have done so for many years previous to this one! This particular rally my best friend and her husband, residents of Sturgis for nearly 30 years, vacationed by coming to see me in the northeastern part of SD instead for the first half of the rally and returned home midweek. Their daughter worked the rally as usual at the Indian dealership. Their sons attended the rally and bar-hopped as usual. But 4 of the members of their family DID come down with Covid in the following weeks. Her daughter personally knows that 30 people that worked at the Loud American also contracted Covid so I still think the numbers are a tad off here. But nonetheless your podcast was pretty much spot on! Thanks for trying to clear up the ridiculous mess of lies that the mainstream media throws at us these days. MOST of us in SD prefer the truth!

  8. Always intrigued if the late October 2019 Wuhan Military Games was in fact the first “super-spreader” event.

    Hilary Clinton has vehemently insisted “covid” started much earlier than Trump’s official recognition in January 2020, and his intentional delay cost thousands of lives.. What did Hilary Clinton know, and when did she know it? Allegedly her sources were “military intelligence”.

    WIKI:……….”The 2019 Military World Games …..officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games (Chinese: ……and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China.

    “The 7th Military World Games was the first international military multi-sport event to be held in China and also the largest military sports event ever to be held in China, with nearly 10,000 athletes from over 100 countries competing in 27 sports……”

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