“Ticking Clock”: 60 Minutes’ secrets, stories and scandals (VIDEO)

Ira Rosen, Producer

You won’t want to miss the revealing interview with legendary CBS News 60 Minutes producer Ira Rosen.

He discusses: working for the demanding Mike Wallace, rivalry and backstabbing in the 60 Minutes newsroom, and who was the nicest correspondent.

He also tells about some of his fascinating contacts and interviews: Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein’s one-time sidekick) and the supposed Clinton tapes; President Carter and the UFO files; how the mob may have blackmailed J. Edgar Hoover; and candid phone calls with Marlon Brando.

Video version: Watch and listen below.


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9 thoughts on ““Ticking Clock”: 60 Minutes’ secrets, stories and scandals (VIDEO)”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the interview with Ira Rosen. It was very interesting.

    I looked up your website after listening to your speech at Hilldale College in early 2021. I live in Northern California and this last election seemed dangerous to me. Tolerance and divergent views are now not tolerated here. I wonder if I am alone in this observation? When I discovered that the Northern California Republican Party Rep’s home was vandalized and nearly destroyed in the Gilroy/Morgan Hill area, by people who did not agree with him or his views, I felt afraid…for the first time in my life.. It was underscored when I voted in November. At the voting booth the voting assistant stood near me as I made my choice for President. When I was placing my card in the box she struggled to see how I voted. Your Hillsdale speech reminded me of the fact that impartial news, when devoid, leads to a dangerous chilling effect. . Thank you. Be well. Claudia

  2. Great interview. Sharyl skillfully allowed Ira Rosen to reveal himself as the less than credible rumor monger that he is. Anyone equipped with a decent BS meter can pick on all the self important grandiose embellishments.

  3. The only thing wrong with this interview is the brevity of it. I wish it was the length of a Joe Rogan – three hour interview. We need more of the noble journalists with a longer spotlight. It would be lovely to have an interview with James O’Keefe.

    This brought a smile to me, it’s a Frank Capra moment.


  4. I just listened to Slanted from Hillsdale. Amazing insights. In 1969 I graduated in Broadcast journalism from WSU. All of the insights you provided were taught to me. Flash forward to 1995 I was appointed a Wahington State Senator. During the Campaign for reelection, a local reporter did a story on ‘SlumLords.” There were 3 stories: 1 about an owner with 200 units all low maintained, another about an owner with 12 units, low maintained. And me with 1 unit that had a leaky garage roof. That’s when I experienced the ‘Slant.’ I told the reporter that if I did journalism his way, I would not have graduated!!

    Keep up your efforts.

    I hope a solution is found sooner, not later.

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