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15 thoughts on “Trump issues statement on Covid vaccination progress”

    1. President Trump is not saying to take the shot, I had to read it a few times but he is telling us NOT TO TAKE THE SHOT.. I will only do the J&J if I have too..

  1. NOT getting this shot until they figure out exactly how to explain the side effects we are seeing in some people!!! Until they take out the statement that they cannot be held responsible for whatever happens!!! And, tell us that there attention no microchips in it!!! Bet they can’t do that!!!

    1. We can thank Bill Gates for no fault vaccinations. Happened years ago. The money he has made on vaccines is horrendous. I’m not getting a shot for a virus that is nearly 100% recoverable.

  2. Last Spring…the Donald Trump Pandemic Fighting Program
    Went into Action. My safety scientist husband and I watched most daily Briefings…
    …Would be a great video if someone could do a ‘Best of ‘ clips showing how Pres T pulled the team together…cut thru red tape…to Speed up Vaccine production

    .. solved PPE and distribution problems…coerced cajoled…then praised US manufacturers to produce ventilators etc.

  3. Please do a story on rare earth metals and China’s dominance in production. From what I could find, in 2019 China supplied 120,000 of 124,000 tons used in the world. Mining these metals is terrible for the environment. I can’t see how any country will be able to compete with China in building solar panels, wind turbines, or electric car batteries.

  4. When my husband and I went to get our vaccine’s I was absolutely blown away by the magnitude of what was happening…there is NO current or previous president that could or would have done this for the American people other than Donald Trump. Absolutely brilliantly handled and accomplished. Praise God he was our president at the time. Thank you President Trump!

  5. Hey Patriots: ⚖️⚖️ We need to file a class action ✍️ ⚖️ lawsuit against dnc biden administration for anyone that dies from disease especially covid since all of the people coming into america with tons of diseases! ?. President Trump closed the boarder for our safety but Biden has subjected all of us and our families to harm and death !!!!! ??????

    40 million americans out of work and 110 million illegals with disease heading into america for FREE housing, medical, food, education, dental, money, Free everything etc.. Okay taxpayers ready to pay for this?? ?. 2 trillion for the Corrupt dnc cabal pet projects! Ready to pay taxpayers? We the taxpayers,red, black, brown and white all get to pay the trillions every single year for many years to come !!!! The corrupt treasonsous DNC ccp is trying to destroy America on purpose! Wake up america! Our votes and guns are next on the DNC list! Time to secede from the crappy communist union !!! ????? Texitnow.org

  6. Amazing feat.
    That said, I’m still leery of the mRNA type vaccines and am waiting on the J&J vax to become available.

    1. Waiting for the Novavax to make it through trials.
      It sounds promising, unless of course you listen to Alex Jones and Dr Tenpenny.
      They’ll convince you to avoid all the vaccines.
      Hopefully Sharyl will get around to investigating and interviewing her.

  7. I never have understood — and he has certainly never explained — why DJT has so heavily promoted this untested poison, being peddled by the 100% corrupt federal government and their partners in crime, the medical industrial complex, funded by Billy the ‘Eugenicist Ghoul’ Gates and other creepy depopulation cultists.

  8. I kind of think we need to compare the US vaccine speed to other countries. I do thin DJT helped but I think other countries did well also.-there does seem to be other vaccines out in the world around the same time

  9. Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin: Nothing is certain but:
    1) Trump will claim credit for everything good that ever happened while he was President regardless of his lack of involvement
    2) Trump supporters will agree
    Trump had only slightly more to do with the vaccine development than I did (I’m talking about actually being involved in the development and not just tweeting about it). Pfizer and Moderna both started working on their vaccines before Trump had even learned to spell COVID. Actually, Pfizer and Moderna had been doing research on mRNA vaccines for years. That’s why the vaccines were produced in such record time. It wasn’t because of Trump.
    And what article would be complete without a reference to some cabal that is working against the interest of true Americans? In this case we have this: “many media outlets and platforms have conspired to censor him and to censor certain information about him for political reasons”. It’s true that Trump was thrown off twitter and Facebook (maybe other platforms as well). But what evidence is that that they “conspired” against him? And what evidence is there that it was for “political reasons”? Trump was deplatformed for violating their terms of service by spreading falsehoods about the election and about COVID. Since they had similar terms of service, what he did was good enough (or bad enough) for both platforms to give him the boot. But I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for him. Well, I don’t.

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