Trump returning to social media on his ‘own platform’

A senior advisor to former President Trump says that Trump will be returning to social media in two to three months on “his own platform”.

Trump senior advisor Jason Miller told Fox News’ Howard Kurtz of Media Buzz that Trump’s return to social media on his own platform will be the “hottest ticket in social media” and “completely redefine the game”.

Miller would not elaborate on any more details, but said, “This new platform is going to be big” and Trump will draw “tens of millions of people” to the new platform.

Click the link below to watch the report on Fox News:

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11 thoughts on “Trump returning to social media on his ‘own platform’”

  1. Thank you for your commitment to honest journalism. I am sorry if I missed it, but did you ever get the answers to the 5-10 post election questions that you posted ?

    It’s the answers everyone wants, but no one is allowed to discuss or question any longer.

    It is so frustrating to see establishment politicians and the media proclaim that there was no fraud, but no one will discuss the “irregularities”. Not even the Supreme Court.

  2. I like what President Trump did for the country. Didn’t really care for the pushback to the media. I believed that he could have achieved more by trying to embrace the adversarial media rather than antagonize them. If he curtailed some of his tweets he could have accomplished more by pushing less buttons. I learned years ago “Don’t argue with a person that buys ink by the barrel.” (College class writing.) As Joe Friday would say “Just the facts, Mam.”

  3. Look forward to this. I was suspended from Twitter on January 11th and still am in communication with Twitter Support to find out exactly why I was suspended…when I primarily post pictures of my animals. I did support Trump during the election, but never said anything damning or mean. Not in my DNA☺️ My son, who is an attorney, thinks I must have “liked” or RT something that Twitter disapproved of. At any rate, Trump’s new platform is welcome news for me. I miss President Trump’s leadership in a BIG WAY….

  4. I am interested and will patiently wait. I hope it is not too late to make a difference for the better for America.

  5. Um, the worst thing Trump should do is over emphasize how great it will be.
    Discretion is a better part of valor!

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