U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Trump team’s final 2020 election challenge

The United States Supreme Court is declining to hear the last remaining 2020 election fraud cases filed by pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood.

One case challenged the Wisconsin Election Commission’s changes to absentee voting policies without legislative approval before the 2020 election.

When a request for “certiorari” is filed, it’s a process that asks the Court to clarify a matter of importance or conflicting laws. The Court entered an order denying certiorari in the Wood case.

The Supreme Court does not have to hear any case brought before it and declines to hear most.

The Supreme Court denied a related election fraud case filed by Wood in the same order.

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22 thoughts on “U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Trump team’s final 2020 election challenge”

  1. I clicked on this because it purported to be a poll asking whether I felt biden stole the election. It’s so obvious. Of course, biden and his leftist cohorts stole the election. Their plan is to turn America into a Communistic Socialist country. He opened borders to get more votes. He’s trying to ruin America for his China friends. The plan is to get Pelosi in the white house when biden steps down because it’s obvious he won’t last and Kamala is Pelosi’s puppet. Then, God help us. Where is an assassin when you need one?

  2. Richard Sinnott

    No surprise here. I voted third party, but it’s clear there were obvious voting irregularities in several states.

    SCOTUS is complicit in the cover up, a pity.

    1. I come from a country where laws are mere suggestions. The strength of this country was based on its Constitution, its Bills of Rights, respect for the law and trust in its legal system.
      Electoral laws are the purview of legislatures, and this constitutional requirement was violated and the appeals to the Supreme Court should have been heard. At least three of the judges thought so.
      When politics have already infiltrated institutions and impacted their independence, the balance of power is broken, and we are well into a downward spiral which would be very hard to revert..

  3. Itinerary for Trump to direct his people to now go after each one of the Supreme Court Injustices and find their dirt to bring them down one by one. He has proven that the Deep State is too big and the swamp too deep to tackle as a whole. Time to come at it from a new angle.

  4. Chief Justice Roberts could be compromised. I would not for a minute think that Obama and all of his people would miss an opportunity to pull out the Saul Alinsky -“Rules for Radicals” playbook on a conservative. One of Alinsky’s tactics is: “…to defeat or control your political opposition is to threaten them with what they hold dearest…” For Chief Justice Roberts it’s his two adopted daughters born in Ireland; where the adoption process has been commented upon as being “sketchy” at best. Ireland has strict adoption laws; and don’t approve their native born being removed from the homeland

    1. in addition to the dodgy adoptions, Roberts’ name has come up in the infamous flight logs to Lolita island (Epstein didn’t kill himself)!

  5. An illegal election process and denial of constitutionally mandated protestation of certification means we have an ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT.
    No taxation without representation

  6. The SCOTUS has failed our country time and again. I wish every last judge on this court will regret the day they decided not to uphold American values. Who do we turn to now for justice? Do you judges want us to fall in line with the Communist take over?

  7. The Supreme Court turned its back on over 74million Americans, who votes were, likely either: discarded, once those in charge had sent observers away at 3am, or Trump voters ballots were counted for Biden by the Democrat Party’s poll workers -so many way to trick and deceive and the LEFT used them all; the Time magazine article – that justification, (confession about) interfering in a USA election, shows collusion and conspiracy against the 2020 election by the LEFT, and surprise: that corruption of the election worked to put a criminally corrupt Communist Democrat party totally in charge in DC. To many Americans it showed that our entire system of government is hopelessly corrupted. The “supreme court” shows us that they too work with the Democrats. Our Republic has been stolen by Big Tech-Globalists interests, by China, By Black Lives Matter and by the Communist Democrat Party- which is working with Communist China. U.S Citizens who love freedom and whose Constitution Guarantees them a “Republican Form of Government and protection from invasion” are in the position that John Locke spoke of when he spoke of the people having no choice but to cry out to GOD. And we are. Trump was a very good president; he is still president because he won the 2020 election.

  8. The US Supreme Court let The People of America down by not correcting the wrongs that were committed in some States. It’s their duty their job to broken Laws that have abused the US Constitution,

    They failed

  9. After listening to Newt Gingrich interview with Cleta Mitchell and how the law firms and lawyers were threatened and bullied to drop anything to do with the election, I wonder if “they” got to Justices Kavenaugh and Coney-Barrett. They both have young families, their positions seem to defy common sense.

    1. Until proven otherwise I consider those three being Swamp Creatures and sleeper Agents for the Deep State. They joined Sessions, Barr, and Roberts who outed himself when he legalized obamacare.

  10. Unconscionable! The most basic purpose of SCOTUS is upholding and defending the Constitution. Their concerns about possible protests are not their purview. They need to address the Constitutional issues of the stolen election so future elections can be trusted.

  11. Martha A Hurd-Call

    It is a truly sad day when the Supreme Court, by its very inaction, condones the fraud that occurred in the election. I am old; I’m glad I will not see the destruction of this once great country. I cry for future generations who will never know how great America was.

  12. And what we witnessed was the final implosion of our 3 branches of government. We are no longer governed by the people. We are governed by Global elites and their minions. Shame on the Supreme Court when they won’t even hear the people’s grievances.

  13. heard an interesting take on the supreme court recently, they are afraid to do anything to aid Trump because Biden will increase the number enough so each one stature will be diminished

  14. Ballot Harvesting is illegal in 49 states—except democratic controlled California. Now Pelosi wants to legalize ballot harvesting in the other 49 states so they can steal more elections going forward. Also, she is trying to drop photo ID to vote. Pelosi is the biggest threat to freedom and America.
    Why hasn’t there been a Congressional investigation into the origins of the China virus? Pelosi blocked.
    Why has the autopsy not been released—after two months—on Officer Sicknick? Pelosi and Christopher Wray have blocked because he was Not hit with a fire extinguisher, so Pelosi doesn’t want Americans to know the truth.

  15. The laws in this country are gone. When the supreme court’s turns away the votes of 80 million voters. Every time I get an email from a legislators telling me what’s going on in the District of Corruption, I let them know nothing matters, because we have an illegitimate government with Dominion Joe, with dementia. at the helm. His wife should be ashamed of herself. It’s just proves that the communist Democratic Party does not give a dam about “we the people” when they dignify the presidency with a man that should be in a nursing home. They are despicable!

  16. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    [[ Copy to paper – as Glenn Beck recommends/warns ! – then nix it ]] :


    Myth or Fact :

    Caligula Appointed His Horse to the Roman Senate ?

    – – –

    President Obama Appoints Partialist Judge to the Court !

    – – –

    Coining a Term Befitting Our Marxian/Orwellian U.S. Supreme Court :

    ‘Judicial Partialism’

    Note: “Judicial Partialism” is any court
    decision based upon a judge’s empathetic
    feelings, such as empathy towards his/her
    own ethnic group—or dislike for another
    ethnic group; a heads-up for soon-to-be
    genocided and culturicided Whitey in 21st-
    Century America.

    21st-Century America is Caligula’s Rome—all of Western civilization is!, if you’re honest about how far the Founders’ America, the West, has D E C L I N E D, beginning with Marxists’ Sixties Revolution, in every social/cultural/racial/political/financial category defined by the term, “C I V I L I Z E D.”

    We can be very thankful to President Obama for having resisted appointing an actual affirmative-action (( affirmative sexism )) horse to the U.S. Supreme Court. But are we more secure or less secure in our Constitution, in our Bill of Rights — in our constitutional protections for, say : WHITE Men — for having appointed (( and for white senators to have cowardly confirmed )) an unqualified Hispanic woman (( see reason, below )), an affirmative-sexism woman; a PARTIALIST, ANTI-White female judge ?

    The Rule of law is badly damaged by her sexist and racist PARTIALISM—by her MERITLESS appointment.

    Why Sotomayor is Not Fit for the Bench :

    Judge Sonia Sotomayor boldly, brazenly, shamelessly lied to senators when she had responded, “Fidelity to the law,” after being asked about her judicial philosophy; a question that had probed her several sexist and racist musings (( made on at least four separate occasions during her years-long judgeship )) to large groups of people, about, for example, how ”a Latina woman would make better decisions than a white man.”

    The Founding Fathers aren’t just spinning in their graves, but gathering their dusty remains to flee planet Earth, as Sonia Sotomayor takes her affirmative-sexism seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, and as white Americans await the next attack against the Founders’ America : say, an AFFIRMATIVE-Action appointment of the first Gay-American; or first Native-American; or first Filipino-American; or first village-idiot;
    or . . . rather than appoint a Merited, Qualified, JUDICIALLY COMPETENT AMERICAN !

    On the very day of her confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, one deaf-and-blind Democrat senator had chided oppositional Republicans (( during an interview with an NBC reporter ! )): for “[their] taking one word out of one speech” to vote AGAINST her!

    Huh?—and after we heard that tape-recording of Sonia JOKING about her wanting to “make law” – about wanting to “be an ACTIVIST judge” ?

    That woman isn’t just an-in-our-face LIAR, she’s a La Raza member!, which organization is as ANTI-White and ANTI-West as the KKK is anti-black—and, yet, today, she DISGRACEFULLY occupies a seat on the highest court in the land ?

    Her confirmation hearings were one long string of Twilight-Zone-type, lie-by-evasion, non-response-responses, effected by this mind-set : don’t-upset-those-Latino-voters type-questioning—asked by castrated (( feminized )), cowardly, white senators on both the Left and Right.

    This is the Twilight Zone for every logic-driven mind remaining in America—fewer and fewer and fewer every year while the Marxian Left’s emotion-driven FEMINISM emasculates father-knows-best MASCULINISM (( Radical Feminism is used to destroy the West’s MERITOCRATIC capitalism for the Eastern totalitarian communism—BECAUSE, as that once-child-prostitute, dimest-bulb-among-dim-bulbs (( Oops!—tied with Nasty Pelosi ? )), socialist/communist Gloria Steinem, who has EMOTIONALLY informed us, on national television with interviewer John Stossel : “LOGIC DOESN’T MATTER!”

    Read “The Greek Way,” by Edith Hamilton, to understand the battle between the LOGICAL and FREE democratic West and the EMOTIONAL and BRUTAL (( enslaved)) autocratic East.



    Emotion ( right hemisphere ) Competes with Reason ( left hemisphere ) for Staying Power—Why Emotion-Driven Leftism Defeats Logic-Driven Rightism :

  17. To do otherwise would just cause Confusion beyond all measure. Since the Court declined to hear the Texas lawsuit, and therefore ruled that he who cheats the best is the winner. After that watershed case, there was noting to be clarified.

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