(VIDEO) Alleged forced Covid-19 vaccination of elderly in German nursing homes

A caution: the video may be disturbing to some

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich released video footage allegedly provided by whistleblowers from a German nursing home said to be showing residents forcibly injected with the COVID-19 vaccine.

It is alleged that 8 of the 31 residents died soon after being given the Pfizer vaccine against their will.

Fuellmich says that there are whistleblowers from other nursing homes in Germany and around the world saying the same thing has happened there. He characterizes it as “eugenics” and “homicide.”

Supporters of mass vaccination of the elderly say the Covid-19 vaccines are working to protect and save lives of those most at risk of serious injury or death from the virus.

The CDC has said it knows of no reason to limit use of Covid-19 vaccines in elderly, and insists that deaths among elderly after vaccination reported in the U.S. do not demonstrate a worrisome pattern.

Read more and watch the video at the link below:


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