(VIDEO) Man arrested in Asian hate crime had killed his mom in 2002

Surveillance video shows brutal attack on Asian woman

New York City police have arrested 38-year old Brandon Elliot, an African American man, in what’s said to be a racial hate crime attack on an Asian woman that was captured on surveillance video.

Authorities say Elliot was arrested in 2000 for robbery and then in 2002 for after stabbing his mother to death. He was released from prison in 2019.

Brandon Elliot was released from prison in 2019

Surveillance video shows an Asian woman being attacked, apparently unprovoked, kicked and violently stomped on the head and other parts of her body. Police claim the suspect made anti-Asian remarks such as, “you don’t belong here.”

The victim, said to be a Filipino immigrant, was reportedly hospitalized with a fractured pelvis and head injuries.

In the surveillance video, bystanders who worked at a nearby apartment watch the attack without stepping in. The company that manages the apartment building issued a statement saying two lobby staffers have been suspended pending an investigation off their alleged inaction.

Warning: the CrimeStopper’s surveillance video of the attack is graphic and disturbing.

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10 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Man arrested in Asian hate crime had killed his mom in 2002”

    1. Are there any Patriots left in our country? The shop keeper witnessed this attack and closed his door rather than grabbing a weapon and beat the dude into a coma.No guts,

  1. Is there an official FBI Pantone Chart for hate crimes? That there is a category called “hate-crime” is repulsive. It is a Marxist concept, designed to perpetuate race-bating and racial division. Regardless of his color, he is a violent recidivist thug and a threat to people of all colors and of either sex. Regardless of her color and racial origin, she is a victim of his crimes. Justice needs to be served up blind and fast.

    1. It will never happen because the perp was not white thus destroying the “White Supremacist” mantra of the Bolsheviks. Did you notice the government and the media waited two days to publicly identify the Boulder, Colorado shooter- a Syrian immigrant with mental issues where even his own family had said he was looking at various online Islamic sites? Why? Because he didn’t fit their narrative. Instead they focused on the type of weapon and ignored the fact the shooter was already on an FBI watch list and that that agency failed to inform the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that he was on their list. The Atlanta shooter was called a White Nationalist for the killings at three Asian massage parlors while it was known that he had mental issues and confessed that he did it because he was a sex addict and it was his way of dealing with his issues. He was planning to go to Florida and do the same thing. But the narrative is a continual attack on Asians by Caucasians even though the majority of the perpetrators of crime against the Asian population is by Blacks (As the Washington Examiner highlights, citing FBI statistics, whereas whites comprise 62% of the population, they committed 24% of crimes against Asians in 2018.
      In comparison, blacks, who comprise 13% of the population, committed 27.5% of all violent crimes against Asian Americans in 2018.) I apologize for this long response.

  2. Is anyone really surprised by this? I’m not. Give people the OK to commit crimes and they will over and over again. I see it every day.

    1. I have had to “put down” rabid dogs before…same principle applies here, irregardless of race, creed or national origin.

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