(WATCH) Fearsome Volcano Eruption

Video is at the bottom of this post.

Did you miss this in December 2019?

Seventeen people passed away as a result of the White Island Volcano eruption in New Zealand in December 2019.

The island had been evacuated, but a tour boat was in the area.

A camera on a house captured the fearsome sight.

The mass appears slow-moving and billowy– until it reaches the camera!

The aftermath

Stick with it: believe it or not the camera comes back on at the end revealing a scene that looks like something from a dystopian film.

Some commenters say this is a computer generated simulation. I haven’t been able to confirm one way or another.

Either way, it is a fearsome depiction of an actual event! Leave your own comments below.

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20 thoughts on “(WATCH) Fearsome Volcano Eruption”

  1. This is obviously a fake video of the event. A very low quality animation. You need to take this down as being a real video

  2. I think that’s a computer simulation. The key is a number of items; the cars are almost the same, the eruptions from the sea are almost the same, and there is little detail on the shock wave hitting the near shore.

      1. Yeah, A real animation. All that destruction and the camera survives? Buildings destroyed. Camera Doesn’t even move. Total fake.

        1. How does the.” Black Box” survive an airplane crash? It might be the same principle here. Of course I wasn’t there so I don’t know if it was real or Computer generated.

      2. 1. Assuming its supposed to be at NZ looking north at white island, then you would see whale island and it doesnt look that way.
        2. The palm tree isn’t moving but there is a wind from the east.
        3. The cars have a ’70s shape and are all the same color flat white.
        4. An initial rumble is heard but at 30 miles that should take 2:30 to get there.
        5. Nothing in the perephrial areas are moving.
        6. The clouds aren’t moving

  3. the lens is perfectly clear; with such destruction, there is a siren in the back-ground – that would have been taken out too (Pyro-clastic flow); and the sound comes before the explosion – should be the other way; not real

  4. I think it’s CG but not for any of the reasons people have listed.

    It’s the way the clouds of debris look as they are coming towards the camera – there’s a fractal based noise pattern. Krakatoa does that. The plug-in for Maya or Max or Cinema 4D. I don’t think the video is real.

  5. I take it as CG too. The lens it looks through would not be clear at all it would be covered in dust. like the area its showing.

  6. We don’t know where the camera is located. Looking at the size of the cars in the picture, the camera is quite far & high altitude. Sharyl always has been an honest journalist & I believe her when she says that she checked.
    Anyway, I remember this. It was absolutely nature at its most powerful, beautiful & frightening. I have always wondered about the lack of people trying to get away, but I believe they must have had some kind of forewarning by geologists.

    Thank you for this, Sharyl.

  7. Not sure about the video. Anyway go to YouTube and see a tour video of White Island in November 2019 ten days before the eruption. Kripp and Rania visited the island and give a nice tour. Go to YouTube and search “Visiting The Volcano That Erupted – White Island, New Zeland” . The video was delay posted on Feb 28, 2021.

  8. Sharyl – your independent facts-only reporting is highly respected and valued. PLEASE review the above link from the Auckland Museum (full name is Auckland War memorial Museum). You can also find the simulation video you show in the list of videos from the Auckland War Memorial Museum at https://www.youtube.com/user/aucklandmuseum/videos. White Island is an uninhabited island, located approximately 30 miles off New Zealand’s North Island. This simulated video shows a populated island with an eruption in the local bay. The White Island eruption was centered in the middle of White Island.

  9. Please, if you call yourself a “Journalist”. You should be able to know the Real facts. This video is 100% fake. The events are true a volcano called White Island did erupt in December 2020 and there were people who have died/missing/injured. There are real videos on YouTube/Articles. It was a real situation, so please understand this video on this article right here is fake. Here is the real video of the eruption: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbEVp4j92YM
    Please get your facts right before posting.

    Have a lovely Day. :)

  10. It is gratifying to read so many perspectives questioning the authenticity of the video. This tells me that critical thinkers are still out there despite the “Pandemic” and the “Great Reset” efforts to dumb us down and become slaves to technology. Whether it is real or not, the eruption occurred and people died. Thank you, Sharyl, for reminding us to be vigilant in questioning what we see and hear.

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