WATCH: The impact of a shift in border policies

We begin at the Southern border where we find the Biden administration’s efforts to erase Trump administration policies on illegal immigration are already having a dramatic impact. Supporters of illegal immigration are praising the change. Critics say it threatens to plunge the U.S. into a crisis far beyond what’s been seen in recent years. We investigate the border shift.

Along America’s southern border we found they’re not just bracing for a surge in illegal immigration— it’s already arrived.

The night before President Biden’s inauguration, 102 people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador walked to a place where the border wall ends in Arizona, crossed into the US illegally, and gave themselves up.

A view from the sky shows mountain trails in Arizona just north of the Mexican border growing more foot-worn by cartel traffic.

CBP Agent: That’s not animal, that’s all human done.

A new trend— drug and human traffickers evading using a “swarming” strategy like the enemy does in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CBP Agent: And what they’ll do is they’ll stage them along these areas and they’ll run to, they’ll go a quarter mile down the border, run two more, go a quarter mile down the border run two more and then double back because at the end of the day, there are only so many agents.

John Modlin: Almost 90% of the people that are apprehended in this sector, are single adults that try to avoid apprehensions.

John Modlin leads Border Patrol’s Tucson, Arizona sector covering 262 miles of the boundary between the U.S. and Mexico.

In just the last four months, border officials have intercepted and expelled more than 296,000 illegal border crossers.

Modlin: So right now we’re about a hundred percent over where we were this time, this last fiscal year. We’ve already surpassed in the first four months of this fiscal year. We’ve already surpassed all of 2018. If the flow continues at the rate it is here, by the end of this fiscal year, we will have surpassed ‘18, ‘19 and ‘20, all combined.

All concerned blame the uptick on an expected reversal of get-tough policies put in place under President Trump. At the end of 2018, 2,000 immigrants a day were being intercepted at the Southern border prompting security concerns and a humanitarian crisis. In early 2019, the Trump administration invoked “Migrant Protection Protocols” forcing those seeking asylum to wait in Mexico. Then in 2020, “Title 42”— an emergency health order — let border officials immediately turn back illegal immigrants because of Covid-19.

The moves had a dramatic impact. By May of 2020, 90% of illegal immigrants caught at the Southwest border were being expelled. And the number intercepted dropped from about a million in 2019, to roughly half that in 2020.

Sharyl (on-camera): Illegal border crossers were being taken back to Mexico and released. Now they are getting released inside U.S. border communities.

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65 miles north of the border, Willcox, Arizona, Mayor Mike Laws heard rumors of a new plan to use his small city as a repository for overflow from an expected onslaught of illegal immigration through a large Border Patrol station that happens to be situated on the edge of town.

Mayor Mike Laws: I don’t have soup kitchens. I don’t have a facility to even put someone in, to put beds in.

Border Patrol’s plan is to escort the border crossers here and point them in the direction of the local Greyhound bus stop at the Texaco station.

(walking in to Texaco station)

Laws: This is where they buy the bus ticket, right here.

Sharyl: And then they’d walk out here.

Laws: Yeah, they go out here.

(walking out of Texaco station)

Sharyl: That’s that’s the bus station bench?

Laws: That’s the bus station bench.

Sharyl : What do you envision happening?

Laws: Well, they’re claiming that we could possibly have 30 to 40 people a day. Do the math. And if they were standing out here and the bus, sometimes, doesn’t come for three days. Where are they going to go?

The biggest immediate concern, he says, is what he just learned at the meeting he called with Border Patrol to confirm the rumors. Unlike US citizens returning from foreign travel, the illegal immigrants will be brought in and released with no Covid testing.

Feb. 18, 2021 Willcox City Council meeting:

Willcox City Councilmember: You guys are not doing testing, and just putting them out to us and letting us deal with it?

Alexander Blais, Border Patrol: So it’s a good question. And the answer, the short answer is no, we are not testing.

Sharyl: Did they say why they’re not?

Laws: They did not. They just said they had orders not to, but yet, we check ourselves for COVID, if we get sick. And then he said, “Well, take them to the hospital.” I asked Moe, the head of the hospital, I said, “So what do you think about that?” She goes, “I have 24 beds, and they’re full. I can’t take any.”

Sgt. Tim Williams: This is not law. This is not even what would you call organized. This is just mass transit from one country to another, with a very deadly disease that they could be bringing across.

Tim Williams and his team at the Cochise County Arizona Sheriff’s Office try to plug some of the holes with a surveillance camera system they designed. It’s been picking up far more smugglers and traffickers than Border Patrol can catch.

Williams: Normally we’d see between three to 400 a month come across our corridor that we work. We’re currently seeing anywhere, 25 to 2,800 come across every month trying to make it North. It’s a free ticket to the United States at this point.

Sharyl: How’s that going to make law enforcement just in general, more difficult?

Williams: Well, if you think about it, if we averaged, we had about 18,000 crossings that we saw last year in just my system alone. That if you think about 18,000 people that come across now that are just going to hit our communities, that’s tremendous impact when some of our towns are only three to 4,000 people in population.

Sharyl: Are you hearing anything from the communities that are upset about that?

Williams: Absolutely. Community, we’ve had several meetings. Big thing is we’re trying to convince communities not to take actions in their own hands.

For Tyler Klump and other ranchers along the border it’s not their first rodeo with shifting policies and spikes in illegal traffic.

Tens of thousands cross their land— smuggling drugs, leaving trash, cutting fences and sometimes breaking into their houses and trucks.

Sharyl: What is the talk about what’s happening now and what, if anything, may change?

Tyler Klump: The talk is that you don’t have a lot of help from the federal government, that you are kind of on your own, and that you needed to provide for you and your family and your neighbors.

Sharyl: What is the worry?

Klump: The wait times are crazy. If you needed help, it’d be a long time getting here. And also, the worry is that they have their back up against the wall, the border patrol do, and they’re going to keep having their back up against the wall, and it ain’t going to get any better. And even if they want to do their job, they can’t. So the worry is that you don’t have a lot of people on your side, but the good thing is that we kind of know what’s coming and we kind of know what’s happening, and we’re not going to be led in the dark with our eyes closed anymore.

This past week, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told reporters there’s no crisis at the border.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (March 1st): I think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing, and we have our resources dedicated to managing it. We are operating under a broken immigration system, and we need to fix it.

Unfortunately, there are many exceptions to the hardworking, well-meaning immigrants.

Sheriff Mark Dannels: Sharyl, this is a picture off our camera system.

Sharyl: Is that an automatic?

Dannels: Yeah, semi-automatic rifle that can cause some serious, serious injuries to somebody, and death.

Sharyl: And as far as you know, Border Patrol didn’t get him?

Dannels: No.

In late January, an emergency lookout was issued through the El Paso, Texas sector for three Russians “known to have been traveling with a confirmed terrorist.” No word on whether they were picked up.

Sharyl: What if it’s somebody who’s armed and carrying drugs, or something like that?

Klump: Well, if somebody’s armed that’s carrying drugs, I’m going to stay out of their way and pray to God they stay out of mine too. Because that’s all you can do.

Klump says he thinks most of those who come illegally are seeking a better life and, in that case, he says they should keep heading north.

Klump: Let them go into the interior of the country where the jobs are and where they can find a life for their families, because if you’re not going to enforce your border laws, if you’re not going to enforce your regulation laws, then I’d say go where the jobs are. Go where there’s money, because there’s no money on the border.

Sharyl (on-camera): The Biden administration is already moving forward with transporting to the U.S. at least 25-thousand foreigners who’ve been waiting in Mexico for court dates. Next week, our border investigation continues with a startling look at what happened when border wall construction— stopped overnight.

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  1. This has been a revolving door for last 15yrs. They come from northern triangle states, US recognizes a problem with those countries economys, US sends more money to help. It never helps. They send their citizens (not the cream of the crop) to the US. They send remittances back. Just a pattern I have notice for 15yrs. It is completely bringing the US resources i.e. education , health care to our knees. i

    1. [[ Sharyl—copy to paper, then remove. ]]

      Lisa Harris,

      My below essay explains what’s been afoot to
      destroy the Founders’s/Framers’ America—for

      “Klump says he thinks most of those who come
      illegally are seeking a better life and, in that case,
      he says they should keep heading north.“

      Well, worldwide – white folks! – about 4-billion ANTI-White people of color hope/scheme to “search for a better life” in once-white America; and whites’ day-to-day living becomes worse and worse and worse as a result!—because those anti-white INVADERS get Affirmative-Sexism or Affirmative-Racism to displace white C I T I Z E N S from THEIR jobs.

      And just as Chairman Mao’s emotion-driven, savage minions had done — forcing trained surgeons out of China’s hospitals, then telling peasants taken off the street that they, too, could perform those surgeries, just as well (( a phenomenon of Leftism’s Lefty EMOTERS I call, “Utopi-Psychopathy” )) — whites shall be displaced/replaced/disgraced and DOWN-Bred (( what that late genius – compared with today’s idiot-like talking heads ! – Paul Harvey had correctly warned was (is) happening : “the browning of America” )), down-breeding to the lowest common denominator among them . . . TO BE (Marxian) FAIR ! :





      from the Third World is the major means and underpinning for Marxist/socialist/feminists’ planned transformation of America from a white-founded, white-sustained Western civilization into a Marxist-based “Universal Nation” of racially mongrelized servants for one-world Global Economic Socialism.

      Progressive Jews, liberal Christians and secular humanists in left-wing foundations and organizations like Pew Charitable Trusts, Ford Foundation, People for the American Way, and the Anti-Defamation League are the driving forces behind the scheme to trash white civil society through the f o r c e d integration of racial minorities from the Third World, and while vulture capitalists on both the Left and Right merely adjust to any political/social conditions to protect their profits.

      Immigration from the Third World is the Marxist/so-cialist/feminists’ primary means for destroying ethical, democratic capitalism in Western democracies.

      The newly installed undemocratic/unconstitutional/un-American “hate crime” laws are designed to keep whites, especially white males, from voicing their anger over any takeover and destruction of their Western culture – their good white civil society – by Third Worlders, whose high birth rates and family reunification demands will make of America a cesspool of conflicting ethnic/racial/religious special-interest groups.

      Read Aristotle’s warnings:

      On race-mixing: “Another cause of revolution is difference of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit; for a state is not the growth of a day, any more than it grows out of a multitude brought together by accident. Hence the reception of strangers in colonies, either at the time of their foundation or afterwards, has generally produced revolution.”

      On bad democracy: “[T]he last form of democracy . . . [in which] all share alike . . . [and] the leaders have been in the habit of including as many as they can, and making citizens not only of those who are legitimate, but even of the illegitimate . . . This is the way in which demagogues proceed. Whereas the right thing would be to make no more additions when the numbers of the commonality exceeds that of the notables and of the middle class,—beyond this not to go . . . [these] measures taken by tyrants appear all of them to be democratic. Such a government will have many supporters, for most persons would rather live in a disorderly than in a sober manner.”

      On how to install bad democracy: ”Fresh tribes and brotherhoods should be established; the private rites of families should be restricted and converted into public ones; in short, every contrivance should be adopted which will mingle the citizens with one another and get rid of old connections.”

      If you don’t speak and write the truth to halt them, the Marxist/socialist/feminists win the culture wars—and American civilization crumbles, accordingly.

      If they do win, prepare your progeny to suffer through another round of Dark Ages. Brutal and long-lasting hardships always follow the decline and fall of major civilizations. As America goes, so goes the world!

      The Marxist/socialist/feminists are rapidly destroying white civil society—white America. Here are their major and ongoing insurgency programs:

      1. Promote feminism to increase divorces, to get mothers out of the home, to encourage sexual promiscuity, to leave children to fend for themselves while making certain they are well-schooled in deviant sexuality—especially homosexuality.

      2. Dumb down education, which includes attacking Western history and expelling studies in white Western civilization while extolling minority cultures.

      3. Restrict parental authority and provide children with “rights” the State can use to defend against parents. Your minor daughters easily get an abortion without your knowledge and consent but their State-authorized controllers demand your permission to dispense aspirin to them.

      4. Encourage the production and sale of pornography and drugs, which products keep parents and single adults distracted from their society’s decline, and leaves children hooked on escapism.

      5. Use movies, TV, music, and novels to undermine cultural symbols and traditions while promoting Marxist-based ideas.

      6. Adopt anti-American laws and regulations. Old Glory can now be desecrated and burned with impunity while the Pledge of Allegiance needn’t be said at all, and prayer and the Bible’s teachings and studies in Western civilization are openly spurned, abridged, or removed by the counter-culture revolutionaries in politics, in public schools and colleges, in entertainment, and in the media.

      7. Diminish national sovereignty and need for borders while promoting internationalism, which political/economic philosophy is a transitional phase for adopting One World government and Global Economic Socialism.

      8. Attack the language. The primary glue for holding American civilization together is being demoted to a secondary language or just one of many languages, where all languages and cultures are given equal treatment under the law, and which kind of lingual and cultural equality is crucial to establishing the Marxist stratagem for strict conformity to State control (The Supreme Court will likely rule in an Arizona case this July, where an employee seeks a First Amendment right to speak in a foreign language to customers, against the wishes of her employer. The decision will reveal how close the Marxists are to completing their plan).

      9. Devalue the vote and the meaning of “national citizenship.” The vote is slowly being given to non-citizens, which plan is currently being implemented in cities and counties within liberal strongholds around the nation while the idea “citizen” has been replaced with “consumer,” in order to shift the national consciousness from Cultural Man to Economic Man, the latter of which Marxists can more easily fit into their utopian socialist State.

      10. Force racial integration. White communities are being forced to accept diverse races and ethnic groups by government edict (EEOC and HUD), in order to give men in minority groups access to females of the dominant host culture, giving Arab and Latino and Asian and black men access to white women. The offspring of such pairings take on the racial identity of the minority parent and accrue to that race more positive traits (read my essay, One-Drop Rule as Two-Edged Sword). The extent of minority men seducing and impregnating white women is epidemic. The purpose of this is to emasculate white males as their culture is being gutted, and to dilute their political strength (More significantly, this cultural rape radically reduces the number of white women available to white men—read my essays, “White Women: Dumb as a Post” and “Restoration Revolution”).

      11. Undermine local authorities. Your culture’s lawful authorities – city, county, and state – are being undermined by feminists and minorities through federal authority, making local police appear racist and unfair in stopping the invaders and corralling criminals, tying up law enforcement with civil suits and criminal charges until those who serve and protect quit their professions or are drummed out because they lose control in the insanity; and while each branch of the military is flooded with women and minorities, using affirmative-action quotas to promote them and undermine the unit cohesion so vital to combat readiness and winning wars (read my essay, “Blacks’ Sucker-the-Man Ruse”).



      Before the thoroughly compromised-by-Leftism
      FBI scrubs their statistics — on which racial group
      commits the most crime — copy that record to

  2. “The Only Good Indian/Filipino Is A Dead One”
    Which race coined the phrase, and why?
    Never forget who/what/which YOU are.
    Sen. George Hoar, the only white guy who didn’t want to spread “American” Imperialism, which is really JEW imperialism with racist white-guy minions.
    “To be raised white means to be raised culturally illiterate.” Dr. Robin D’Angelo
    An “American” is not a “citizen.”

  3. MoeMatrix,

    Peggy McIntosh mistook WHITES’ Productivity
    for PRIVILEGE.

    No, it IS a white-built civilization, Moe—generally !

    Socio-biology studies – twins separated at
    birth, for example – might have penetrated
    her novel brand of BIGOTRY—not that there’s
    anything wrong with that !

    Everyone is BIGOTED!—except those LYING
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    And everyone is RACIST—except the blind and
    brain-dead among us.

    Moe, you’re not a MUG-Shot racist?—after seeing
    the nightly news, causing you to be a bit more
    careful around, say, PIT Bulls outside your door ?


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