(WATCH) Trump’s surprise, impromptu appearance

President Trump made a surprise appearance at a fundraiser held at Mar-a-Lago for Big Dog Ranch Rescue, “the largest no-kill dog rescue in the Southeastern U.S.”

That’s according to Lifestyle and Entertainment reporter for WPTV NewsChannel, T.A. Walker who posted a short video on Twitter.


According to WPTV:

“President Trump visited the event and thanked those attending for their support in helping Big Dog Ranch Rescue save 47,000 dogs to date. The crowd responded with a standing ovation for President Trump, Lara Trump and Laurie Simmons for the work they did to pass the first national anti-cruelty bill to protect animals,” said Chase Scott, spokesman for Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Read more at WPTV here:


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8 thoughts on “(WATCH) Trump’s surprise, impromptu appearance”

  1. Richard J. Johnson

    Good work. There is the Leo Morillo (sic) operation in California also. As owner of two cats, and a feeder of a feral third, I ask is there a n operation to save cats?

  2. Yeah he just dropped by! Doesn’t he own the place where they paid over $250k to hold the event?
    He also lives there full time!
    Good work for the organization though but wasted their cash when there are probably dog lovers in Palm Beach who would let them have their fundraiser at their place for free.

  3. I would love to support your work, but if every time I post a comment it gets moderated out then, 1. I really wonder about the news reported here; 2. I am discouraged form supporting at all

  4. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/mar/13/lara-trump-linked-dog-rescue-charity-spent-2m-properties

    I don’t expect this to last long, but just dropped by to tell you that I’M ON TO YOU. You’re not just a smug shill, using the most transparent tools and tricks to assume authority over the less educated, who are unable or unwilling to do some critical thinking. Edward R Murrow would reach up from his grave, and snatch your award. You’re a shallow fake, a fraud and need to be outed as such.

    1. This is my first time here and I see your comment and wonder what in the world are you talking about! Please explain!

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