Arizona bans vaccine passports; exempts health care facilities

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey recently issued an executive order prohibiting state and local governments from requiring people to prove they’ve been vaccinated for Covid-19 before entering an area or receiving services.

Private businesses and health care institutions, however, can still require Covid-19 vaccination status documentation of patients, residents, employees or visitors.

The Arizona order follows similar bans in Florida and Texas.

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13 thoughts on “Arizona bans vaccine passports; exempts health care facilities”

  1. I suppose these companies that enforce forced experimental jabs will bear the responsibility of any injury. Seems reasonable to me!

    1. Dr. Kevorkian Kildare

      Nope….the gov’t has already been unable to be sued due tot any malfunctions–so to speak–of the goyim being damaged, or KILLED via the experimental/guinea pig drugs–invented in Yisrael. Good luck with your vaxxes.

  2. Sandra Gail Gildroy

    Whatever happened to HIPPA rights to medical privacy in this country? Are we not able to sue private companies that exploit our private health information? We should.

  3. My husband made an appointment with a doctor’s office in AZ. Because he isn’t vaccinated they would not allow him to come into the office, he had to stand outside and wait for them to call him and then rushed him back to an exam room. Thankfully it isn’t summer yet or he would have had to wait in 100+ degree weather. So I guess in AZ it’s ok to treat unvaccinated people like lepers instead of patients that need medical attention.

    1. I also live in Arizona. Prior to the vaccines being available, waiting outside until it was your turn was SOP for some health care providers (that happened to several family members last year). That seemed like a reasonable precaution to me. And none of my family members whined about it. So, yes, it’s OK to continue to do that for people who refuse to be vaccinated (anyone over 16 can now get the vaccine in Arizona). Choices have consequences.

  4. If you have to get a covid vaccine to access healthcare, the Governor’s ban on vaccine passports is meaningless.

  5. So, it’s a toothless decree. Moves the ball to the “private” business arena, making this pretty much worthless in protecting people’s rights to engage in commerce and entertainment. Banning businesses from operating in the state if they choose to require that of customers, would have meant something. This does not.

  6. Does this mean a hospital could refuse to care for a patient based on vaccination status? Bar unvaccinated family from visitation? Does a governor have such authority? Could the Legislature overrule it? Knowing these are still experimental medical products, can any public entity demand this tech? At what point do we have a serious conversation about the Nuremberg Code? Are “private businesses” that want to implement passports actually private? Do they apply to the government for business licenses? Do they collect taxes for said government? If so, can we really call them private? I’ve got so many questions related to this thing.

  7. The powers that be want everyone to stay masked, so we all look sick, instead of the healthy people most of us are. They can then continue to instill fear in the sheeple. It more than ticks me off. I’m not sick, and the government wants me to look sick to others so we all line up for the “gene therapy”. Not happening here!

  8. There’s compelling evidence that individuals who have taken their shots are vectors of asymptotic transmission. Those who have received their shot(s) can become infected. The shots do not stop a virus. The shots (gene therapy) do not create herd immunity. In fact, they allow the virus to escape your suppressed innate immune system thus developing gain of function of viral variants. In addition, those that got the shot are susceptible to cytokine storm and auto-immune reactions leading to self induced death. Not to mention the adverse impacts on their bodies. So while the business and government play political science correctness, the actual science shows those who got the shot are spreading variants and ticking time bombs of self induced death. It’s the individuals that haven’t opted for the shots that have an epic battle on their hands, as they are confronted with living among or/with novel synthetic biological technology that makes its way into their bodies w/ out being directly shot. They are confronted w/ observing medical genocide and trying to live sanely in the aftermath. You’ll not see a die-off of the ‘unvaccinated’ – what was in the syringe was the cause of your short/long term injury and death. The unvaccinated can achieve herd immunity. But man had to intervene and now the game is on in an unnatural way. Who are the real unsuspecting leper’s? May those with robust innate immunity be compassionate to those with unsuspecting hijacked immunity, despite being labeled erroneously by them, as the bad guys. Let’s not be duped by negligent and/or nefarious health initiatives any longer! We’re under live attack. Paradoxically we have everything and nothing to lose.

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