As police forces are defunded, U.S. cities are growing deadlier

For the first time since the mid-1990’s, it is estimated there were over 20,000 criminal homicides in the U.S. 2020. That’s according to an opinion article in The Hill.

Metropolitan and urban areas reportedly experienced the sharpest homicide spikes in 2020.

New York City experienced a 45% increase in homicides and a 97% increase in shootings, says The Hill article.

Chicago saw 55% spikes in homicides and shootings, according to the article, and the homicide rate in Los Angeles jumped 38% with shootings up almost 40%.

Other cities experiencing sharp increases in murder rates include:

  • D.C. closed 2020 with homicides up for the third year — this time by almost 20 percent, or 32 more deaths; 
  • Killings in Philadelphia, where year-end homicides have risen every year since 2016, were just one body shy of 500, a 40 percent increase;
  • Louisville saw homicides jump by more than 70 percent, shattering a record set in 2016;
  • Cincinnati’s homicides spiked more than 28 percent, reaching a record of 94;
  • In Detroit, shootings and homicides rose for the second-straight year, soaring by 53 percent and 19 percent, respectively;
  • Shootings in Providence, R.I., doubled, while homicides rose from 13 in 2019 to 18 in 2020; 
  • Homicides jumped for the second straight year in Minneapolis, to 84 deaths — the highest tally since 1995;
  • Cleveland had its highest murder tally since 1982, after a nearly 40 percent spike in killings last year;
  • Houston hit 413 murders in 2020 — a 42 percent increase over 2019;
  • Indianapolis saw a 40 percent bump in murders;
  • For Denver, the murder increase was 50 percent;
  • Fresno, Calif., saw its homicide numbers spike by 64 percent.

Sixty-six cities were reportedly responsible for almost half the 4000 additional murders estimated to have occurred from 2019 to 2020.

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11 thoughts on “As police forces are defunded, U.S. cities are growing deadlier”

  1. Considering the fact we have been locked down for a year… it does not surprise me. Most people know it is a scam deep down inside themselves even if they will not admit it or even actively go along. It is the madness of being ruled by Children.

    1. From day one “covid” became political theater. Now they are stuck covering this charade up, as time and data proves how wrong they were. Now we are in for really crazy times – it is not the crime, but the cover-up that is the biggest folly of all.

      The spectacle of diversions from this cover-up is already getting vicious. I can only hope and now pray 2022 can flush this out of our system.

      The world now sees the US as very weak. Now Russia and China are ganging up to blame the US for “covid” and EU will be very happy to go along. Biden is an open sore and we are all the worse now for it.

  2. History happens all around us everyday. Today we are defunding the police forces we created, with additional funding legislation, 8…10…12 years ago. Most of the same people were involved then are involved now in federal government leadership. Reminds me of the tactic drug dealers use, get them addicted with freebies and then make them pay because they have no other choice that satisfies their addiction.

  3. A lot of Soros funded DAs around the country are refusing to prosecute criminals. There’s not much point to the police even making an arrest, if the DA isn’t going to pursue the matter.

  4. We didn’t defund our police, but state regulations and court decisions have rendered them toothless in California.

    Crime, petty crime, nuisance crimes, vagrants, and crazy street people now are over-taking our sense of safety and quality of life. We get less and less for the amount of tax dollars that we spend; we are not spending fewer dollars.

    But government employees in this state get very fat and very happy. Enough so they now finally own the system.

  5. Defunding the police is helping with the increases, but this has been an accelerating problem for years.

    Police have been under attack for years. Cities have misspent tax dollars, come begging for more to misspend using the threat of cutting public safety to extort more tax dollars. Now that the tax coffers are running dry, they’re making good on their threats

    With the BLM lies and attacks on police, both physical and social, fewer people are signing up to be officers. The pay and conditions aren’t worth the cost. Officers are on the front lines, forced to make split second decisions with few known facts and in some of the worst conditions. Only to be “judged” by people who know nothing about the job, sitting comfortably in a room, protected by those they’re judging/condemning, with all the known facts and results.

    The officers who do remain on, or take, the job are giving the citizens what they’ve demanded. They demanded fewer arrests in black communities and this is what they’re giving. Naturally this results in increased crime. Which, of course, means the cops are being racist for “allowing” crime to flourish in black areas. The one constant is those doing the complaining aren’t doing anything to be the solution. To be the kind of officer they demand others to be.

    It’s only going to get worse for awhile. Then consider that the left managed to “defund” officer Evans of the Capitol PD, and now they have him on display bragging about their success.

    Why would any sane person put their live on the line, along with the sanity of their loved ones, for the paltry pay officers get, when they’re treated like this?

    It would be interesting to see how many of those deaths are from black-on-black crime (and why those don’t matter to BLM) and how many happened during the nationwide riots in 2020.

    I did a quick search and found this ‘fact check” on a statement that BLM killed 36 people and injured 1,000 officers.

    We focused on the rest, and found that the biggest problem with the post, leaving aside the numbers claimed, is the lack of proof that Black Lives Matter caused the violence that is claimed

    They have a vastly different narrative on the Capitol protests though.

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