Ashli Babbitt; Chip Crunch; Inside 60 Minutes at CBS

Ashli Babbitt shortly before she entered the Capitol building with rioters,
and was shot and killed by a U.S. Capitol Police officer

Four months after the Capitol riots, one verdict is in… there was only one homicide that day: that of an unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt.

But that police shooting has been shrouded in secrecy.

Ashli Babbitt with her dog, Kenai

Some say the officer’s use of deadly force was justified. Others say it was not. Prosecutors have announced they aren’t going to charge the U.S. Capitol Police lieutenant involved. But an attorney for Babbitt’s husband is planning to file a civil lawsuit.

Jason Johnson, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, tells what
could have been in the mind of the police officer

Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll go over the videotape of the shooting and hear from both sides.

Terry Roberts, attorney for the Babbitt family

We’ll also talk about why, in a very unusual move, the name of the police officer is being kept secret. And we’ll ask whether a racial component factors into the case, with the police officer being black and Babbitt being white.

Also, an arcane shortage of computer microchips is impacting a lot of things in the American economy and around the globe. Production of cars is completely stalled in some cases because of it. And there are issues producing all kinds of consumer and electronic devices that are in demand.

Lisa Fletcher investigates what’s behind America’s chip crunch.

And I’ll have a fascinating interview with former 60 Minutes producer Ira Rosen.

Rosen worked for Mike Wallace for decades and has the inside scoop on all things behind the scenes at the legendary broadcast.

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7 thoughts on “Ashli Babbitt; Chip Crunch; Inside 60 Minutes at CBS”

  1. For all of the political statements that they are promoting full disclosure…why do we never get full disclosure.

  2. Christopher Haid

    Thank you for helping bring truth and full disclosure to this story. The rush to sweep this under the rug, is further evidence of what some are willing to sacrifice to protect a narrative.

  3. Always look forward to your reporting! What’s that quote from George Orwell about telling the truth in a time of universal deceit being a revolutionary act?

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