Ashli Babbitt’s death at U.S. Capitol riots: Homicide

The Washington D.C. medical examiner recently released the cause of death for four of five people who died the day of the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol following a pro-Trump rally.

The death of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed rioter who was shot as she tried to climb through a broken window, has been ruled a homicide. An examination concluded she died from a gunshot to her shoulder.

Authorities have kept a tight lid on details of any investigation into the shooting and, in what may be an unprecedented act of secrecy, have continued to keep the name of the shooter– apparently a law enforcement official– hidden.

Two other deaths that day are officially blamed on natural causes (heart disease). Another is deemed to be an accidental drug overdose.

Authorities are also being secretive about details surrounding the death of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

The New York Times and other media falsely reported, early on, that he died because Trump supporters hit him on the head with a fire extinguisher. But almost immediately after his death, there were reports he had suffered a stroke.

Many weeks after the riots, two men were charged with spraying bear repellant on Sicknick, possibly– say authorities–making him ill.

The medical examiner’s office did not release a finding on Sicknick’s cause of death.

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42 thoughts on “Ashli Babbitt’s death at U.S. Capitol riots: Homicide”

  1. What is taking the ME’s office or the Mayor’s office or the DC Police office so long in pronouncing the cause of death of Mr. Sicknick? Certainly SOMEONE knows, right? After all , the reluctance to release this info only hurts the cause of transparency – and isn’t that what the public wants?

        1. Not trying to speak for someone else, but she looked like a fool many times 1. Tearing up State if the Union 2. Urging ppl to celebrate in China town 3. Eating expensive ice cream for the public from he expensive fridge wasn’t a good look 4. Going to the Salon against her own restrictions then blaming the salon etc.,

    1. The mayor is a flaming radical who is suckling on pelosi’s teeth to get what wants! This death was well orchestrated by the blm activist taking pictures and the shooter perhaps? The demorats do not want the truth out.

    2. Officer Sicknick’s family has indicated natural causes or a pre-existing condition, which means unrelated to the events of January 6.
      I forget their exact word usage.

      Leftist Axiom: “Never let a crisis go to waste”, even if you have to go back to the drawing board numerous times to spin it your way..

      I do know this is the first law enforcement officer that the Democrats have feigned the least bit of concern in recent memory.

      1. Not true! The believe the Bear Spray triggered a reaction in his system that overloaded it and killed him.

        Again, try to blame other conditions he lived with instead of the Triggering event.

        Just like COVID deaths. A person is living fine with diabetes and the dies after getting sick with COVID. The cause of death WAS COVID. It was the straw or lead balloon that broke the camels back!

        1. When did we start letting belief’s out rank facts? I have a belief of my own, I believe this idea of bear spray causing his death is just another feeble attempt at blaming conservatives for a death they had nothing to do with!
          How many deaths have the cops caused from using Pepper spray on people, same stuff!

    3. That’s weird.
      I’m no lawyer, but I’m a reasonably informed medical provider, and I read an article just today saying that they weren’t gonna charge anyone (like this rando LEO who was actually the shooter, obviously) becuz there’s insufficient evidence to prove murder.

      And yet, how can a death be ruled as Homicide WITHOUT charging the shooter?
      Now maybe the case isn’t very strong, but if it’s murder/homicide doesn’t that MANDATE that the shooter be charged/tried?…

      Confused here… Any criminal defense or other lawyers who can hop in here and explain that to me/us?…

  2. Interesting that John Sullivan arrested then released was right by her. I believe she was swooped up in the hype and ushered in first. The video showed 5-6 photographers one changing his lens and there were police officers behind Ms Babbitt.

    1. It’s really very simple she did not die it was a completely staged shooting and there’s video of it that seems we’re really clear but nobody’s ever going to report it

  3. White House police have no authority to shoot an unarmed person and should be tried for murder. Instead they are trying to cover it up.

  4. What about the two Capital Police
    SUICIDES that have been hidden by the Media Narrative?!!!!!!!
    Officers Jeffrey Smith and Howard Liebengood according to an article printed by Politico on 1-27-21 both of these men committed suicide shortly after the so called riot!!!!!!
    Still no reason or reporting by the the fake news media! Cover up maybe?

  5. Well there must be a burial record somewhere for Ashli Babbitt death somewhere do you know where she lives so I can check this out because I am in the believe that it was not staged like many say and have posted on gab I do believe she was shot by rogue police if you can help me research this think you

  6. Robert Garretson

    While the “homicide” finding sounds bad, I believe the medical examiner’s only choices were natural, natural, accident, suicide, homicide, undetermined, and pending. Accordingly, I expect that all shootings resulting in death must be a “homicide” by the medical examiner’s standards.

    1. You ae basically correct. In several states, another possible cause of death the ME can choose is “execution by the State” (presumably those states with the death penalty). This may fit the Ashli Babbit case more closely. We will have to see where the investigation goes.

  7. In my opinion, the officer that shot Ashli Babbitt should be on trial for first degree murder.
    He was clearly not acting from the position of being under the threat of or the fear of impending or immediate bodily harm. He, the unnamed killer, should be arrested and held without bail while awaiting a court date for the charge of murder one.

    1. Are we SURE it was a cop that shot her? What if it was some antifa plant who wanted to stir up more trouble?
      Was she shot from the FRONT or the Back?

      1. There is video showing the cop who shot her. He was on the other side of the door, very close, dressed in a suit. Middle aged, African American.

  8. Ms. Attkisson,

    I miss your interactive livestreams. Do you have any plans to resume these wonderful opportunities to connect with your followers?



  9. Ms. Attkisson,

    I viewed a livestream hosted by Adam Townsend. His guest was Darren Beattie from Revolver News.

    The subject discussed (for lack of a better term) was “The Deep State”. Mr. Beattie revealed some shocking insights into the main characters.

    Also, Revolver News is going to break some news next week w/regards to Officer Sidnick’s death. They combed through hours of available video.

    If you you’re interested in the livestream, I can share the YouTube link with you.

    Please advise.



  10. So will this get the prominence and attention of the Chauvin trial? Hell, we still don’t even know the name of the officer that shot her, and we still don’t know what killed the officer that wasn’t struck in the head with a fire extinguisher.

    1. The medical examiner has not issued it yet.

      Keep in Mind: The final report of the Las Vegas shooting, 3 or 4 years ago has not been issued either.
      The Media wants someone protected or they would be screaming FOIA for the past 3 1/2 years plus.

  11. keep in mind that it is the lying New York Times pushing this crap on MATT, G right now . that news rag is bought and owned by the dnc ,deep state, and Obama. and keep in mind that deep state is made up of America’s enemy’s hoping it goes the way of CNN and that is down and out

  12. I’m curious about, if Ashley’s death was staged, where is she now?
    For her to have agreed to fake a death, she would have also been planning where she was going to dissappear to.
    And go into hiding, what Country?
    Where would a reporter go to look for her?

  13. I just finished Tara Reade’s book LEFT OUT, and after Joe Biden digitally raped her, Reade and a friend discussed Reade going to the Capitol Police, but decided against it, “The Capitol Police look after the senators before anyone.”

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