CANCELLED: My Pillow and Election Documentary

Mike Lindell, CEO of “My Pillow” and

Updated: Mike Lindell has begun a new free speech platform “”

According to the Epoch Times, the CEO of “My Pillow” says his company is being punished for him being a supporter of President Trump.

The department store chain Kohl’s and Bed Bath and Beyond reportedly plan to stop selling his products.

“My Pillow” products are primarily sold online at this link:

Earlier this year, a boycott of Goya foods, suggested by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backfired and resulted in a large spike in sales (1,000%) for the company, resulting in Goya naming AOC their “employee of the month.”

AOC later claimed she never really called for a boycott.

Goya was under attack after CEO Bob Unanue joined other Hispanic business leaders at the White House for a business roundtable. He said, “”we’re truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder.” That caused AOC and others to target him in attacks. Unanue had previously been similarly supportive of President Obama.

Read the Epoch Times article about “My Pillow” below.

The week of February 1, Lindell was interviewed on Newsmax, but was not allowed to talk about his beliefs and the evidence he said he’d amassed regarding election fraud. Watch the clip here.

On February 5, YouTube censored Lindell’s two hour documentary entitled “Absolute Proof” about election fraud. In the interest of people being able to access and consider information of their choice, do their own research, and draw their own conclusions, here is a link to the documentary:

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21 thoughts on “CANCELLED: My Pillow and Election Documentary”

  1. Peter G.,

    The “crap” in need of stopping is explained
    in a 1972 book.

    Former Dean of Notre Dame law school
    said this, re “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” :

    “Whatever one dares to call the apparatus described and documented in this book, he will ignore it at his peril. 1972 may well be our last chance to defuse this destructive device. This book tells you how you can expose and demolish it.”

    Donald Trump and Team know about all that
    is exposed/revealed in that book.


    1. Yes, I read Dean Manion’s books when I was a high school and college student. He knew al about the evils of Communism.

      Thanks for recommending it. God bless

  2. I just ordered two (Mypillow) pillows straight from their website.

    America is about respecting our differences. MSM, Social Media, reportedly Kohl’s and Bed Bath and Beyond, and all the companies showing their sick bias, you are hurting America. Be for America not for a political party.

    Thank you Sharyl for your journalism. That is loving America!

  3. We have stepped beyond “cancel culture” to political persecution. Make no mistake about that.

    And I was thinking last night, the book burning that occurred in less than six months of Hitler becoming Chancellor would be a waste of fuel now. With so much digitized and no longer in print, just a flip of the switch should cancel so much creativity and opinion. A digital bonfire of the vanities.

  4. I have some of the “My Pillows”. Best pillows I have ever used! Skip the middleman and buy from Mike’s website. People should be able to express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions without fear of persecution or revenge.

  5. Kohl’s apparently has no problem with Levis support of Planned Parenthood and opposition to the Second Amendment, nor are they troubled by Nike’s use of child labor, but they discontinue a product because the CEO questions the validity of an election? I have been a Kohl’s customer since the store’s inception but I am planning to close my account and return my card and never darken the doors of their stores again. It’s time the cancellers got a taste of their own medicine. I hope others will do the same.

    1. I most certainly will do the same. I’ve already written to Kohl’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond telling them that I would no longer shop at their stores due to their blatant hypocrisy. It’s about time that companies are reminded of President Calvin Coolidge’s statement that the business of American business is business. Yes, business, and not politics or conservative/liberal viewpoints.

  6. For this reason alone I am going to have Goya for dinner and go to sleep on a MyPillow!

    Kohl’s and Bed Bath and Beyond are on their way out due to their inability to reimagine theirselves with everyone shopping online. Sure, you can blame Amazon, but not for everything.

    I listen to music all the time by musicians whom I don’t agree with politically, I can separate the 2. But I don’t have a swollen amygdala like those who push for cancel culture!

  7. We love our pillows, both standard and travel size. Disgusted with the cancel culture.
    Will no longer shop at Kohl’s or Bed, Bath and Beyond. They were already struggling…really stupid move. And I will not be “De-Toxed” or “Purged.”

    Quit listening to the media in the 80’s after hearing their interpretation of Ollie North’s testimony at the Senate hearings. I was fortunate to be at home during that time and tuned into the hearings. What I heard reported was their twisted lies.

  8. Sharyl,

    We need an investigative piece on the Absolute Proof documentary’s claims. How long can the American people tolerate being pushed into silence about voter irregularities when claims such as those made by Mike Lindell are largely ignored or censored?

    Please investigate.

    Thank you for being an objective journalist standard bearer.

  9. Margaret Jennings

    While I don’t think BBB and Kohl’s should stop providing “My Pillow’ based on Mike Lindell’s claims, I did watch Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” video . It’s all old stuff. Every single claim in there has been refuted by credible experts such as Chris Krebs, who was appointed by Trump to head CISA. There was a book written about six years ago called “Pay any Price” which talks about Dennis Montgomery, the reported inventor of the HAMMER supercomputer. (It’s the one Lindell claims flipped votes for Biden.) Fascinating read!

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      Point taken. But I will say many people disagree with who you consider trusted experts. That’s what makes the world go round.

  10. I have several my pillow products. Love them. That being said I practiced Cancel Culture on both Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s. I proceeded to write them.and let them know I was stopping all shopping with them until they decided to reverse not only their decision about Mr. Lindell, but the thought of banning anyone for having their own thoughts and feelings.

  11. Most importantly, go to and watch the absolute interference documentary. Incredible information and make sure you pass that documentary along. Definitely gonna get me a MyPillow or 10. Mike. did a fantastic job and deserves his business to boom. He’s a true American who loves his country. Thank you Mike for all you have sacrificed and done for the USA ??!

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