Defunding police and increasing crime; Deconstructing the Capitol riots; and A very bad year

Police shot a suspect who escaped handcuffs and fled. The officer said she meant to use her taser.

With another fatal police shooting of a black suspect resisting arrest, there are renewed calls to defund the police in the Minneapolis area and across the U.S.

This week on Full Measure, Scott Thuman returns to Minneapolis where he did an assessment for us last summer. At the time, the city was in the middle of a push to defund or dismantle the police department. He found many residents very concerned about dialing back on the police. and he found more of the same this time. The city has moved millions of dollars out of the regular police budget a

On his return visit, Scott found more of the same.

The city has already cut $9 million from the police budget, crime has skyrocketed, and now some residents are suing.

The lawsuit seeks to force the city to add more officers to the force. With many officers quitting, they are down about 100 from where they have to be based on the city’s charter, according to officials.

Crime is also up in other cities that have cut their police budgets. Scott will have all the details.

The Inspector General has just come out with a scathing report on the U.S. Capitol riots on January 6. The report says Capitol Police were ill-prepared, had faulty equipment and didn’t share intelligence.

I’ll talk with Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) of the Homeland Security Committee as he continues to pursue answers to some outstanding questions about the whole event. 

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), Homeland Security Committee

And if you think your 2020 was bad… wait until you hear the story of what a Nashville couple has gone through. Yet they’ve still managed to remain forward-looking and optimistic.

Downtown Nashville, Tenn. after a disastrous 2020

Check us out Sunday!

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13 thoughts on “Defunding police and increasing crime; Deconstructing the Capitol riots; and A very bad year”

  1. I would be curious to learn how much influence China has over the American populace. I have read isolated incidents of College professors accepting Chinese money and covering it up. Would this influence how professors teach their respective subjects? Companies that do business with China, are they influenced by China so they can continue to sell their wares to this huge marketplace? There have been articles of China influencing politicians and their staffs. There have been articles associating China with both indigenous and foreign social media groups. Do they have sway with the way Hollywood and entertainment concerns produce their media? I would love to know the answers to these and associated questions.

    1. Almost too many questions for one setting,
      There is little to no Communist Chinese influence on the American populace, universities graduates being the exception. Many professors at American universities and colleges accepted ChiCom money with the intent that they influence their students and anyone who would listen to them. I would say that the main area of influence would be the LIE that they are our friends. The ChiComs will try to establish influence any group in the US and around the world. The ChiComs have a lot of money going into Eastern Africa. This includes our leaders and their staffs. I have no idea about Hollywood, I will say the vast majority of Hollywood would not support the US. Anyone but the US. I think I have addressed all your questions and I realize they may appear contradictory in a couple of instances, but this is an area no one has really looked into.

    2. I forgot to include the buying of Chinese products which creates a massive trade imbalance. Our money goes to them and we get little in return.
      Yes, we are committing economic suicide. Americans want lower prices and we buy the lowest priced products.
      I would say there is little attempt by the ChiComs to influence this, Americans do this on their own.

    3. Now for my thoughts, opinions and observations.
      America faces several major threats from Communist China.
      1. Chinese birth tourism. Hundreds, maybe thousands of pregnant Chinese fly to the US, drop a kid who is an American citizens. they get the birth certificate and return to China. This happens because the 14th Amendment was perverted in 1965 by President Johnson. This goes along with the creation of Anchor Babies. (I will explain if you ask.) Thousands of Chinese-American soldiers can come here anytime they want.
      2. Many people have expressed concern over an invasion by the ChiComs. I do not seeing able to do that. Then I realized they were already here; Maybe. I was living near a small university of about 3000 students. 130 were Chinese. This is all across the US in larger numbers.
      + My Dad told me about a Chinese student at the U of Nebraska-Lincoln that pulverized a would-be mugger. She was a Captain in the ChiCom army. I will let you connect those dots.
      3. There are many Americans that believe that the world would be better off without the United States of America. Many of those believe a Communist government would be utopia. They also have no idea as to the reality of Communism.
      This belongs my 2d comment about buying Chinese merchandise.
      = I believe the US was put on a path to implode in the 1960s.
      In 1963, President Kennedy said that if we continued to send jobs out of country, it would hurt our economy in the future. To me, Kennedy was appealing to the American people to put pressure on their Congressional Critters to stop this. I believe Congress gave tax breaks for doing this. This hurt the Middle Class which has been stagnation since the 1950s.
      SENDING American jobs out of country was the FIRST OVERT step in the plan to bring about America’s demise. I believe the demise was scheduled for a few years ago. I have a created a list of what I consider 7 governmental actions.

      Any Questions.?
      I this is not a cut & paste, every time I write this it is an original. I also do not proofread, though I should.

  2. Stephanie Tarantino

    Crime up all over the country. Even in smaller cities. And a lot of teenagers committing bad crimes. Under reported because they are juveniles. Here in upstate NY children doing really bad things. My daughter’s car stolen by four 13 year olds. They broke in, knew how to get it started, and totaled it. They also were apparently on a crime spree because several stolen credit cards and other things found in the car. Why were they not in school? One of the thirteen year olds had been reported missing by a parent. They stole a car, lots of property damage, stole from others and probably will not get into trouble. No consequences?
    This is just one example, but becoming more common unfortunately.

  3. As we wittness the landscape of our nation continue to erode, the facts close in on the law abiding Citizens. Continued attacks on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The lawlessness continues, and the movement to defund the police which is being supported by the Woke society as well as this administrations attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Calls for a reality check! I do not think they really understand the values of the conservative.
    Human nature is one of self preservation. If police continue to be attacked, it will only result in the law abiding having to protect themselves, their families, and loved one’s. Under the current situation, law enforcement has become a very difficult job, which is represented by the number of law enforcement taking early retirement, and or resigning from the position they are in. This is just another avenue that the left has narrated to gain power. These actions will only lead to more civil unrest as we have already been wittness to. If you want to defund the police, how about you get rid of those personal body guards that are being paid for by tax payer dollar’s, and then let’s see how long you can live in the basement without coming up for air! If you have some feeling that you might be threatened by such actions, how do you think that the Citizens feel. Oh that’s right, doesn’t matter because your all a bunch of hypocrites, and feel your above the law. Truth is truth, and you can’t hide from it!

    1. Excellent,
      I have raised many of your points, though not as well as you presented them.
      Starting in the late 1960s, I have been hearing we need a new constitution because of the various groups of people who were not involved in its writing. I have read that George Soros had 3 goals for America.
      1. Legalize all drugs.
      2. Prohibit the private possession of fire arms.
      3. A new constitution by 2020, that is by 2020, not in 2020
      Recently he gave $100 million dollars to various “WOKE” groups for the lack of a better name. This is on top of tens of millions of dollars across the years. In my opinion, he put 0bama in office with the financial crash in 2008. Soros is the one that caused the British Pound to be devalued by half in the 1980s
      In my opinion, Soros is not that smart, which means he is the public face for a larger group of people.

  4. With the continuing push towards reducing or eliminating the police forces, why don’t you do a investigation of one of the alternatives. This existed perhaps 140 years ago in Montana and elsewhere. I am referring to vigilante-ism.

    I believe to this day the Montana State Patrol has “3-7-77” imprinted on their badges on the side of their cruisers. That was the calling card of the committees for law and order before organized law enforcement was established.

    It would be a sad and tragic state of affairs if the country retrogressed to that extent but sometimes it seems as if we’re headed that way.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      It’s not exactly what you’re suggesting, but I do plan to look into the alternatives some cities are proposing.

      1. Some affluent neighborhoods in the northeast occasionally contract snow removal; could they do that with private law enforcement?

    2. Wow!
      You are probably right. Some areas will maintain law and order and will continue with some degree of normalcy. Other places, think urban, will collapse into what was watched in Escape from New York.
      I am from ND and never heard of that, I like it.

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