Federal workers can get paid leave to care for children who crossed into U.S. illegally

The Biden Administration is offering federal workers four months’ paid leave to help care for children who illegally crossed into the U.S. from Mexico. That’s according to a report in LawOfficer.com.

The Department of Health and Human Services recently emailed federal workers asking for help with Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC), says the report.

The administration is trying to cope with the unprecedented surge of unaccompanied minors entering the U.S. this year through the southern border, estimated to reach 35,000 by June, according to the story.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott reportedly said the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio Texas, acting as an intake center for the minors, is a “health and safety nightmare”.

The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children. To end this abuse, the Biden administration must immediately shut down this facility.

Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas)

The administration says it currently has “no basis” to shut down the San Antonio Coliseum but will investigate Gov. Abbott’s allegations, according the story.

No mention is made of how to cope with the federal workers’ loss of productivity if they take up the administration’s offer of paid leave to care for the children.


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6 thoughts on “Federal workers can get paid leave to care for children who crossed into U.S. illegally”

  1. So we pay how many times over for these migrants? The financial burden keeps multiplying not to mention the distraction of agents and increased drugs, the lost productivity, the education system, foster care, jobs, votes. We will repeatedly be marginalized and the most affected will be the US Minorities. Why are they not realizing that the Democrats have used them for votes and moved on. The Dem party will now shift programs and support to ‘the children’ and they will be left further behind than ever.

    1. in what way are ‘federal workers’ able to or even trained for taking care of (illigal) unaccompanied minors? with a financial incentive to boost? this stinks to high heaven, Lord have mercy on these children.

  2. How about offering them paid leave to help homeless American kids and veterans, or elderly Americans living in poverty? It sure seems like liberal politicians and those who vote for them care more about foreigners here illegally than U.S. citizens who pay for virtually all government programs.

    Each of these unaccompanied minors — many almost certainly more than 18 — will cost a national average of about $10,000 per year to educate in a public school. And since almost all will require bilingual education, they’ll cost much more to educate than their English-speaking classmates. Multiply 10,000 kids by $10,000 and we’re talking $100 million a year in education costs alone. Oh, well. Why fret about a measly $100 million when our national debt is $28 trillion, right?

  3. Well, it’s not actually paid leave. It’s a detail (up to 4 months) from the employee’s home federal agency to HHS…reimbursed to the home agency, and actually sounds like it will be very long days – including overtime – at processing centers. Hardly a vacation. HHS has a job “posting” up on USAJobs to solicit volunteers – “HHS-ACF-DETAIL-21-11071982”

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