(FORUM) Ashli Babbitt: Homicide

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The Washington D.C. Medical Examiner today ruled that Ashli Babbitt’s death is officially a “homicide”; the only one so far from the U.S. Capitol riots.

Three other deaths were deemed to be of natural causes and, in one instance, “accidental.” Some media reports had incorrectly linked them to the rioters or even referred to the deaths as murders.

Babbitt was unarmed when she stormed the U.S. Capitol with a group in January after a pro-Trump rally, and started to climb through a broken window. She was shot and died at the scene.

Officials are still hiding the name of the shooter, without explanation.

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18 thoughts on “(FORUM) Ashli Babbitt: Homicide”

  1. Are we sure it was Capitol police who shot Ashley? It seems like that would be a good reason to withhold the shooters name for this long.

    1. Patrick T. Kelly

      When was the last time the police shot and killed an unarmed perrson and three months later were concealing the officer’s identify and the details of the investigation? How about, never?

  2. Anyone who has seen the pictures and video of the shooting of Ashley Babbit knows that it was completely unjustified. It is inconceivable that any police department organization would have a use of force policy that justified shooting into a crowd as was done in this case, nonetheless shooting an unarmed person making no threats and only involved in a trespassing incident.

    Why has this person not been identified? Why isn’t this person being charged with the crime of homicide? Why does it seem like this is a cover up? What do they have to hide? There are pictures, videos, and testimony we have seen. Where is the outrage?

    Police require the ultimate in supervision and oversight and it seems in this case those in charge are just going to try and forget what is so obviously a homicide by a lieutenant of all ranks!

    We are given a steady diet of the Chauvin trial but zero on this case? Maybe there is a lot more behind what happened.

  3. No two tiered law standards here. One neck kneeled on after resisting arrest in a highly agitated and irrational state is apparently much more serious than being shot in the neck point blank range for trespassing.
    I despair that the vast majority don’t care….. until it happens to them.

    1. The trial actually showed body camera footage that proved the cop wasn’t even kneeling on his neck but on his shoulder. But in our current culture of clown world crazy it will get zero lamestream media time, same as Ashley’s murder.

    2. No one’s neck was kneeled on.
      The county medical examiner testified to the exact opposite Friday.
      A forensic pathologist testified that had Floyd been found at home with that much Fentanyl in his system, it would have been ruled as an overdose.

      How about you check your Hate and try to keep up with the facts? The Defense has not began presenting its case.

  4. I can remember when a cover-up like this would be gold for some investigative journalist and his/her media organization. Now the media helps the government to cover-up.

    Ms Atkinson is one of the few true journalists who tries to investigate issues.

  5. Jeffrey L Olson

    Perhaps to protect the officer who murdered Ashli? Also, the Propaganda Press doesn’t want to admit that the biggest crime committed in an otherwise “nothing burger” of a “riot” was by a government employee.

  6. Thank you for honest journalism.

    RIP Ashli Babbitt.

    A murdered unarmed woman, with a number of police behind standing her, just watching as she gets shot in the neck for climbing onto an indoor window frame that had the window knocked out. Despicable.

  7. Is this woman simply going to be a footnote in this widening chasm between those in the USA, who think and act like Conservatives and those who think and act like Socialists/Marxists? What a sad commentary on how the value of a human life in the USA, has sunk to now .

  8. One of MANY things that deserve our outrage. You would never know though since the media refuses to cover it. Thank you Sharyl for reporting it all anyway. You are a true treasure.

  9. In the book Deep Rig by Patrick Byrne, the capital police officer is identified through pictures as David Bailey. Although his name has not officially been released, he will not be formally charged. Looks like another doesn’t fit the narrative scenario. A screenshot from David Baileys Facebook shows him to be a black man and a BLM sympathizer. So on the one hand the medical examiner ruled the Ashli Babbitt death a homicide and the shooter who is shown and known by multiple video angles will not be charged at all. How many two tiered out of balance miscarriages of justice must we endure before we reach a collective boiling point!

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      It’s my understanding that is *not* the correct name of the officer involved. Please don’t pass it along further unless it’s with the caveat that it is apparently not the officer.

  10. The response to a Capitol policeman’s horrific cold-blooded murder of an Ashli Babbitt, unarmed white woman posing a threat to no one (i.e. no burning of buildings, looting or violent attacks) points more clearly than anything else to the difference between the Patriots and those who would destroy our country and everything civilized people hold dear.

    In contrast, the death of a drug-riddled man violently resisting arrest, a man with a history of criminal contempt for law and order, has been used to justify the savaging of cities and destruction of businesses and neighborhoods around the world for months on end.

    News coverage condemning the arresting policeman has convicted him of murder to the point where we all know what destruction will be visited on cities should judge and jury determine that George Floyd’s death was not caused by Derek Chauvin. This is terrorism and it is based on lies.

    Until WE the People as a whole learn to resist jumping to conclusions peddled by a corrupt media and have the restraint to await the outcome of judicial procedure, some among us will resort to violence to propel us further into a hellish chaos. God help us!

  11. I can’t help but think that the “riot” was a setup to keep objections to the stolen election out of the comgressional record and halt any subsequent publicity. This was America’s version of the burning of the Reichstag. No one in power cares that Ashli was murdered. She was white.

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