(FORUM) If majority in every group supports photo voter ID, why are we led to believe the opposite?

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As I’ve written about in my books “The Smear” and “Slanted,” the forces who want to control our opinions and access to information use the internet and social media to great advantage.

I explained that they want to flood you with the impression that what you may think or feel, if it’s not what they want you to think, is a fringe view held by only a few.

They hope that you will be silenced or even change your mind if you come to believe that most everyone else feels differently than you. Or believes a certain claim the interests are making. Or doesn’t believe a certain study that hurts their financial bottom line.

One example can be found in a recent Scott Rasmussen poll on voter ID requirements.

It finds 66% of voters think photo ID requirements are reasonable to improve confidence in elections and minimize the chances for fraud.

Only 25% of voters think photo ID requirements qualify as “voter suppression.”

Yet to listen to the news and engage in much of the internet, you might be led to think the opposite is the case.

The Scott Rasmussen poll further found that “A majority of every measured demographic group hold the view that [photo ID] requirements are reasonable. That includes 77% of Republicans, 67% of Independents, and 56% of Democrats.”

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16 thoughts on “(FORUM) If majority in every group supports photo voter ID, why are we led to believe the opposite?”

  1. It’s because the “25%” that think it’s voter suppression are now running the country. Oh, and the media. Try to get in any news corporation’s headquarters without an ID. Laughable.

  2. NC voters voted to pass voter ID . Our governor took it to Federal Court it was overruled by a Federal Judge.. We use I’d’s in every aspects of our life. It should be used when we vote. Every American should be able to get a free I’d. We spend money on everything else spend on I’d’s.

  3. The authoritarians/oligarchs have a plan for a global economy and despite was everyday people want, or want for our country they will do what is necessary to fulfill their goal! Of course reasonable people want voter ID verification. The same verification that is required to buy a pack of cigarettes or a can of beer!

  4. This is not about IDs per se. It is about preserving the means by which our govt orchestrates election fraud as follows; mass mailing out ballots (so unreturned ballots can be prepared and submitted by govt); extending voting periods by weeks (so govt can identify those who did not vote and then vote for them), eliminating signature verifications; NO IDs so ballot stuffing is safe.

    Now, the only reason folks don’t object to govt run election is because they trust the govt to be honest and fair, something Americans have always questioned, even writing a Constitution to protect themselves from corruption.

    Today, we allow govt to collect and secretly count the votes, then announce the winners. Anyone who wants to challenge the results must prove the govt committed fraud, something pretty hard to do since govt controls custody of all the evidence.

    In essence, Americans now accept the exact same election process as Putin’s Russia accepts, minus the gulags for those who object – at least for now.

  5. The mainstream media wants everyone to think their narratives and positions are the popular ones. For some, this can sway one’s opinion.

  6. In order to verify you are the person you say you are in your COVID vaccine paperwork, will you be require to show a valid ID to get on a Delta flight?

  7. Edward A Eichman

    Well if your intention is to cheat, then why be shy about lying about it to get there. Consistent.
    The first thing Marxism does is eradicate all morals other than the sin of standing in the way of history; they must laugh at us as we are continually outraged by their lying, hypocrisy, cheating, criminal abuse et al. It means nothing to them.

  8. It’s an attempt to stuff ballot boxes. The more random ballots you have out in areas of dense population, the more influence you can have over who fills them out, and how they area collected. It strikes me as odd that Big Tech censors what we can see or read online yet have no problem with people in the streets saying whatever in person. The Dems simply don’t think their constituents will show up and vote. It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t.

  9. I don’t know of any evidence that voter ID laws make elections more secure, but there are numerous examples where onerous ID restrictions are used to suppress votes. Do you have information to the contrary?

    1. The “evidence” is that in a foreign country, when observers from the US or the UN monitor the elections to ensure they are fair, voter ID is an important thing they look at. There is also “evidence” from a report prepared for Congress that included Jimmy Carter and James Baker as the authors. They studied the matter and concluded that voter ID is important to ensure a free and fair election. And is it not common sense that a person who votes should in fact have the right to vote, as a citizen? That is established with voter ID. And if, as you say, there are “numerous examples” where ID restrictions are used to suppress votes, why do you not mention any?

  10. Why are we led to believe that most Americans don’t support requirement of voter ID to vote? Because they think they can convince us of this lie. They believe people are stupid, and sadly, many are. Many people just don’t understand that voting is an important civic right that should require ID. They never thought about it that deeply. Many people don’t have the time to educate themselves on important issues, because they are busy with their lives. Also, they don’t have the time or social avenues to have discussions with those having different or more informed perspectives. This makes it easier for those who would manipulate the media to do so for their advantage. The internet has made it more possible for each individual to be an island unto himself/herself in terms of information they are exposed to. In past years, people relied on the nightly television news to be informed, and that was the primary source for most people. A news anchor would not parrot a ridiculous statement because he/she would be a national laughingstock. People had self-respect. Today, those in the media who have power to influence society in a more positive way do not wish to do so. They have million-dollar salaries and don’t want to make waves at their workplace. They also like being aligned with politicians, lobbyists, celebrities, etc. i.e., those who are “bigger” than they are. It gives them a sense of power and importance that goes even beyond what they get from their million-dollar salary, high visibility job as a news anchor. Doing the right thing is hard work, entails risk, and it doesn’t pay well. Much better to be comfortable and part of the in-crowd. On the other hand, doing the right thing is easier when you are part of an organization, and a group of people, who are also committed to doing the right thing.

  11. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see the merits in Voter ID. There are very few things you can accomplish as an adult without an ID here in our country. The voter suppression argument is purely a desperate attempt to carve out avenues for voter fraud, ballot stuffing, harvesting and all the other dirty tricks that have been commonplace in our voting system for a long time.

  12. I think there is something else at play also. It is a psychological manipulation, or propaganda, to stoke division. The whole argument is baloney, but made to appear as if it is legitimate. It is just a bonus that the purported legitimacy can be related to racism. If we agree that voter ID should be required and states are not requiring it, this can provoke anger and perhaps riots and violence against those who would not require it. If we believe that ID should not be required, and states are requiring it, this can also lead to dissension and violence. Either way it works to destabilize society. The same can be said about the argument regarding defunding the police. Either way one stands on the issue, it works to destabilize society. It is not an argument that takes into account what works for the greater good of the country, or of fairness for all, The mindset of those who promote these ideas appears to be that a law should be passed “because it is good for me”, i.e., it is good for those who would manipulate an election, or who would render citizens helpless against criminals, giving more power to government beyond what they already have. .

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