(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Police fatal shooting of teen attacker in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio officials have released police body cam video taken the moment an officer shot and killed a 16-year old girl.

The case is under investigation.

According to authorities, police were called to the scene of an attempted stabbing. The video seems to show a chaotic situation with numerous people fighting or struggling with one another.

When police arrive, there is a group altercation

Officials say 16-year old Ma’Khia Bryant comes racing through the chaos, raises her hand, and violently knocks or pushes another female to the ground.

Ma’Khia Bryant (upper left) appears to raise her hand and knock another female to the ground

Then, as the video appears to show, Ma’Khia lunges over the female on the ground toward another female in pink. A man appears to kick at the female who is on the ground as Ma’Khia, holding what appears to be a knife in her right hand, seems to motion as if intending to stab the female in pink.

As the officer calls out, “Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down!” Bryant appears to raise her right arm in the air to stab the female in pink, who makes defensive movements.

Ma’Khia appears to be holding a knife and moving to stab the female in pink

Four shots are heard and Ma’Khia falls as the female in pink runs away.

Immediately after four shots are fired, the female in pink runs away
Above: The officer’s point of view after shots are fired

Onlookers yell and scream as the man who was kicking at the girl on the ground yells, “She’s a f-ing kid, man!”

The man (right) who appeared to be kicking at the female on the ground yells at the police officer

Authorities have promised a full investigation of the circumstances to determine whether the shooting is considered a justifiable use of deadly force.

Watch the video at the link below.

CAUTION: The video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.


Body cam video also shows Columbus, Ohio police officers being attacked by suspects in recent days.

Below, police were called to the scene of a man threatening people with a knife. Officials say as soon as police exited the van, the suspect attacked them, punching one in the face and breaking his jaw in two places. The other officer reportedly suffered a concussion. The suspect was not injured.


In the incident shown at the link below, protestors forced their way into the locked police headquarters. One protester assaulted an officer and hit him with a club.


In the incident shown in the video at the link below, officers order an armed and apparently unstable suspect in a hospital to drop his gun “at least 85 times” before the suspect allegedly fires his gun multiple times and is shot by police.


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10 thoughts on “(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Police fatal shooting of teen attacker in Columbus, Ohio”

  1. Here we go again. So the fact that “she’s a kid” doesn’t take into account that she’s a kid, with a knife and about to stab the person she has pinned up against the car. What was the officer supposed to do? Instead of commending the officer for his sharp shooting ability the media must start up another lie. We are screwed as a nation.

  2. When I see these videos I know I could never be a police officer–so stressful, so much responsibility, such difficult actions taken. Every horrible thing in society, sooner or later, lands in the lap of a police officer somewhere. May they find peace and courage and strength to continue doing their job.

  3. Here we go again, ANOTHER criminal act by a black person who was stopped by a police officer doing his job. Let the rioting begin, let the trial of the officer begin for doing his job.

  4. The Officer didn’t have time to shoot a tazer. She would have killed the other girl before he did that. Using his gun was the only way to save the girl in pink. The guy kicking the girl on the ground was the attacker’s father. I heard. I live close to this area. There was a driveby shooting a week and a half ago at the Dollar General store right up the road. The person in the driveby died. This area is getting worse as the years go by. It’s really sad.

  5. The way to stop all the negative comments from the media and Democrats is take all their armed security away from them. It’s easy to run your mouth about police but they aren’t the ones that have a split second to save another person or themselves. All they are doing is creating a situation where the police no longer want to do their job. The policeman in this case could have waited 10 seconds or less and then the citizen would be seriously injured or dead. But the liberal media and AOC like to play Monday morning quarterback. But they have no SKIN IN THE GAME

    1. You are so right. I have been saying this for years. Take. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and the rest who have security away so they are like the rest of us.

  6. I’m an ex-cop who has been in potentially lethal force scenarios.

    This officer had maybe one second to decide to use lethal force or not.

    He made the right decision.

    BLM and Antifa will have a tough time making this an issue.

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