Intel officials walk back anti-Trump report about supposed Russian bounties on U.S. troops

President Trump with troops in Afghanistan

It was widely reported last year that Russian spies were offering Islamic extremist Taliban militants in Afghanistan bounties for killing U.S. soldiers.

Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden used the claim of Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers as a campaign talking point against President Trump.

Trump expressed skepticism of the Russian bounty story at the time, questioning the sources and motives for the story.

It turns out Trump might have been right.

The Biden White House said this past week that intelligence officials have only “low to moderate confidence … that Russian intelligence officers sought to encourage Taliban attacks against U.S. and coalition personnel in Afghanistan”.

The reason that they have low to moderate confidence in this judgment is, in part, because it relies on detainee reporting and also due to the challenging operating environment in Afghanistan — so, it’s challenging to gather this intelligence and this data

Biden Administration Press Secretary Jen Psaki

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4 thoughts on “Intel officials walk back anti-Trump report about supposed Russian bounties on U.S. troops”

  1. So Trump “might” have been right in this case or might have been wrong. Intelligence was “low to moderate confidence”. Where’s that really lead us…nobody really knows how dependable the report was and if field captures were telling the truth. If not reported and it turned out to be at “high confidence” we would have crucified the Intelligence community, so they rush their reporting.

    1. And in the heat of a campaign isn’t it soo convenient for something this weak and potentially harming to and opponent to materialize out of thin air? Then it’s faithfully backed up by the very unprofessional biased main stream media. So tired if this predictable deep state progressive/Communist main stream media power play.

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