Mike Lindell’s new social media platform called “Frank” is set to launch

Mike Lindell, CEO of “My Pillow”

Mike Lindell, founder of My Pillow Inc., is scheduled to launch his new social media platform called “Frank” this coming week. That’s according to a report in The Epoch Times.

Lindell’s stated mission is to provide a place for Constitutionally-protected free speech.

Lindell reportedly says he has taken steps to make sure the site is secure with its own servers, and will not be subject to censorship or the whims of big tech companies such as Amazon and Google.

Lindell clarified that threats of violence, pornography, and certain swear words will not be permitted on the site.

The new platform was reportedly created in response to big tech censorship of conservative viewpoints on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Lindell said he invested his own money into the project and does not plan to make money on the site yet. He says ads could be implemented down the road.

A spokesman for former President Trump has announced Trump is also planning to launch his own social media platform in the near future.

Click here to read The Epoch Times story

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20 thoughts on “Mike Lindell’s new social media platform called “Frank” is set to launch”

  1. Thank you, Mike Lindell, for fighting for America; fighting the Trojan Horse communists who want to “destroy America from within, without firing a shot.” May God bless you!

    1. Right on, Max! Mike Lindell is a true American Patriot in the style of 1776. He would make our founding fathers proud, as would our President Donald Trump. I believe both men were put into this period of history, “for such a time as this.” America desperately needs both of them! Their lives are vastly different, but I think they’re cut from the same cloth…hard working, determined, patriotic visionaries. And they both love God…doesn’t get better than that!

    2. Good to know there will be another place to watch with a different philosophy than MSM. We’ll see how they spin the same stories. I am sure at times we will learn that all sides lie so we have to do our own research to figure out the truth. And thankfully we have Attkisson to help us along when Lindell is feeding his readers BS.

      1. This is wonderful news. Thank you Mike for all you have done for us, and not bending to pressure, and scare tactics
        We live you and support you
        We owe a great deal for you
        Thank you for backing our president and truth

  2. Finally … a social media forum that will represent the truth, not pro-democratic slime and media lies.

  3. Thank you so much mike lindell you are a life saver. I am so tired of people on the left getting on my site calling me names and violence. I can’t wait I’m ready for a platform that is honest and respectful.
    Thank you
    Cathy Woodward

  4. Richard Woodward

    I’m so glad to have left social media sites like Facebook google Instagram
    Not to mention others.
    Lindell thank you so much for giving
    So many people alternative platform
    To move to.
    Between your platform and president
    Trumps the American people can to
    Work. Form a plan to take America
    Sincerely [email protected]

  5. The more the market becomes diluted with new sites, the more ad revenue for Twitter, Facebook, and Google will fall.

  6. I trust Sharyl, so, all sides don’t lie. Many, or most, do, it’s true. The ones that do, unfortunately, cast a pall on all other sites., and generally sow distrust on media, in general.
    I know that I can come here, to the oasis, and see the facts.
    The Mark Zuckerbergs, and the Jeff Bezos’s of the world are due for a comeuppance. Overdue.

  7. Thank you Sir,

    I really admire a person who will “take them on in their own turf”.
    Only true warrior does that.

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