NBC: Man who attacked police at Capitol, killing one, referenced Nation of Islam on Facebook

Police identify the man who ran down with a car and killed a Capitol Police officer as Noah Green, a 25-year old man who reportedly referenced followings of a radical Muslim group, the Nation of Islam, on his Facebook page. That’s according to NBC News.

It is not known whether there was a racial motive in the attack by the suspect, who is black, against officer Billy Evans, who is white; or if anti-police sentiment was a motive.

Capitol Police officer Billy Evans was killed in the line of duty

A second police officer was injured in the attack on Friday.

Police say law enforcement officials shot Green after he hit the officers in his car, crashed his car into a barricade, jumped out with a knife, and lunged at them. Green later died of his injuries.

According to Britannica, Nation of Islam is “known for its teachings combining elements of traditional Islam with Black nationalist ideas.”

Nation of Islam has been classified as a “designated hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center due to what the SPLC calls “the deeply racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBT rhetoric of its leaders.”

NBC News

The U.S. Capitol area has been under intense fortification, with some Democrats claiming the Capitol and members of Congress have been under imminent threat of attack by white supremacists and/or Trump supporting “insurrectionists.”

That after the disputed 2020 presidential election and a January rally for then-President Trump that turned riotous.

However, to date, Friday’s fatal attack on police is the only post-riot happening that has caused a major security incident at the U.S. Capitol.

Police have arrested more than 300 people, including Trump supporters and at least one Black Lives Matter activist, who were said to be involved in the Capitol rioting after the January rally.

Last August, the Black Lives Matter activist, John Sullivan, made racist comments at a demonstration in Washington D.C. and urged protesters to engage in a violent coup against President Trump.

We f_ckin’ ’bout to burn this shit down…We gotta f_ckin’ rip Trump outta that office right there, f_ckin’ pull him out that shit! Naw naw we ain’t about f_ckin’ waitin’ ’til that next election, we ’bout to go get that mother f_cker [inaudible] f_ck that shit ’cause you know what time it is? Repeat after me: It’s time for revolution!

John Sullivan, August 2020

During the January rioting, an official or officer, whom authorities have not publicly identified, shot and killed an unarmed white woman, Ashli Babbitt, as she attempted to climb through a broken window. Authorities have kept many details of that incident and investigation hidden.

Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed while trying to climb through an interior door at the U.S. Capitol with a group protesting alleged election fraud

According to a report in The New York Times about the riots, “138 officers — 73 from the Capitol Police and 65 from the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington — were injured, the departments have said. They ranged from bruises and lacerations to more serious damage such as concussions, rib fractures, burns and even a mild heart attack.”

A Capitol Police officer named Brian Sicknick died after the riots. Initial media reports claimed he’d been murdered by somebody who had hit him on the head with a fire extinguisher during the chaos.

Later, those reports appeared to have been untrue. Officials have kept details of Sicknick’s death close to the vest and his autopsy hasn’t been released.

More recently, they alleged that a bear repellant chemical that rioters sprayed on some officers later resulted in Sicknick’s death. Two men have been charged. Authorities say “bear mace” was also used by Antifa activists during last summer’s rioting.

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8 thoughts on “NBC: Man who attacked police at Capitol, killing one, referenced Nation of Islam on Facebook”

  1. metaphorsbwithu

    The “mainstream media” do not want to touch this story with a ten foot pole.

    Like the James Hodgkinson story from 2017, it will be quickly tossed into the dust bin of journalism and only referred to in the most abstruse terms.

  2. Good reminder here not to confuse NBC with troubled offspring MSNBC. Latter no doubt established as dumping ground for its lowlife & not-so-bright, etc.

  3. David Watts Field

    There is a common denominator in most of these attacks, and it has nothing to do with race.
    Drug use and/or mental illness. Think about it- this guy slammed into a checkpoint, and upon disabling the LEOs on site exited the car with a KNIFE. A knife? Didn’t he know he would face armed security at some point, even if he made it into the building?

  4. And Jesus stood still, and called them, and said, What will ye that I shall do unto you?
    They say unto him, Lord, that our eyes may be opened.
    So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him.
    – Matthew 20:32-34 kjv

  5. I was almost certain when I heard that the suspect in the Capitol attack had posted about the Nation of Islam that it would find its way into this newsletter because it fits the narrative that this newsletter is clearly trying to promote. And what’s more, rather than providing a more complete set of facts about possible motives, such as the reported facts that the suspect thought that he was under government “thought control” and that his family had expressed concern about his mental state, we are left with a binary choice about possible motives (“It is not known whether there was a racial motive in the attack by the suspect, who is black, against officer Billy Evans, who is white; or if anti-police sentiment was a motive.”). How about this for a motive? There was none – the guy was simply delusional.
    To her credit, SA provides a link to an NBC story for those that are willing to go the extra mile that does provide a lot more complete version of events. Note that the NBC story eschews the sensationalistic headline about the Nation of Islam.
    The story then segues into a rehash of the Capitol riots. First we are told that “some Democrats” are fearful about an “imminent threat of attack by white supremacists and/or Trump supporting “insurrectionists” (why the quotes around “insurrectionists” as if that isn’t an accurate description of who the rioters were?). Then we are told that this is the first actual security threat at the Capitol since the riot. So I guess we are supposed to conclude that “some Democrats” are being irrational?
    And no description of the riot would be complete without a mention of the ONE BLM sympathizer that has been arrested thus far and a reairing of some of his incendiary, threatening language (and speaking of threatening language, how about “hang Mike Pence”). This is the third time that John Sullivan has been mentioned in this newsletter. Yet I can’t remember a single mention by name of any of the other rioters that have been arrested. At least there is a passing mention that rioters included “Trump supporters” (ya think?). According to what I read, at least 57 of those arrested have ties to right-wing extremist groups. But you wouldn’t know that from reading this newsletter. How about a profile and quotes from some of those folks?
    So far, it’s just standard slanted coverage – emphasize the facts that help your case and ignore the ones that don’t. But then the story veers into truly strange territory with the discussion of the death of Brian Sicknick by raising doubts about how he died. It doesn’t appear that he died as a result of being hit with a fire extinguisher as originally reported. Perhaps it was because of the bear spray or perhaps he suffered a heart attack as a result of the stress of the situation. The specifics certainly matter to those being charged, but a lot of the discussion seems to be missing the larger point. Does anyone really think that Sicknick wouldn’t be alive today if the riot hadn’t occurred?
    Finally, I don’t get the need to state that “Antifa activists” used bear spray during last summer’s riots. I’m not disputing that it’s true. But what relevance is it to the Capitol riots? Are we supposed to believe that because others acted badly last summer that somehow gives these insurrectionists leave to act badly now? Are we supposed to believe that the use of bear spray is “proof” that Anitfa had infiltrated the riot? Please tell us. Don’t make us guess.

    1. Nice balanced writing,
      I cannot determine if it is an apology for the attack, an excuse for the attack, or a justification of the attack?

      As far as white right-wing radicals, I have heard that used to describe the boy scouts.

      1. The short answer is that my response was not intended to be any of the things that you mentioned. No one should apologize for, excuse, or justify the attack. Full stop. My response was about the fact that the article mentioned only two possible motives (anti-white or anti-police) when there are many reports of likely mental illness. It might turn out, of course, that it wasn’t mental illness at all. But that seems like the far most likely cause right now, and it certainly deserves at least as prominent a mention as the other causes.
        Ironically, I could ask the same question of SA that you asked of me. Is the continued flogging of the story of John Sullivan (the ONE known BLM sympathizer arrested in the Capitol riots) an apology for the riot, an excuse for the riot, or a justification for the riot? The rioters were overwhelmingly Trump supporters (at least those known right now), but the newsletter articles are filled with references to BLM and Anitfa as if either of these “organizations” had any serious role in the riot. As with the story of Brian Sicknick and the questions about the specifics of his death, does anyone really think that the riot would have occurred absent the involvement of Trump? Yet our attention keeps being directed to other things and away from Trump and his supporters. I can’t say that that is intentional. All I can say is that it is repeatedly happening.

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