POLL: Fewer people social distancing as vaccination rates rise

Fewer people report isolating themselves and distancing from others in a recent Gallup poll.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of Americans report that they are completely or mostly isolating themselves from people outside their family. That’s a nine point drop in those who self-reported social isolation and distancing from a month ago, according to a recent Gallup poll.

The decline in people observing strict social distancing may be related to the increasing number of people who have been partially or fully vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus, says Gallup.

Twice as many people (32%) reported they are at least partially vaccinated in the March poll compared to February’s poll results (15%).

The percentage of Americans observing social distancing in March 2021 tied with the previous low point in the trend in November 2020 (both at 38%).

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Fewer people social distancing as vaccination rates rise”

  1. I quit doing it alone no time ago. It’s all bs!
    I do not believe a word coming out of the CDC or FDA or any three letter agency of the corrupt government.
    I don’t wear a mask either and not injecting the poison from the great “dr” Gates who plays one on tv for the media.

  2. I’m anti social, so it has no relevance to me.
    I feel bad for people who aren’t introverts. I know they are suffering.

    And people willfully ignoring the information in their faces about experimental “vaccines” and get the shot anyway… I care not the outcome. Those who truly believe the BS and think it’s “approved” medicine… I wish them the best of needed luck.

  3. COVID19 is all hyped up, just to put fear in people so they can control them. COVID19 is although real but not in the sense it is killing millions from it, it is another flu strain. They have made it so political. I won’t be taking it nor volunteering to take the test. Trump still is my President 2020.

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