POLL: Majority say businesses and individuals, not govt., should decide whether to require vaccine passports

Majority says bridal party and venue should decide when it comes to Covid restrictions
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Sixty-two percent (62%) of registered voters polled said restaurant owners, not the government, should decide whether to require proof of Covid-19, such as a “vaccine passport.” That’s according to a recent Scott Rasmussen poll.

Twenty-six percent (26%) said it should be up to the the government.

Twelve percent (12%) said they are unsure whether the government or the restaurant owner should decide whether to require proof of vaccination.

The poll found similar results when asking the same question about a wedding reception, with 63% saying it should be up to the people getting married and the event venue, not the government.

A majority of Republican voters and pluralities of Democrat and other registered voters say the choice belongs to the individuals involved rather than government officials.

A majority of the registered voters polled (54%) support the idea of vaccine passports for public events and 41% do not.

Click here to read Scott Rasmussen poll story on vaccine passports

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8 thoughts on “POLL: Majority say businesses and individuals, not govt., should decide whether to require vaccine passports”

  1. For god’s sake, don’t let businesses decide, that’s how we ended up in this perpetual fake masks situation, and it’s how big tech id s deplatforming every American they don’t like. Vaccine passports are Chinese social credit scoring by another name. If you let some other entity come between you and your ability to buy and sell, you’ve got a target on your back and thumbs in screws to be compelled to parrot the policies of the deep state. Just say NO to vaccine passports of any kind.

  2. Masks do not work. See this peer reviewed article from Stanford that is posted on NIH.gov.


    As for vaccine passports, they are unconstitutional so the government most likely will not require and take the easy way out by tossing it to businesses. There are a bunch of hungry lawyers out there who have seen business drop last last year. They are eager to sue the stores that deny service to people who refuse to take an experimental vaccine. Bring it on…

  3. Totally agree! Very Chinese of them! This maybe one thing the government could do correctly, but don’t hold your breath!

  4. Since we respect property ownership, the owners of establishments (supermarkets, restaurants, etc) can require masks and such for the safety of their staff and patrons. Go eat or shop elsewhere if you will not comply. A passport however, while I don’t like the idea you need one standard and if everyone has their own there will be nothing but chaos.

  5. This just allows private business to implement policies that the government doesn’t want to assume responsibility for, as with the corporate boycotts of Georgia.

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