POLL: Most say the March 2020 COVID lockdown did not work

The March 2020 COVID lockdown obviously did not work, says 79% of the people who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Fifteen percent (15%) of the over 2000 people who responded said there is no way to know whether lockdowns worked or not.

The remaining 5% said the lockdowns definitely worked, or worked somewhat.

Did the March 2020 COVID lockdown work?

< 1% Definitely

79% Obviously not

5% Somewhat

15% There’s no way to know

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8 thoughts on “POLL: Most say the March 2020 COVID lockdown did not work”

  1. There is no real way to tell . I think they wanted to lock down for political reasons . So they can control the people . They want our country socialist and even worse .

  2. Yeah, but what about the April 2020 lockdown? And the May 2020 lockdown? And the June 2020 lockdown? And the…well you get the point. Your selective data references are concerning.

  3. I think the verklempt response to Desantis’s success by all out smear proves that they KNOW it didn’t work and are trying to erase the irrefutable evidence. This is how the ruling class keeps its power : “It was a good plan, but you, the people, failed to try hard enough”

    1. They certainly DO always blame somebody else for their failures! I really am having a hard time with the current “Trump’s to blame for their crisis at the border” ruse!! Biden sent the whole world a gold plated invitation to come here and get a free life!! THAT COULDN’T have had anything to do with all of them coming, COULD IT?? The fact that the fake news can keep the sheep from figuring this out on their own is what’s REALLY terrifying though………..

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