POLL: Most say they do not support “vaccine passports”

Over 2,500 people said “Absolutely not!” when asked whether they support “vaccine passports” in the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com. That represents 97% of those who responded to the poll.

Two percent (2%) of the respondents answered “not much”, to the question about “vaccine passports”, representing the next most popular answer.

And less than 1% combined supported “vaccine passports” to some extent.

Do you support requiring “vaccine passports”?

< 1% Definitely!

<1% Somewhat

2% Not much

97% Absolutely not!

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16 thoughts on “POLL: Most say they do not support “vaccine passports””

  1. “Vaccines” do not prevent transmission nor does it stop you from getting the virus. So someone that’s taken the “vaccine” is no different than an unvaccinated person. What’s the point? It’s experimental gene therapy. They have been trying to get this through the FDA for 20 years. Now they have a great human experiment. No thanks!

  2. Thank you for your honest journalism. I am totally against vaccine passports and even the masking and lockdown of healthy people. There is an ulterior motive behind all this and it isn’t concern for our health.

  3. It’s great that individuals see through the control campaign that the V-Passports represent BUT it’s businesses that need to reject it above all. That’s how they will push that agenda. Large corps and institutions will be coerced into requiring it to enter or participate. Are you prepared to boycott those to stop it or succumb to the pressure to go to costco, walmart, target or even your schools?. Hard decisions but unless we stand up and refuse to participate we will be enslaved. As a society we have allowed ourselves to value ease and convenience over privacy and freedom. It has been a slow, methodical process of conditioning that 99% of us have fallen prey to. Are you prepared to end that now and face the discomforts that would need to be experienced to maintain or recover your freedom? It’s something I personally had to take a hard look at.

  4. Vaccine passports violate my privacy rights, period! No one should know my medical information, period! No one should MANDATE what is put into my body, period!

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