POLL: Only one-third of Americans say the federal government supports founding ideals

Thirty-four percent (34%) of voters say the federal government today supports America’s founding ideals of freedom, equality, and self-governance. That’s according to a Scott Rasmussen poll.

Forty-three percent (43%) say the federal government does not support these ideals.

Twenty-three percent (23%) are not sure.

Looking at political parties, most Republicans (57%) say the federal government is not committed to supporting freedom, equality, and self-governance.

However, most Democrats (55%) say it is.

Forty-nine percent (49%) of Independents side with Republicans on this issue and say the federal government does not support its founding ideals.

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7 thoughts on “POLL: Only one-third of Americans say the federal government supports founding ideals”

  1. The “Powers-that-Be” know that fact in their pursuit to remove those values from Government and the Public.
    The loss of traditional values was one of the reasons for the collapse of the Roman Republic. The values of the Early Roman Republic the values of the Early American Constitutional Republic.
    The Early Romans were very religious people as were the Early Americans. The difference being the Romans worshiped their traditional Pantheon while Americans worshiped God.
    In the 1960s the teaching of values was driven from the American schools. “Values Clarification” was in the vogue. Mention the teaching of values and the knee-jerk reaction is “whose values”. Americans were taught our values are no better than anyone else’s values. This is false and the liberals prove it thousands of times every day,*, but people do not recognize the hypocrisy,

    Corruption and Debt added to Loss of Values completed the destruction of the Roman Republic.
    Add an Inability to control their borders when added to the above 3 reasons brought down the Western Roman Empire.

    1. * Asterisk.

      As I said, Americans have been taught that our culture is not better than anyone else’s culture, I say the Democrats/Leftists/Globalists etc are Lying Hypocrites.
      The Proof:
      If our culture is not better, they why do we grant people asylum to protect them from the culture they are trying to escape.
      We are granting people Asylum to escape from poverty and violence, so we import poverty and violence to America.
      There are many other things people are fleeing that are part of their culture and we bring them here.

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